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A Friendly Guide to Supply

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by Eingamer, Jan 9, 2019.

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    So you've just joined up with supply and you're standing in cryo wondering what exactly you're supposed to do next. First thing's first: you're going to want to find your department's office. Head down the aft section of deck 4 using the ladders port of the main hallway. Your office is right here, port of the ladders. You'll notice that you're also on top of a small warehouse immediately adjacent the hangar on deck 5.


    Necessary Equipment
    For you, most equipment is not necessary. However, regulations stipulate that you must wear a hazard vest while on the hangar deck. Additionally, you will need a crowbar, available in the warehouse, to refuel the small craft.

    Basic safety
    Why are you wearing a hazard vest? The deck can be hazardous! You will see rectangles on the hangar deck marked out by black and yellow hazard lines. Ships land in these rectangles. Deck crew should stand clear. There is a similar rectangle in the warehouse for the cargo elevator.

    Basic Supply
    Your main job in this department is taking crates and getting them where they need to go. Usually this is either from or to the supply drone. Your best friend here will be the automated delivery system, also known as disposals. If it's going somewhere on the ship, you'll want to wrap it in brown packing paper and label it with the destination tagger. NB that the destination is set by interacting directly with the tagger while it's in your hand, not when you go to tag the package. Then just set it on the conveyor belt and pull the lever.


    Most people will send the empty crate back through the same system. "What same system?" you ask? Why, those upright, pneumatic trashcans scattered around the ship! All of those will empty onto the conveyor belt in your office.[sup]1[/sup] If it's unlabeled, then when it leaves the conveyor belt on the other end it will head straight to disposals proper.

    But what if you need to deliver or retrieve multiple crates from areas not covered by the delivery system? That's where the cargo train stored in the warehouse comes in. The train will fit on the elevator fore of the hangar and each car behind the tug will hold one crate, saving you from becoming exhausted running crates up and down the stairs.

    Oh, it got lost. You'll have to see.. Mother.
    So you forgot to label a box, or you didn't notice an empty returned by research, or someone disposed of some metal sheets, and it all went through to disposals proper. Don't worry, you can still grab it before it's jetisonned into space. Disposals proper is on the starboard side of Deck 2, right against the pressure hull and aft of the solars and medical storage.[sup]2[/sup]

    You have a few choices for getting up to Deck 2, here. Of note, the ladder in deliveries will take you straight up to a small room just aft of the port side solars. Note that this map is your best friend for navigating the engineering deck. If all else fails, have someone else lead the way.

    [sup]1[/sup]Except for one. Virology has a trash can that vents directly to space.
    [sup]2[/sup]Dead monkeys and discarded organs should not be ending up in the supply office. Remind medical that they have two methods of disposing biohazards directly to space rather than sending them to you.

    So you may be wondering how crates arrive on the drone. Or you may have already noticed the pair of computers up at the front desk of your office. Of chief concern here is the Supply Management Program. You'll notice that it has 4 tabs: Browse Goods, View Statistics, Controls, and Browse Orders. For the most part, you'll be interacting with the last two.

    Browse Orders will show you any pending orders (made by any crewmember through the Browse Goods tab), approved orders, and filled orders. This tab also shows you your available supply points. Here, you can approve orders at a cost of supply points to move them from pending to approved, or you can deny or cancel a pending or approved order. Cancelling an approved order will refund the supply point cost.

    Controls allows you control of the supply drone in addition to showing the drone's status. The drone can have four effective statuses: Docked at Remote Location, En Route to the Torch, Docked at the Torch, and En Route to Remote Location. Pressing the Launch button while the drone is docked will send it to its other docking location. Launching from the Remote Location will load all approved orders onto the drone; while the drone is in transit, these orders will disappear from the Browse Orders approved section, reappearing in the filled section once the drone docks with the Torch.

    View Statistics is entirely informational, displaying supply points from all sources outside of the constant, slow drip.

    NB Returning empty crates on the drone, especially if they include a double checked and stamped manifest, will refund a small amount of the supply points originally used to order the crate. The manifests, however, double as receipts for the department receiving the crate, and every effort should be made to get this receipt to the ordering department before retrieving the small amount of supply points for returning an approved manifest.

    Order Priority
    Most orders are not absolutely critical. However, there may be a critical or emergency order at some point on your shift. With this in mind, when approving orders, try to leave between 70 and 100 supply points in reserve for such orders.

    Aren't I a DECK Technician?
    As part of the Deck Crew, you are responsible, not only for the drone, but also for the other two ships that call the hangar home: the Charon Expeditionary Craft and the General Utility Pod. You are the ground crew for the expeditionary team, and as such you are responsible for seeing that all ships in your hangar are in good repair and have enough fuel to complete their missions.


    They may not look like much, but modern ship drives get a lot of mileage out of small hand-tanks. You'll want to crack the fuel port open with a crowbar to remove the hand tank that's in there. You can check the tank's pressure directly as soon as it's out of its slot. If it is less than full, take the tank to the refueling bay at the port side of the hangar. Plug the hand tank into the large tank here and crank it open. Be sure not to leave the valve open when you remove the tank, as doing so can be hazardous to your health. Once you have a full tank, take it back to the ship that needs refueling, plug it in, and use that crowbar to lock it down.

    You may have noticed that there are multiple spare hand tanks in the refueling bay. It's not a bad idea to get these filled up in advance; if time is of the essence, you'll want to take an already full tank with you and swap it out with the depleted one so that the craft can get underway immediately.

    If there is structural damage to a small craft, the Deck Chief, Engineering, and the Expedition Team need to know, though chances are one of them already does. Unless you are qualified to repair structural, wiring, or piping damage, don't. Let Engineering take care of it.

    Further Learning
    Following this guide will keep you competent and supply running smooth. It's not everything, however. Familiarizing yourself with which supplies are generally needed by which department, and which crates they come in, will help you both in filling verbal orders and noticing irregular orders. Remember that there is always room to improve.
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