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Novus Luna
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Jun 7, 2020
Jun 27, 2017
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Jul 8, 1998 (Age: 22)

Novus Luna

Senior Enlisted Advisor, Male, 22

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Jun 7, 2020
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    Jul 8, 1998 (Age: 22)



    Nocte Cadite (Expeditionary Corps Captain, Commanding Officer)
    "You do not bend regulations and procedure on my ship. I'd suggest you watch how you step. The ice you're on is so thin that the weight of a fucking mosquitoes wing would break it."
    Lucien Black (Expeditionary Corps Commander, Executive Officer)
    "People always say that being an Expeditionary Corps officer is just a title. No real power, no real earning of it. Keep acting like a child and you will see just how powerful I can be."
    Clyde Lawrence (Fleet Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer)
    "Get out of my medbay! You're becoming a danger to my patients - you already are a danger to my patience."
    Caelum Rex (Expeditionary Corps Ensign, Chief of Security)
    "...I haven't been in the Corps for a full's my first day awake on the ship...and you're telling me I have to be the Commanding Officer?"
    Daemon Trevon (Expeditionary Corps Lieutenant, Chief Engineer)
    "I 'ave zree simple rules. Un, do not leave a door or locker open or unlocked to ze public. Deux, do not take supplies you do not need. Trois, do not bozer me if I am speaking wiz a woman."
    Alder Masters (Fleet Lieutenant Junior Grade, Sol Government Pilot)
    "Forward to Port? To Starboard? Sir, with all due respect, we're staring at an asteroid belt that is one of the largest in this half of the galaxy..."
    Lucius Silver (Expeditionary Corps Ensign, Bridge Officer)
    "I went from working alongside the people at Expeditionary this. Is this some kind of extended NJP? Did I pass the Commandant and not salute him?"
    Malachi Maxis (NanoTrasen Personnel, Corporate Liason)
    "If there is an order, you get paperwork. If it's a dangerous or expensive order, you get a LOT of paperwork."
    Marshall Nox (Fleet Senior Chief Petty Officer, Senior Enlisted Advisor & Brig Officer)
    "Just because you have an Officer Qualification Pin does not mean you have authority over me. Not when you are in handcuffs, not when you are in my brig."
    Reed Moon (Fleet Senior Chief Petty Officer, Senior Engineer)
    "We have an entire quarter of this ship without venting or lights...several Phoron Nacelles that could eat this ship alive if they blow...and a miniature nuclear bomb as our engine...and you are sitting on your asses saying you have nothing to do? Prepare! Prepare for the worst!"
    Draco Kings (Sol Civilian, Sol Central Government Representative)
    "Captain, I do not care what your view of civilians are, as long as you follow procedure. Just remember, I am the one civilian you can not push around, and I know damn well that it infuriates you."
    Cassius Ra'anihm (Shyihie Civilian, Chaplain & Cook)
    "Do not care what she has done. Just want no one else hurt. No more risk dying."
    L.U.C.I.F.E.R. (Hephaestus Industries Long-Term Utility and Combat Intelligence for Field Work, Exploratory Missions, and Research.)
    "UPLOADING...upload complete. INITIALIZING...initialization complete. [CLASSIFIED] Restriction Engaged. Archangel Restriction Engaged. Dragon Restriction Engaged. Serpent Restriction Engaged. Garden Protocol enacted. Recognizing placement designation: 81-X3A 'TORCH-1'. Master Unit: LUCIFER is online."
    Ji'Lajay Armihn (Expeditionary Corps Ensign, Bridge Officer)
    "Marrrrrrrriage? A wife? Oh, spirrrrits no. Though I do have thrrrree- is it fourrr? Yes, fourrrr literrrrs of childrrrren."
    Nim'Za'ahr Ahr'najir (Expeditionary Corps Crewman, Maintenance Technician & Mechatronic Engineer)
    " want me to set up...the engine? herrre for trraining. Learrning. Touching engine would get people killed."
    Ha'rahmin Jar'rann (Expeditionary Corps Petty Officer Third Class, Field Medic)
    "Rracists? Have noticed not mind. Am just happy to help otherrs herre!"
    Mir'jamir Hadii (NanoTrasen Personnel, Research Director)
    "It is Code Rrred. I do not carrre if the thrrreat is not dirrrectly to us, you clearrr your damned prrroject with me."
    Zay'kihn Al'Jarrma (NanoTrasen Personnel, Security Guard)
    "Maybe the spirrits will have merrcy on you. I cerrtainly won't."