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An updated Chemistry Cheat Sheet

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by Rain7x, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Rain7x

    Rain7x Game Moderator Donator

    At the request of several people, I made this guide. Its purpose is to fill 120u beakers with a specific medication in the most efficient way possible.
    The guide follows the order of which I make chemicals, not necessarily the optimal order in which they should be made.
    This is also not an exhaustive list, just the ones that I usually make. Things like Imidazoline will not be on here.
    Note that with Surgery and Nanoblood you can keep anyone alive provided you have an organ fabricator. Chemistry is a QOL tool, not a necessity.
    Credit to this post for the original idea: (

    CORE CHEMICALS (Try to make these every round):
    Inaprovaline: 40 Acetone, 40 Carbon, 40 Sugar = 120
    Dylovene: 40 Silicon, 40 Ammonia, 40 Potassium = 120
    Tramadol: 10 Acetone, 10 Carbon, 10 Sugar, 30 Ethanol, 30 Acetone = 90
    Dexalin Plus: 40 Dexalin, 40 Carbon, 40 Iron = 120
    Bicaridine: 80 Carbon, 20 Sugar, 20 Acetone = 120
    KeloDerm: 40 Carbon, 40 Silicon, 20 Acetone, 20 Phosphorus = 120 (Need to put on cooler)
    Hyronalin: 20 Silicon, 20 Potassium, 20 Ammonia, 60 Radium = 120
    Arithrazine: 10 Silicon, 10 Potassium, 10 Ammonia, 30 Radium, 60 Hydrazine = 120

    OTHER CHEMICALS: (Make provided you have the reagents):
    Dexalin: 60 Acetone, 3 Phoron = 30 (Repeat 4 times for 120u)
    Oxycodone: 60 Tramadol, 5u Phoron, 60 Ethanol = 60 + 5 Phoron (Repeat twice for 120u, when adding Ethanol add 55u then 5u)
    Alkysine: 10 Silicon, 10 Potassium, 10 Ammonia, 30 Hydrochloric Acid, 30 Ammonia = 60 (Repeat 2x for 120u, this combination requires 90u)
    Cyroxadone: 40 Water, 40 Dexalin, 40 Acetone = 120 (Need to put on cooler)
    Cloneoxadone: 60 Cyroxadone, 60 Sodium = 120 (Need to put on cooler)
    Synthetic Meat: 15 Cloneoxadone, 15 Blood = Enough for the whole shift

    Helpful Tips:
    Dexalin, Tramadol, Dylovene, and Inaprovaline pills are all guaranteed to spawn in the deck two storage. Grind those to save some reagents.
    Make two bottles of Cloneox, put 30u in the beakers that spawn filled with Cyrox and put them back into the cryo tubes for a superior mix. Use the other bottle for making synthetic meat.
    If you are playing Physician, CMO, or Chemist, check the fridge periodically to see if any chemicals are running low on stock. Make some yourself if no chemist is available.
    The most important, and useful chemical in the game is Inaprovaline.
    Replacement Reagents can be ordered from supply
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  2. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Sol Gov Pilot

  3. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

  4. mikomyazaki2

    mikomyazaki2 Petty Officer First Class

    Extra tip from me:

    You can refill empty dispenser cartridges, don't just throw them in disposals!
    Often at the start of a shift I will make / use an empty cartridge by filling it with Inaprovaline or Dylovene to simplify making chems that derive from those.
    Just rename the cartridge to Inaprovaline, fill it up, and stick it back into the dispenser.

  5. Sarcasmotron500

    Sarcasmotron500 Assistant

    Anyone feel like adding Peridaxon and the Cryo Mix to the cheat sheet? Please?
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2019
  6. Rain7x

    Rain7x Game Moderator Donator

    I don't have one for peri because (imo) it's a pretty useless and extremely niche medicine, but for cryo what I do is put 40 Water, Dexalin, and Acetone in a a beaker, cool it, then put it into two seperate beakers, and add 60u sodium in them to make 120u of cloneox each. Then I go to the cryo beakers and put 30u Cloneox and 30u Cyrox in them. You can get the dexalin from the dexalin pill bottles that spawn in the storage deck.