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Accepted Annoyingcatgirl - Moderator

Discussion in 'Archived Staff Complaints' started by RandyJones, Aug 6, 2019.

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  1. RandyJones

    RandyJones Chef

    Key/username of admin: Annoyingcatgirl
    Your key/username: RandyJones
    Date and Time of Incident(s): 2019-08-05 around 2:07 est
    Game ID:
    Reason for complaint: Mocking me for an antag ban I got a month ago in OOC
    Evidence of complaint:

    Screenshot_2019-08-06 Screenshot.png

    Im all for playful banter but a member of staff mocking someone for a ban in OOC is just bad form, even after I told this to her she seemed to misunderstand.

    But eh, I could be wrong and just reading too much into it, still thought it was worth making a thread.
  2. ACGirl

    ACGirl Game Moderator

    Hi there, I'm that person!

    So, basically this is a long time running as you seem to take jabs at me almost as often as you physically can thinking you can get away with, trying to make personal oofs on things like my discord username(??) or that a previously talked about chlorahydrate change was very similar to how a bug worked. I'm not sure why I've earned your ire but when you try to keep poking at someone they will eventually respond in kind. I honestly don't know what to say, if you think you can make targeted attempts to get a reaction from someone, I don't think you are deserving of freedom from return fire. Maybe I shouldn't have done that, and brought the seeming grudge to staff, but I figured you had enough staff sided issues on your plate already, and just opted for that.
  3. Virgil

    Virgil Director of Administration


    From what I've been told by multiple staff members including a member of senior staff, as well as ACG themselves, ACGs outburst was caused by continual poor behavior directed at them over a long period of time from the person who posted this complaint.

    I need to make two things very clear here:

    First of all, ACGs mocking of a ban is not okay and they've been told off for it. Since it's a first offense no real action beyond a stern talking to has been taken.

    Second, we do not under any circumstances tolerate harassment, insults, attacks, or in general just being an asshole towards staff. We take those things very seriously as we are all volunteers who dedicate our personal time and energy to working to improve the community and make the game a better place, and no one here should be forced to endure that sort of thing. If this is indeed occuring, consider this is a formal warning to knock that shit off. If it continues and I am presented valid evidence of it, you will no longer be welcome here and be concequently removed permenantly with no chance of appeal.

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