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Andrew Hassen - Mug and Headset - SovietCyanide

Discussion in 'Custom Items' started by Theplahunter, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Theplahunter

    Theplahunter Bartender

    BYOND Key (Username)/b]: SovietCyanide
    Discord/IRC name: Theplahunter/SovietCyanide

    Name of Item: Novelty Mug | Old Bowman Headset

    MUG: A white Novelty Mug with a black square and 'Chat Shit Get Banged' written in bold white letters on the black square.

    HEADSET: An old Radiomans headset modified to work as a Bowman headset.

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    I am the author of this icon/I have permission to use this icon: Yes

    Name of Character: Andrew Hassen
    Main Job(s) of Character: Bridge Officer
    How this item relates to your character: The Mug - Hassens Novelty mug is something he finds quite amusing, something he can bring with him on the bridge to fill with Coffee, Tea, or any other drink he might have. He bought it personally so he could stop borrowing the ships mugs which might not be cleaned to his standards.

    Old Bowman - Hassens old bowman is a radiomans headset he and a friend modified to be a working headset for his job as a bridge officer, he can fit more keys in it than his normal headset (like the bowman found in the BO lockers) and he enjoys the personal unique touch it adds while he works. It's functionally identical to a normal bowman, but has a foam mic covering, soft ear padding, and clear speakers so he can hear better.

    Other Notes:

    Slots used: 2
  2. Eckles

    Eckles Lore Manager Manager Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer


    Post here with the PR when it's done.
  3. Theplahunter

    Theplahunter Bartender