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Denied Alexey (CountAlex) - Developer Application

Discussion in 'Developers - Archive' started by Alexey, Nov 25, 2017.

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  1. Alexey

    Alexey Donator

    BYOND Key: CountAlexey
    Github profile URL:
    Featured PRs:

    I also have few more PRs awaiting review as well as plans for few more feature (content rather) PRs.
    Why do you want to become a developer?:
    I really want to make my imput into development of BS12. The best way I see for this is applying my programming abilities.
    As you can see, I mostly make feature (or rather content) PRs and almost all my fixes are for my own features. I aim to have better fixes/features blanace. My grip on BYOND code isn't complete but I just see it as a reason to dig deeper and get to know it better.
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  2. Gem

    Gem Banned User

    They are the only one so far that has done more overmap locations. That's a +1 from me.
  3. Spookerton

    Spookerton Public Kōhai №1 Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    As a completely neutral comment, for informational purposes for the deciding party:

    Has recent PRs. Most of it is novel content (although not novel assets & code*). That's good for a rolling average with a 30 day window. Merged PR count (11) and actual involved time (~30 days) are not great though, when compared to other dev applications.

    *For the relevant group of PRs, the vast majority are inclusion of new maps and areas. That's a good thing for overmap. There's a lot of maintenance implicit there and functionally no feature & fix though. Novel code is, at a glance, limited to one recent PR, #19369 (Adds oxygen regenerator device), which is a single machine that mostly follows boilerplate. There's a novel sprite in there too, but it doesn't fit with existing machine sprites' overall style.
  4. Chinsky

    Chinsky Retired Staff

    If you just want to contribute, you're good as you are, whole point of having a Github repo is that everyone can contribute without a fancy badge.
    Why go for the badge?
  5. Alexey

    Alexey Donator

    Okay, that's good point actually. Having badge is nice but contributing is fun for me regardless.
    Please consider my application revoked.
  6. Emmanuel Bassil

    Emmanuel Bassil Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Can I just say that I personally really appreciate all the away missions. Thank you!
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