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New Profile Posts

  1. tomdroid
    please get your parent's permission
  2. tomdroid
    the gang is on the loose at
  3. Mordeth221
    Mordeth221 Ozwell
    Following me, what a creep.
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  4. Ozwell
  5. El3ctr1c
    I dream of cheese
  6. funguss
    I;m thinking about thos Beans
  7. Dreyfus
    Six years will give you such a crick in the neck
    1. WezYo
  8. lavillastrangiato
    imagine being so owned online you post a lame comeback on an admin's profile
  9. Sergeant Adam
  10. tomdroid
  11. Subosovitch
  12. GravityDude56
    i have a forum account am i cool now
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  13. GrazalThruka
    ,g Absorbing AI in the engine core
  14. ProfessorPainus
  15. Manored
    I was reading a game review from 2013, the reviewer jokingly tells Chris Roberts to hurry up Star Citizen. Hehehe.
  16. purplemontart
  17. Cheb Pomidorov
    Cheb Pomidorov
    Imagine having your spoken accent be dictated by the educational institutions you've attended to rather than by your family and surroundings
    1. Blazerules
      I don't have to imagine that, it's my life. I wish I had a sexy Russian accent, instead I have a british/american accent mix in Russian D:
      May 20, 2020
  18. El3ctr1c
    Imagine being an officer going to college and STILL having a scottish accent
  19. Shadowtail117
    Imagine being an enlisted with no real education and you speak scottish. This post was made by got a diploma and went to officer school gang
    1. lavillastrangiato
      imagine thinking gaelic is called "scottish" this post was made by well-educated gang
      May 17, 2020
  20. El3ctr1c
    E-4 gang. All my homies play Petty Officer