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Anyone Play Monster Hunter: Worlds

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by thejesster14, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. thejesster14

    thejesster14 Petty Officer First Class

    Hey! I recently got the game and don't have much time to play it, what with working two jobs and deciding between Bay and MH: Worlds, but hey! If anyone wants to play! I have it on steam but I figure this could be a good thread for members to find others on other platforms!

    My Steam ID is: thejesster14

    And I'd love to play it with you guys! I also have Stallaris, and a bunch of other games if you see one in common we have!

    Anywho, keep being awesome people.
  2. samsone700

    samsone700 Petty Officer First Class

    I'm getting it at some point. PC port is as bad as they say?
  3. Faustico

    Faustico Petty Officer First Class

    The connection issues are really bad, you shouldn't expect to play more than an hour at a time before being disconnected. They also don't have an option to enable raw mouse input and some people have been complaining about that.
    So if you don't mind using a controller and playing mostly single player then I'd recommend it, otherwise you will probably want to wait about a week for these issues to get fixed.
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  4. Manored

    Manored Executive Officer

    Unless those issues are being caused by insufficient/shitty servers, a week sounds quite optimistic. Its safer to assume they won't be fixed until they are, if multiplayer is a must for you and you like your monies.

    I have a passing interest in Monster Hunter but in my previous experiences the games are quite grindy.
  5. BSKThemes

    BSKThemes Sol Gov Pilot

    The PC port is fine for me. I have really awful internet and play with friends on other continents. Have played for stretches of 10+ hours at a time without a single connection hiccup. Smooth sailing all the way.
  6. thejesster14

    thejesster14 Petty Officer First Class

    Sometimes it won't let my friends connect to me when I'm on a quest (Because sometimes Main Character starting story quest has to get to a certain point and trigger a cutscene before others can connect) And after the prompt comes up allowing others to join, it can be about 30% of the time they can't. However, you can immediately return to camp if they can't connect, put the same quest up and now that you've triggered the cutscene your friends can go into the quest with you. If you're all readied and go in from the start, I haven't had a disconnect yet.

    Pretty crappy work around, I know, but the gameplay is amazing and if you've played MH's of old you'll love this one.