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Accepted AnnoyingCatGirl - Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Game Moderators - Archive' started by ACGirl, Jun 19, 2019.

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  1. ACGirl

    ACGirl Game Moderator

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    What is your IRC or Discord handle?

    In UTC, what time range(s) do you usually play in?
    Ranges vary from but never earlier than 7PM-12AM

    What are the names of your most played characters?
    Caitlyn Summers, Janitor, Contractor
    Miranda Winters, Corpsman, Fleet
    Maddison West, Bridge Officer, EC.

    How long have you been playing Space Station 13?
    4 months.

    How long have you been playing on Baystation? How much are you involved with our off-server community?
    59 days, and a fair amount. I more or less read the Discord because I fell in love with how cool, and relaxed everyone is. Usually.

    Have you been a moderator or admin on other Space Station 13 servers?

    Have you been in a moderation role for a forum or on chat channels before?

    Tell us about you. What will make you a good moderator?
    I understand that people are here to play a game, and are rarely seeking to ruin the fun of another player, that a lot of issues within communities are personality conflicts, and that the best solution is often conflict resolution. I'm familiar with this through adminning roleplay communities in the past, and know that a lot of disagreements can be settled through polite conversation, and changing expectations to fit the desired scope of the play environment. Reformation over bans.

    To the best of your knowledge and understanding, how you would interpret and handle the following scenarios?

    Cornydinner9/(Blake Ashdown)) continually responds in LOOC in regards to the actions of 3wolfmoon/(Alek Mendoza) on their character rather than reacting to them normally. When you use OOC => Who, it shows that Cornydinner9 joined the server for the first time two days ago.

    Assuming this is first administrative contact: First, welcome them to the server and ask if they're familiar with the rules page. If not, direct them to it while politely explaining that LOOC is not meant to be used for chatting, harassment, or criticisms.

    gleaming3, an observer, has started a ticket in which they claim that StaleMichel50/(Pete Wethers) is "killing without RP", and they have not provided much information. When you use Admin => Check Antagonists, StaleMichel50 is listed as a traitor.

    First, ask gleaming3 for more information, asking for context and to offer me their prospective while looking for a note history of similar behaviour. Then, question anyone StaleMichel50 has killed for their feelings, and the interactions with the accused. After all the passive/observing parties are questioned, finally ask StaleMichel50 about his motivations, and find out if killing without much RP was valid for his desired actions.

    While you are observing, you notice that melancholy_Chad/(Ogden Bullthorn) and ProudYolande08/(Lou Penny) are both explorers, and have seemingly miraculously been able to find and rescue each other on the exoplanet with ease, in spite of their distances apart at various times and lack of communication with one another.

    I think it's almost impossible to 'prove' metacommunications, but I can ask them directly how they knew their friend was in danger, and seek to gain admission to the fault. Without admission of guilt there isn't much I can do faithfully to anyone as an administrator, but I can keep a close eye on their actions and ask questions on suspect behaviour, politely worded questions can't hurt, and leave a reminder that out of game communications for an IC Advantage isn't tolerated here, and it could lead to moderator intervention.

    Superiordorene/(Alex Burnette) is complaining about BIGMAMMOTH/(Jessica Olivers)'s character being "unprofessional" in adminhelps. Upon looking at the situation, you find that the actions of BIGMAMMOTH do not violate any server rules, though Superiordorene is clearly upset.

    First, it's important to keep members of the community feeling like their opinions and voices are being heard, and taken into consideration. Listening and letting them have an ear to talk to is often best, then helping them re-adjust their expectations to the servers guidelines, and help them understand that while it's okay to be bothered and upset, there is nothing wrong at play. With wiki references, and links at hand, it's not hard to change someones opinion with a formal staff word showing them that nothing is wrong.

    A ticket is opened by colorful_berry67/(Simon Paulson) to complain about something that happened between themself, StraightGertude15/(Eli Mathers), and EnergeticPlastic/(Vlad Petrovic) on the bridge. While the issue appears legitimate. There are a number of discrepancies in the stories between colorful_berry67 and StraightGertude15, with the story provided by EnergeticPlastic not relating at all to those of the other two.

    Ask about the discrepancies with either party, attempt to use any of the in-game logs to help gain a grasp on the real situation and formulate an accurate timeline between the two. While asking EnergeticPlastic to focus, and help provide a story in regards to the narrative that actually happened. Nudging them to the actual incident with, "Do you remember Simon Paulson saying x?" If still stuck, ask for help.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
  2. ACGirl

    ACGirl Game Moderator

    Actually, after a small moment of deliberation, I think it's best if I waited a bit and was more established within the community. A moderator team needs to be trusted by the community, and a face as fresh as mine isn't probably ready yet. Plus, it'd be better to get to know more people first.

    Unless that's not a big deal, and no one needs a big 100 days.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
  3. Spookerton

    Spookerton Public Kohai № 1 Staff Manager Manager Senior Administrator Community Moderator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    Hi @ACGirl
    I've taken a look over your application and the way you've approached the scenarios is concise and correct.
    I'd be happy to accept you as a trial moderator from tomorrow, the 25th, if you're still interested in doing it.
  4. ACGirl

    ACGirl Game Moderator

    Thank you, I'd love to try.
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