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Discussion Adjust medical chems #30929

Discussion in 'Gameplay Changes' started by The Spanish 1nquisition, Jul 10, 2021.

    Right so I've gone in and tweaked a bunch of medical chemicals, gonna be honest, not a clue how the OD toxin thing works, but changing it from a 1 to a 2 had the desired effect, opinions, suggestions, and critiques about what else can be done would be great.
  2. Yvesza

    Yvesza Game Moderator

    So first up the most obvious change of nerfing nanoblood, I'm pretty neutral on this one but it could definitely cause some issues in terms of medical longevity on hellmed rounds. It'll also likely lead to slightly more deaths in close cut cases when blood restoration isn't fast enough to catch up with the total volume lost, but also restoring someones blood volume from 30% to 100% maybe shouldn't be as quick as it currently is?
    Overall I'd like to see it in action, it's not the worst idea.

    Next up is lowering the OD Thresholds, is this really needed? Sure, overdoses are currently not the most dramatic thing (Woefully weak in most cases) but does lowering OD thresholds really change much for the better?
    Also, side note. This makes bicaridine OD way less threatening, you'd have to change the way that the clotting is calculated in addition.

    And to round it up, I have largely no idea which chems you decided to change the thresholds on and it'd help a whole bunch if you could outline it in your PR.
    I've got more to say and share, especially regarding OD Thresholds and the way that overdoses work but I'm not sure where to even start with so many chemical changes with little documentation.
  3. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected Developer Game Moderator

    Cloning my comment from the PR here for discussion's sake:

    As a note, chemicals injected via IV appear to 'trickle in' slow enough that they never stack up in metabolism to result in overdose. The nanoblood overdose changes wouldn't really have any effect as a result, unless someone decides to inject it via syringe for some reason.
  4. rootoo807

    rootoo807 Game Moderooter Game Moderator

    So, a couple things - first up, I agree with Yvesa, it doesn't seem super necessary to change the OD thresholds. ODs are honestly super rare, since there's really not that much reason to put that much of a medication in someone at once, even at the lower thresholds - the only time I see ODs is when people intentionally OD someone on bicaridine or there's a traitor chugging painkillers. If the goal is to make medical harder/deadlier, this probably won't impact much. That said, if you do want to make ODs scarier, I'd recommend looking into some of the unique effects - toxin damage is usually pretty manageable, but stuff like how bicaridine ODs make your heart act like it's failing can be actually dangerous for the patient.

    Side note, but looking through the OD changes I saw inaprovaline's was tweaked from 60u to 30u, and 30u is the amount of inaprovaline in the pills that start out in bottles/medkits/etc., so as it stands in the draft people will OD if they take one. If you go through with the OD changes, you might want to either bump the OD threshold or tweak the amount of inaprovaline in the pills.

    Second, I wanna ask a bit about your overall goals for the PR - I saw you were saying in the coding channel a bit about how you wanted to make triage more difficult and change what inaprovaline does. If you could talk about what you're going for here a bit, it'll be easier to offer feedback/suggestions and stuff. Again, like Yvesa said, I've got more I could talk about, but it's probably best to wait until there's a bit more documentation and commentary available. That said - good luck with the PR!
  5. Imienny

    Imienny Laser Tag 2019 Participant

    as Yvesza said, changing OD thresholds is a bit pointless,
    no one will even notice them due to how weak tox damages from OD are and that meds are usually administered in batches of 15u at the time, which is below OD most of thresholds,
    changing OD thresholds to under 15u will be just annoying because you will have to administer meds more often but in smaller batches or just ignored due to how weak ODs are.

    side note about Sierra comment about IV drips, sometimes people set IV drips to 2u per tick which can cause nano OD

    also, changing CE_TOXIN seems to be a bit pointless as it looks like there is no difference between CE_TOXIN 1 and CE_TOXIN 2