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AnimeGirlTummy - Unathi

Discussion in 'Denied' started by AnimeGirlTummy, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. AnimeGirlTummy

    AnimeGirlTummy Permanently Banned User

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Two or three weeks, pretty much all day every day.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Eris Ravenhurst

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Like many of the other applicants have said, I like playing as something different and fantastic. I'm a human in real life, so it's more entertaining to NOT be one in fictional life! Alien races provide opportunities for more interesting roleplaying, providing a background for a character which is wholly alien. To me, that's fun!

    I want to play Yesoa'Unathi in particular for several reasons. Their sprites are cute and have varied customization options (unlike the Skrell who have very few!) and their lore is extremely fleshed out, detailed, and includes a vast array of RP opportunities. I like the Yesoa more than the Sinta as I'm a big fan of water environments and aquatic aliens.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Unathi use a family or taken name first, then their clan name. Multiple generations of Unathi will often have the same first name, much like the ancient Romans (Gaius, son of Gaius, son of Gaius, son of Gaius...) Unathi names tend to make use of elongated sounds, particularly "ee" and "s," in combination with harsh consonants. Their names also occasionally include apostrophes to indicate glottal stops. Yesoa in particular will also take "working names," related to their achievements or professions, and tend to refer to those in positions of power by the thing they have power over, e.g. a ship captain would be referred to by the name of his ship, implying that they share an identity (Which I find very neat!)
    Examples: Yeek Akale
    Garss Gorlok
    Zeruk Fess'i

    Summarize what you know about the species.

    The Unathi are in short a primitive species born on an advanced world. This provides an interesting contrast in their culture, mixing primitive tribal society with advanced leftover technology.

    The planet Moghes was once home to an ancient race (implied to be slimes-people) which was at a technological roughly akin to modern earth. Through some mysterious accident, a catastrophic event called 'The Fire' destroyed their entire race, most of their technology, and wreaked havoc on the planet's ecosystems. The Fire left Moghes an extremely harsh planet, with lush jungles fading to rarities, giving way to vast deserts and steppes instead. The animal life that survived evolved to become harsh, violent, and hardy. Among these animals grew the Unathi.

    The Unathi are a reptilian species, with cold blood and scaly skin. Their diets are exclusively carnivorous with very fast metabolisms. Like many reptiles, Unathi have the ability to regenerate limbs, a necessary trait on the violent world of Moghes. The Unathi reproduce using clan-arranged couplings, laying eggs in a designated mating season. When the eggs hatch, the hatchlings are extremely animalistic, moving on four legs and acting so violently they are likely to eat each other. There is a third gender of Yesoa'Unathi, called Caretakers, who are tasked with ensuring the hatchlings survive to adolescence, where they begin developing advanced brains and walking on two legs. Caretakers also serve as clan elders and sometimes as high priests, forming the leadership center of a Yesoa clan.

    Unathi society is extremely fractured. The Unathi are a very young species and their society has not advanced to anything resembling nation-states yet, let alone a planetary unified government. Unathi live in tribal clan communities, some nomadic, some living in isolated city states. Unathi are extremely loyal and devoted to their clans, with the needs of the clan taking precedence over anything else. Disobedience to clan elders is morally abhorrent, and being a productive contributor to the clan is morally obligated. Conflicts between clans over resources or grudges are common, but are beginning to fade as contact with alien races is slowly developing a sense of common identity among the Unathi.

    Unathi technology is a mix of both the primitive and advanced. Many relics of the precursors remain, including everything from vast industrial complexes to small tablet computers. The Unathi lack the technological advancement to produce these things themselves, so where there are gaps in what the precursors left behind, primitive technologies are used. It is not uncommon to see primitive urine tanning pits next to heavy industrial oil rigs, or to see a dock chief wearing rough hide clothing.

    The Unathi are highly religious and there are many religious sects and divergent belief structures among them. There are cults devoted to restoring Moghes to a garden world, to the struggle and pain inherent in life, to personal development and perfection, to worship of the precursors, to surpassing the precursors, and everywhere inbetween. Unathi are nearly as devoted to their religions as they are to their clans.

    Unathi industry is modeled on a Guild system. Guilds behave almost as full clans in and of themselves, defined by trade rather than by birth. Unathi who join guilds are still nominally members of their clans, but guilds accept members from many clans at once and expect loyalty to the guild to supercede loyalty to one's clan.

    Having made contact with alien species and joined the broader galactic community, the fractured society of the Unathi is slowly unifying. This unification has taken the form of the Moghes Hegemony. A sort of Unathi U.N., the Hegemony includes representatives from all the city-states of Moghes, and dictates everything from economic planning to conflict resolution between clans.

    Clan Concept

    Along the swampy beaches of the southern coast of Moghes' great continent, just barely in sight of the shore, there lies a small archipelago of two dozen volcanic islands. The waters between the islands and the coast are dotted with gas vents and shoals, making the ideal habitat for a coral reef. This reef, called The Kaal'a, teems with fish and plants as varied as the stars in the sky. Many nomadic Yesoa clans have called this coastland their home over the years, and many have been wiped out by rival clans looking to gain strength off of its bountiful harvests.

    One such clan, clan J'ess, was different. The clan's caretaker was wise and thoughtful, and could see beyond the fish. The caretaker looked across the reef, saw the volcanic islands of Kaal'a, and wondered what bounty they might hold. The clan's scouts swam across the Kaal'a to the islands, and began searching. What they found there would reshape the entire clan.

    On the largest of the Kaal'a islands, the J'ess scouts found an ancient precursor complex. Its walls were white plasteel, bleached by the sea air, and its windows were the pale purple of phoron-tempered glass. After many scouting missions and more than a few lives lost, the scouts discovered that the complex was an ancient research hospital. There were laboratories full of equipment, vast ocean holding cells, docking bays for submersibles, and gleaming hydroponics arcologies. Upon hearing of this discovery, the Caretaker uprooted her clan and ordered that they make the hospital their home, and so it has been ever since.

    Their new home shaped Clan J'ess tremendously. They soon transitioned from agrarian fish-traders to salvagers, healers, and eventually researchers. While the Hand of the Vine faith had always been prominent among the J'ess, a significant minority began to follow the path of the Fruitful Lights. The synthesis of these two worldviews has formed the overall culture of Clan J'ess. The J'ess believe that Moghes can and should be restored to its bountiful former glory, and they believe that advanced technology is the pathway to doing so. Hardier, more fruitful strains of plants are bred by the J'ess, diseases are treated, and pathways to a bright future are discovered. Because of their belief in the importance of technology and the development of science, some J'ess are inclined to leave Moghes and interact with more advanced species. The J'ess view this almost as a pilgrimage, bringing new technologies and biological wonders back to Moghes to help it grow into the garden they know it must be.
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  2. Monitor Lizard

    Monitor Lizard Unathi Species Maintainer

    Alright, I've discussed it with Yeosa elders and here's the conclusion: your application is very decent and fitting. However, somem moments (Precursors and, most importantly, Yeosa naming conventions) need to be discussed further.

    So, in order to confirm this, I should ask you to present a detailed description of the character you intend to play as on Torch. Bio and such.

    Edit: having discussing the character with the applicant, I'm ready to approve it. However, due to them being relatively new to bay, there's gonna be a trial period.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019