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A lengthy and probably very unnecessary thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Schmuck Lord, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Schmuck Lord

    Schmuck Lord Bartender

    To the Baystation 12 Community,

    Hi, It's Me, that guy who lurks around pretending to be people he isn't. I've been on Bay a lot less due to work and other personal concerns and the other night I realized something. When I first got on Baystation I had fallen in love with it. I have played on other servers in the past in an attempt to find something like it. Took a foray into Apollo Station, tried being a meme on Hippie station, there was Polaris for a little bit but eventually I figured out 'Hey, I can just find servers that aren't listed on Byond HUB' ironically enough it was around the same time the decision was made to list Bay on the hub that I started really playing on it. The one thing I knew though is that on my first day here is that I wanted to be a bigger part of the community, wanted to feel like I was recognized by other players and staff as a regular. Suffice it to say I found a place I wanted to belong too. The bittersweet end to this story is that I got there. I wasn't there for a long time, but I reached a point playing where individuals started to recognize my characters, undoubtedly some didn't enjoy them. I much like any new player had ups and downs in making an impression on the community. Obviously I led an obligatory doomed away mission as Pathfinder without knowing any of the systems of procedures in place both mechanically and ICly to actually lead an effective away mission. I got a temporary ban due to the circumstances surrounding a mercenary round that I was apart of. Hell, the thing that probably bugged me the most about my early rounds is getting reamed for poor play ICly, thinking I had left the expectation in peoples minds that I was just another new guy here to get phased out by the next wave of prospective players looking to try their hand at HRP on Bay. I stuck with it though and had incredible highs that I don't think I could've achieved anywhere else. I don't really want to go into those highs though, I wanted to go into the characters who made those highs for me so great. The bitter part about this ending is that I never ended up making a significant enough impact on the PLAYERS of these characters to been seen and recognized in the community, something that recently I've realized has contributed to my lessening desire to play say from responsibilities in real life. So, my contrived and self-righteous gift to you who made my time on Bay so great thus far is this, something that very selfishly I wanted from you.

    Connor Kennedy and Layla Meer -
    I've forever endeared to the relationship your two characters have, my time as I got comfortable on Bay was mostly spent on the Bridge, learning the lore more than the mechanics and I can safely say that you two make my day ever time I logged in and saw you both in your command roles, even made me jealous when I couldn't take my typical spots on the command staff to get some Roleplay from you.

    Ryan Sauderdale -
    Admittedly I haven't had the privilege to get to know Sauderdale in depth and you are one of the people that I thought I left a bad impression on. Despite that though I can honestly say as a role-player and as a character I looked up to you and wanted to impress you. It's only now I realize that the characters I tend to play would probably never see eye too eye with Sauderdale or any other characters you may play but that realization only made me enjoy seeing him more.

    Harper Boyle -
    You are one of the few people I actually was able to talk to outside of the game, while it was due to clerical concerns regarding the progression of the character Harper was responsible for my love of playing an antagonist on Bay. Shes the one who gave me the comfort and confidence to go out and try other roles to impact the round. Even past that fact she is always a privilege to interact with and I need to make a better intent to seek out interaction more with her.

    Macheath McElroy -
    JEEZ. I don't even know what to say to you. The guy who took a bullet from the Captains famous revolver "The Last Word" for me. That round wasn't made great by me or the Captain or anyone else there. You are the player who made that round a permanent happy memory in my mind on how roleplaying SHOULD be. We seldom interacted prior to that incident, just polite greetings and exchanges. That character though is gold, or maybe just gold plated since an FBP can't really just be gold.

    Keziah Nehling -
    Now you probably don't have the best memory of this, we've only ever REALLY interacted once. Remember that doomed away mission I led? Well you taught me how to fill out a flight plan right beforehand! While you probably should've told me that I was grounded for being a less than equipped Ensign you helped me out in a way that I try to treat any new player to the game ICly.

    Dominika Kirillislav -
    You were probably the last person I interacted with before I stepped away from Bay and you were someone that I deeply enjoyed playing with. I felt like the opportunity to learn more about each other was there but I missed the mark. I hold it as a personal challenge to continue that progression and get to higher points of roleplay with you.

    Verenthekus, Ozuwara, and Lemmings -
    The SEV Torch's very own crack engineering department. Also the unsung heroes of Bay in my opinion. Aside from keeping the lights on all times of the day you also contribute some of the most meaningful interactions to onlookers to see. Enough so that I wanted to get in on it. You guys all need medals just for the pure emotion that you are able to pump out to people looking in on your conversations, especially when you plan a mutiny against me!

    Casey Keller -
    I had a beginning and end with you. The best interaction that I've contributed has probably been to this character. Haven't seen him since the conclusion that we had and I hoped to have again. (Especially since I was offered to talk with the player afterward but lost the discord information). Hoped to have had another story with you before you up an vanished but we all have lives to look too

    Finally, to that unnamed security guard -
    My first day on the server was a private security, before the EXO revamp back when it was all still NanoTrasen owned. I met another security guard there, a tired private contractor from SAARE just working on getting his salary for the shift. To him, I was just a starry eyed corporate employee looking to become an Executive. I was probably the epitome of how I felt joining for the first time, punched into a naive character wanting to move up in the world. This unnamed security guard is the one who made me came back. I never saw him again, never got to interact with him again. As the blue space drive was spooling up and I decided to head to cryo, he walked me to the beds. We kept talking, I had made my first impact on someone that I didn't know anything about and had no expectation to actually perform to a level that Baystation ascribes too. That moment was huge

    These are just a few of the people and interactions I want to immortalize in this thread. I'm a big softy at heart and due to my own personality, probably get a little too emotional to things as silly as my personal relationship to people who I pretend to be someone else to their pretend alter egos. It feels silly typing it out and silly saying it out loud but I'm going to anyway. This isn't a goodbye or a conclusion to the tale of the Lord of Schmucks. This is a beginning, I don't think I'll go back to any of my characters after today. Now that I've got the hang of it all I'll start fresh just as someone no one has seen before. I've been a supporting character in the story of the SEV Torch and I've done a lot there. But it's time for me to get more involved, so I pose this challenge to myself. However long my tenure on Baystation12 lasts, no matter how little or how much I am online and playing with you guys I will strive to make any interaction ANYONE has with me, old or new, experienced or literally can't use their hands, that is memorable and will make you all as happy as you have all made me.

    That's it, done making an idiot of myself for all to see. I'll see you all around.

    - Schmuck Lord
  2. Sweedle

    Sweedle Bartender

    I would never object to Reis making a comeback; there's nothing I hated more than seeing Reis as CO and no BO slots open.

    Reis had been the source of two of my favorite things said IC, possibly in the four or so years I've played SS13. So at risk of turning this into "everyone say nice things about each other, the musical" thread, here they are:

    "[...] love gives people a reason to fight."
    I don't know why I love this line so much -- it was somehow inspirational and moving, yet sage and a little bit 'but be careful?' It also somehow didn't seem as cheesy as it does out of context -- perhaps it was just the bow on a round so chaotic and hellish it's still lodged firmly in my real, actual, OOC memory.

    Hector Reis says, "Kennedy, get me fucking focused, what do I need to do"
    Even though this was sort of a throwaway line, it stuck with me, and has become my go-to example for why Reis is one of my favorite COs. For context, I think this was a traitor AI/borgs round -- and Meer had gone down. There was a lot of inaction being taken (or rather, a million different approaches being tried a tiny bit) and the fact that Reis chose to essentially flip the script and listen to the subordinate (who kinda knew what he was doing -- and had a vested interest in success) really highlighted the fact that Reis wasn't everything; he knew when to take advice and direction -- and that's something I think a lot of CO players would do well to learn.

    You have consistently made -- and often topped -- my shortlist for the best COs; if Kennedy's ever on the bridge and there's no CO, I'd be overjoyed to see Reis' name one more time.

    Also Tom is a cool dude and I wish any of my characters had tried his cooking.