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An Abandoned Lighthouse - Torch Canon Event - 11/1/17

Discussion in 'Admin Event Feedback' started by Lonefly, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Lonefly

    Lonefly Donator

    Hi there! I'm going to be running a canonical event one week from today! This event will differ from some expectations, because this event will take place on the Torch and it will serve as the first in a series of events that will expand on lore and potentially even cause some things to change, depending on the actions of the crew! This is, in my opinion, our truest attempt at living lore, and I hope to make this run very well.

    The synopsis of this first event is as follows, and this will appear in the event text of the round: "The SEV Torch has been called on by ExCom to investigate a small signal coming from a nearby system. While reports indicate that this system is devoid of any planetoids or anything large enough to harbor life, something was detected by an automated probe right before it jumped out of the system. As the Torch enters the system, they come across what appears to be an ancient, badly battered vessel, seemingly left afloat to be eventually obliterated by asteroids. They initiate docking procedures and begin to move towards it.."

    The Torch will make contact with the ship automatically (I'll just pilot the ship to the Torch and say that it was an automated docking procedure run by the ship) and the event will all take place on the Torch Z-level.

    If anyone would like to help play in it or sprite, let me know. :)
  2. Lonefly

    Lonefly Donator

    The time will be between 12 PM and 8 PM Central Standard Time

    (Basically when I get on and the current round ends I will then start it for the next round)
  3. Gem

    Gem Banned User

    Any preferred contact method? PM? Discord?
  4. Lonefly

    Lonefly Donator

    Discord, yar.
  5. Lonefly

    Lonefly Donator

    Pls volunteer to help :(
  6. Ursur

    Ursur Retired Staff

    I'm interested, please contact me on discord. Same username.
  7. Foolamancer

    Foolamancer Senior Enlisted Advisor

    I'd be down for this, but might have some scheduling issues. If you're in desperate need of another set of typing fingers, though, hit me up on Discord.
  8. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected Developer Game Moderator

    Do you have a general idea of what time this event will happen? I can't really attend 3 hour things that I can't provide advance notice of to my coworkers
  9. Lonefly

    Lonefly Donator


    Event is likely to take place around 12-1 Central time, depending on when the previous round ends. I'm going to be trying to run it during the earlier part of the timeslot. If requests are made I may run this again on Thursday for those who missed it, but that's not a guarantee.
  10. DrStilts

    DrStilts Petty Officer First Class

    Is there gonna be a debrief afterwards? With this scheduling it's gonna take place past midnight in my timezone, and I wanna know how it went.
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  11. Lonefly

    Lonefly Donator

    At some point, yes. This is part of a series of events, and so people knowing what happened in the first one will be important. :p
  12. Ursur

    Ursur Retired Staff

    I'll try to do some screenshots if this helps at all. From the /inside/ side. :winkface_cool:
  13. Lonefly

    Lonefly Donator

    This has been delayed until tomorrow. Same time.
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  14. 50_n00b

    50_n00b Research Director

    Oh nice, I can actually make it then
  15. 5crownik007

    5crownik007 Permanently Banned User

    For shit's sakes it's midnightish for me on a weekday why do you do this to me i just wanna be part of cool events