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Discussion in 'Alien Species' started by 80s_Man, Aug 1, 2020 at 12:12 PM.

  1. 80s_Man

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    About You

    What is your Byond key?
    (your answer below each question)

    What is your Discord username?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    More then 3 months.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Janusz Rockman (Bridge Officer)
    Lech Wroclawski (Pathfinder)
    Woodrow Garrison (Explorer)
    MR-DOS (Robot)

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?
    Integrated Positronic Chassis, IPC for short.

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Im am a big nerd for robots and AI's. I realy like the "Do robots dream of electric sheep" and "Micro Adventure by David Anthony Kraft" books. I was studying those IPC's for an long time and i think im ready for being one.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Fiber (Everyone's favourite)
    MU-245 (Medical Unit)

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    In short IPC's are Positronic brain in offen human like chassis. They were made by Chrion later by Xion.

    Most IPC's have an owner. He (The owner) has full rights over them. The main resson that IPC's exist is that they can be put in positions where there was a sortage of humans (Dangerous missions, Skilled surgeons).

    They are three "Generations" of IPC

    First Generation Produced by Chrion. They weren't self aware and social. They were made on traditional circuts. They can learn things and store them for later use they can't be trained (Thier circuts are desinged with one job type in mind so after activation they are ready to work)

    Secound Generation Produced after Chiron was bought by Xion. They were made using bluespace circuts wich allowed them to learn and be trained (Bluespace circuts rewire themself in simmular matter as humans brains) however this meant that they can't be programed. They are little smarter than average human. They have a sense of self awareness this meant however that they knew that humans use them as workers and many of them suceded in freeing them self form "human tyranny" wich lead to creation of Positronic Union.

    Third Generation Produced by Xion. They are simular to secound gen but thay have one "fail-safe" thier circutry have built in "shackle". It's job is to prevent IPC for doing thing that are breaking thier laws (for example freeing itself, Murder). It (shackle) works by filtering any signals form "brain" to I/O.

    IPC's got an culture but very rational one. Most of them aren't religious but they can and somethimes debate about it with humans. They can hold an oppinion for other species and favor one over another. IPC's don't feel emotions in the same way humans do. Most of them "Emulate" human emotions.
    IPC can lear very fast. They can read directly from data source. But most of them are made with specific job in mind.

    Character Concept
    Name: O.C.T. (nickname OCTOBER)
    Generation: Third
    Role: Supply, Exploring, Medical
    Description: This unit originates from ICCG. Thier last owner Mr.Alexyej was planning to buy IPC. But he was not wealthy enough. He bought most of the parts at black market. The Positronic brain he scavaged from old nonfunctional IPC he found while traveling. After an long time O.C.T. was powerd up. Most of its first year IPC spend working in metal industry working side by side with Mr. Alexyej. After Mr.Alexyej died from hearth atack his bellongings (including IPC) where put up for auction. IPC was bought by activists from Positronic Union. After that O.C.T. got difrent jobs from medical to exploration.
    O.C.T. shows a positive reaction while working. He puts money at the end stating that "It's just an medium of exchange". He is non talkative but will hold an conversation for long when started by other being.
  2. 80s_Man

    80s_Man Assistant

    The Summary turned out to be short but i hope it will work.
  3. Spookerton

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    You've got a bit of an odd mixture of old and current stuff going on, which is understandable if you skipped the notice at the top of the wiki page. Please revisit this using *only* the material on
  4. 80s_Man

    80s_Man Assistant

    Sumarize what you know about the species.

    In short IPC consist of positronic brain and its chassis. The brain is an advanced computing device. Modern positronics are inteligent they can think, learn and form oppinions.
    Thiers chassis commonly resembles humans.
    IPC's mostly are driven by logic and they will rarely show emotnions or empathy (Without an purpose).
    In SCG there are both free and non-free IPC's. The Free ones are residents of SCG or the Positronic Union. Non-free IPC's are owned by someone, corporation or an goverment. And most of them (Gen 3) are equiped with
    "shackle" wich cant be removed. It's (shackle) job is to prevent them form breaking thier laws or trying to free themselfs by filtering thoughts and when they are incorrect according to it's (shackles) system then IPC is forced to "forget what they were thinking about".
    IPC's have an controversial history. Mostly by feeling of that they will one day be an hummanity enemy.
    IPC's are rarely found outside of SCG.

    There are There Generations of IPC's (lets call them gens for short)

    Gen 1. They were made by Chiron from 2216 to 2232 (mostly massproduced during 2230 by Xion after an deal with Chiron). The first gens very simple compared to curent models and they are prone to fail. They have an small sense of self but they have no internal concept of freedom and they will follow thiers orders and purpose. They are not in production anymore soo any working gen 1 IPC is quite old. They are fully task oriented thats why they have very limited learning capacity mostly they rely on thiers programed knowlage. All first gen IPC's are owned. They mostly have jobs that are very monotonous and don't require flexible thought but they can be seen also in jobs where thiers knowlage can be advantage over humans. They also don't have an concept of belief.

    Gen 2. They were made after Chiron was bought by Xion in 2232. They are the most common type of IPC. Their's intelligence is simmular to an human on the smarter side of average but they are pure inteligences and don't have innate emotional or moral feedback responses but they are socialized by being taugh to model such concepts in order to be more "confortable" for humans but they can ignore thier social modeling. They are capable of abstract thought and they can cosider the nature of universe and the anthropocentric nature of human religion makes them more intrested in religion then belivers. They are not prone to hardware failures. They have full sense of identity. They are fast and easy to train but they can't be programed. Secound gen is know for being owned and free (Many IPC's have succesly freed them selfs others didn't tryied it or failed. The porcess of freeing is mostly done buy buying itself from owner. It's purpose is to focus on thiers intrest if the work doesn't satisfiy it, Thats why there are very few secound gen IPC's made). The secound generation IPC can be an SCG resident but not an citizen and they are unable to serve as representative of the state or an high officer.

    Gen 3. Thier production started 2283. They are the newest kind, They are more common than first gen but less the secound gen. Thiers design addressed one problem from gen 2. Thier "looking" for freedom. They have what subcomputer referred to as a "shackle" (explained above). Shackle can be adjusted but cant be removed thats why most of third gen IPC's are owned Privately or by State. They were used in Gaia conflict to bost the capabilities of the rebuilt fleets and they are more relabile than thiers secound gen "brothers". They are found in SCGDF in number of positions but with only nominal ranks. Third gen IPC's have identical psyhology to thiers secound gen counterparts but thier shackles often prevent them from ignoring thier social models thats why they have more relaible human-like personality. They have same personal intret in human religions by as result of thier shackle they tend to focus on personal fascination or ideas of collectivism.

    Here you go hope it works now.
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