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Arkter's Cheat Sheet for Success in RnD!

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by Arkter, May 20, 2019.

  1. Arkter

    Arkter Bartender

    Hey you! Yes you!. Are you alllllwaaays tired of doing RnD and not getting high enough Tech levels? Fear no more! I am here with the list of things you should create and deconstruct so you can get consistent high levels with NO help from other departments!
    Here you go!:
    Protolathe must be filled with:
    5 Aluminum
    5 Plastic
    30 Steel
    3x Phoron Sheets from RnD Chemistry
    2x Uranium Sheets from RnD Chemistry
    Rest should be filled by Glass

    Circuit Imprinter must be filled with:
    5 Steel
    5 Glass
    5 Plastic
    5 Aluminum

    Must always be filled with Sulphuric Acid

    Deconstruct the following before printing anything:
    1x Micro-Manipulator
    1x Plastic Sheets
    1x Nanopaste
    2x Phoron Sheets from RnD Chemistry
    1x PAI
    1x Mechanical Toolbox from RnD Material Storage
    1x Whatever low grade Power Cell is avalilble
    1x Scanning Module

    [You are welcome to fill in more required material if you do not have the quantity filled in]

    Tracking Beacon x1
    Power Cell Model (High capaciy) X1
    Advanced Hard Drive X 1
    Nanopaste X 1
    Power Cell Model (Super Capacity) x 3
    Depth Analysis Scanner X 1
    Battery Design [Ultra Battery Module]
    Super Hard Drive x 1
    HUD Glasses Design [Filth Scanner] x 2
    Aiden Sarsaporva Counter X 1
    Cluster Hard Drive x 1
    Man-Machine-Interface X 1

    MRSPACMAN-Type Generator X 1
    Gygax Weapons Control and Targeting x 3
    Fusion Core X 1
    Computer Photonic Processor Unit x 1

    RIG module [Anomaly Scanner] x 1
    Ultra-High power micro laser x 1
    RIG Module [Matter Decompiler] x 1
    RIG Module [Hardsuit Manuevering Jets] x 1

    With that Pesky tech levels done you can now focus on more important things! Like, delivering nanopaste to Medical or Dicking around with your unfound knowledge
    Either way! Please give feedback below and I would love to know if there is a way to optimize this set!
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  2. Bramzter

    Bramzter Chef

    Getting levels isnt that hard to do. Its mostly getting mat's that takes the longest.

    But if you do get them here is a tip. You unlock quite a bit of fun stuff with two energy relays from robotics
  3. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    As said above, you should extend this with the further research items once you get the two energy relays. There is quite a bit more to do.
  4. Bramzter

    Bramzter Chef

    I will, Once i am not on my phone
  5. Bramzter

    Bramzter Chef

    Alright, Here go my notes for maximum SCIENCE potential, Since R&D isn't only about what you deconstruct but also on when you deconstruct it in regards to the levels it gives, if you for instance deconstruct a level 3 when you are still at level 1, you will end up only advancing 1 level so you get 2. this is not ideal since sometimes you need a item to unlock the rest of the list.

    So here we go, before you make anything deconstruct the following:
    - Mirco Manipulator
    - Capaticitator (or the worst power cell gray)
    - Further higher level power cells if they spawned in the lab, (1 stripe, 2 stripe, safe three stripe for later!)
    - 2 sheets of phoron.
    - Analyser from the toolbox.
    - The toolbox itself.

    Then you fill up the protolathe and the circuit imprinter and start making this in this order:

    Meson Glasses,
    Tracking Beacon,
    (Depending on the Powercell's you deconstructed, you now deconstruct either a Low Grade Powercell or Two Medium-grades, After that if you have a exeptional grade (three stripes) powercell, you can deconstruct that one as well.)
    Security Glasses
    Mass Specotrometer,
    Radio MMI.
    Pico Manipulator

    Circuit Imprinter:
    Pac-Man generator board
    Super-Pacman generator board.
    Mrs Pacman generator board.
    Relay Mainframe board
    2 Durand Weapons Control boards

    Protolathe agian:
    Phoron Pistol.

    Now you are roughly on the highest level you can get with the resources you have available to you, Further upgrades need Diamonds, Gold and Silver but 1 crate of each should be more then enough to last you trough the round, so order that via supply or ask miners to get you some at the start of your shift. Take the time while you are waiting to construct a Rapid Part Exchange Device 2 Super Matter Bins and 2 Pico-Manipulators to upgrade your protolathe with, I'll make things faster and cost less. You could also start upgrading other machinery. If you run out of material there is a bunch in science storage. Sync to the server so people can do stuff too.

    Now when you have gotten the materials split the stacks of gold and silver and take around.. 4 ingots of each and put the rest in the protolathe,the remaining gold and silver will be used to have robotics make 2 energy relays, (if engineering by any chance came across a interesting.. 'broken ID card' you can deconstruct that and only need 1 energy relay (the Exosuit Part) )

    2 Energy Relays

    Exeptional Powercell
    RIG Module: Plasma Cutter
    RIG Module: RCD
    Superconductive coil (Located under experimental welding torch in the list)
    Holograpic Equipment Kit: Take 2 items out of it and the fake holo-gun out of it before you deconstruct it, then deconstruct the items and then the gun. Then print two more and deconstruct the guns separately.

    Gongratulations, you now have topped off research for the shift. You can now supply medical with better tools and upgrade machinery all over the ship, print some better useful stuff for security and feel accomplished as a scientist.
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  6. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    Still not all of it, but if you ping me on Discord tomorrow, I'll hook hook you up with the full list.
    Edit: Probably should update the main post instead of posting it in a separate comment btw.