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Anton's copypasta code corner

Discussion in 'Coding' started by antonkr, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. antonkr

    antonkr Senior Enlisted Advisor

    This is mostly here to keep track of stuff I want to do, and eventually forget about doing. I am not claiming any of these ideas, since many of them are very long term, and some potentially out of my reach. Potential spoilers ahead.

    Yacht away mission
    Bluespace River Away mission
    CTI ship
    Vox ship

    FTL-like ship away mission. The ship would be well defended, and would fly around making it hard to dock with it

    Bluespace river is in a dangerous need of an update, it's boring as fuck right now. Probably same thing as the hive idk.

    Trading hubs - idk

    The Pyramid. A biggish away site (3-4 z-levels) requiring a rather large team to get to the end of it. Most of the assets already exist on /vg/, and I hope to port them. Will be pretty alium-y and hopefully quite fun.

    The hive - You surely can't steal all the content from /vg/ and put it into Bay? ha ha
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  2. 5crownik007

    5crownik007 Permanently Banned User

    gl dude
  3. antonkr

    antonkr Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Implementation plans:
    • Start with only lasers as possible weapons
    • Use existing sensors as targeting system.
    • Emitter-esque code wise projectile shooters for each sector/ship, that get passed a projectile upon being fired on.

    Preliminary ship to ship combat systems thoughts:
    This is mostly pondering. Im not really skilled enough to pull this off at least yet
    Three weapon classes: missiles, lasers, ballistics
    Three points of defense: CIWS, shields, hull
    Basically almost like a rock paper scissors type counters,
    • Missiles would bypass any shields (like in FTL), and would do large amounts of damage to the hull and anyone caught in the explosion. However would be countered by CIWS systems who would be able to shoot them down. Would also be "expensive" as a resource.
    • Ballistics would include large caliber projectiles, and small caliber rapid firing chainguns. Would be countered heavily by shields as they would reduce only a bit of the shields' charge. Would consume ammo obviously.
    • Lasers would do wonders to defeat shields and by doing so drain enemy's SMES reserves and shield banks. But would do not that much damage to the hull, requiring multiple good hits to pierce a hull. Would consume lots of energy though.
    I would imagine most initial exchanges with equal firepower would start with shields and lasers until energy is expanded for both, and then would move onto ballistics.

    Detection + target acquisition.Two types of detection - detection is required for weapons to work.
    • Radar - exactly as one would think. Would have a narrow field of a view that can be rotated (automatically too) to detect threats.
    • When a threat is detected, would have an option of a soft, and hard lock.
    • Soft lock will allow the radar to track other targets, while maintaining lock, while hard lock will only allow you to track the target, making you blind to other threats.
    • Hard lock will provide bonuses to accuracy.
    • Either lock will provide a warning to the targeted ship. A missile launch would provide a further warning.
    • Radar lock can be broken by maneuvering, dispensing chaff, and using electronic countermeasures.
    • Functional IFF systems that ping the radar back with the correct frequency if they are friendly.
    • Heat acquisition - would probably look at all of the heat exchange pipes in space. Would show all targets around the ship at all times.
    • Would not warn the targeted party that they are being locked. Would further not notify them if a missile has been launched.
    • Can be countered by flares or something similar but more sci-fyi
    • Much shorter range then radar.
    PvP thoughts with Torch
    The big obvious threat that Torch would face would be the mercs.
    The system would have to be robust enough where the Torch could not be crippled by a merc ship easily, but where investing energy and potentially telecrystals into weapon systems for the merc ship would be worthwhile. Potential exists for mercs aboard to sabotage shields, and CIWS to make Torch an easier target.
    Torch would obviously require weapons to fight back, but there must be some balance between Torch being an exploration ship, and being not entirely useless in defense. Aquila could potentially supplement Torch's defense as being a fighter thing.
    The big problem however lies in balancing all elements appropriately while retaining the core idea that Torch is an exploration, not a fighting vessel.

    PvE thoughts
    The AI will be hard as fuck to code most likely.
    Since I dont want to rely on any magic, I would want ships to actually be board-able in game, and populated by hostile simple mobs. Perhaps the effectiveness of the PvE ship would rely on them being alive, and blowing off parts of the ship would make it less functional. Either way it'll be very difficult to do, if not impossible.

    Projectiles would leave their respective z.
    When they are about to transition, a calculation is made about if it will be a hit, a miss, or a near miss.
    If it's a hit, the projectile will enter the z-level in such a way that it will impact the ship from a sensical direction
    ie a> b>
    If ship A points east, and so does ship B, ship B will hit ship A from the rear.

    If it's a near miss, then similar to above occurs, but the projectile is in a path such as that it doesn't hit the targeted vessel.
    For something like a missile, CIWS would start working right away to try and clear out any missiles that are in proximity.

    Potential new jobs could be added as part of a new department.
    • Defense Officer - Junior officer in charge of everything defense. Could potentially just be XO depending on how much use this system will actually get.
    • Fire Controllman - Enlisted. Maintains the weapon systems, and loads them during combat. Probably could implement things like jams, and random failures that they'd need to fix to make things a bit more fun.

    There are a lot of flaws with the above design, but keep in mind that this is just a collection of my random thoughts on how this could be done.
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