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Ask Staff Anything!

Discussion in 'Policy Discussion' started by Raptor1628, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Raptor1628

    Raptor1628 Lore Maintainer Donator

    This is a place for players to ask staff anything related to BS12, if you want to know our favorite Ice Cream, you'll have to ask elsewhere. Any Moderators/Admins/Devs may participate and edit their replies into the original question, attached to their names, should they wish to answer the question. Personally I'll try to answer every question posted here.

    Warning: Any arguments, trolling, non-BS12 related questions, or random nonsense will be deleted.

    If there's any question that Staff can't agree on for whatever reason, and can't be cleared up by Head Staff, it'll be discussed by Staff, and whatever decision is made will be brought back here and added to the rules/guidelines/etc.
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  2. Head

    Head Retired Staff

    Addendum, i will answers questions too.
  3. Toybasher

    Toybasher Research Director

    I have two questions.

    First one, is why has our logo changed from blue to red? Was the logo already in use so we had to recolor it, or does it signify something?

    Second, and much more important to me, is the fact our playercount has dropped a ton. What actions can we as a community take to recruit new players? I miss the days when we'd have 50 or so people on, admins would do gimmicks, we'd play Strike Team two times in a row, Nar-Sie nomming the station, (Well he doesn't do that anymore, he sorta cultifies it.) etc.

    Do we have any plans to reach out and get new players? List the server more often, have the community members reach out to friends and get them playing? I really, really miss the highpop rounds where we don't have to evacuate because we lack engineers, etc.

    Raptor1628: Well to answer your first question, I'm pretty sure that was done because it looks cool. Also it's somewhat distinct from other servers' NT logos. And Secondly, Playercount has stabilized lately, we're still higher than the very old days of lowpop, and playing at peak times there are still 15-20 people aboard the station. While it is true that there are large lulls during some time zones, population is slowly stabilizing. So far as attracting swathes of players, the occasional public round won't hurt, neither will a new map, but trying to get quantity of players over quality of players would impact RP standards.

    Ccomp5950: The logo? I think what happened is Head said "Boom done" and put it there. No real significance to it, we're not being sued (who's going to sue over 2d spessman?), it's not the result of a player survey or an extensive focus group study. Just Head doing his thing.

    We're streamlining development (we're getting rid of the dev->dev-freeze->master cycle, we're going to have two branches with all development going into one (and the server will run on this one except in emergencies) and another which will merged into for "releases" that is a more stable branch. This should be happening this Saturday now that we have a couple of bad bugs fixed.

    For low pop setup the solars (they are already wired). Should handle power issues for a good while, set output to 50k on each, set input to 90k turn on charging and done.
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  4. Techhead

    Techhead Donator

    With regards to the "You are expected to perform the job you signed up for" server rule, what is your opinion on antags who ignore their assigned job in order to antagonize (assuming their antagonism is unrelated to their dereliction of duty)? eg. An engineer who doesn't set up the engine because they're busy drawing runes in maintenance, or a traitor chemist who takes no time to make any drugs for medbay. I realize this would give them two sets of responsibilities to juggle, but on low-pop, players are less likely to join as a chemist or engineer or detective if they see one active.

    Ccomp5950: Any good antagonist would not abandon their job the whole time to go do antaggy things. If you are assigned a job that requires certain tasks to be done, and they aren't getting done...Well that's one of the quickest way for someone to check up on you and that's how antags get caught. This isn't a policy thing I don't think, I know I've sent "Subtle messages" telling an antag "You should probably look into _______" (whatever their job is to do) before.

    Ravensdale: The exception I could see being is if part of it is the antag gimmick, obviously. An engineer cutting a wire to kill power to security, or improperly fixing a door to slow them down, 'mock incompetence and/or sabotage' if you will. Just make sure there's a reason for the refusal other than 'I'm antag' AKA don't ignore all patients because you're antag, but 'being too slow' or 'complications of surgery' being the death of the captain to send command into chaos could work out. When in doubt, adminhelp!
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  5. ProfligateShampoo

    ProfligateShampoo Bartender

    Three topics:

    What is the purpose of the new engine's emergency cooling bypass valve -- why not always use the existing emergency cooling system with the heat exchangers, rather than circumventing it? (In case of damage to heat exchangers? Are heat exchangers less efficient than genuine gas mixing?)

    How would staff recommend dealing with a character (from an IC, roleplay perspective) who dramatically changes rank from shift to shift? Having the same character be your boss as an officer one round and then your subordinate the next as enlisted is difficult to rationalize.

    Similar to above, what is the SGEC/Fleet/MC's fluff stance on hot-swapping people between jobs (assuming they stay the same rank, which is a different issue as above)? I was under the impression that in military organizations, people get trained to do one job (i.e. an artillery guy does the same basic training as everyone else, then goes off to learn how to fire mortars), but sometimes you'll get characters who are the same person shift to shift but take on different jobs. Do these organizations offer some kind of hybrid training? This phenomenon made more sense with civilian organizations, but I imagined military structures to be more rigid, and I'm having trouble making sense of it IC without just ignoring it.

    Thanks for your time!
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  6. Asanadas

    Asanadas Research Director

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  7. andrewmeythaler

    andrewmeythaler Research Director

    I have a question regarding the Gopnik bannings. I had thought that was ruled acceptable.
  8. Sytic

    Sytic Sol Gov Pilot

    Are you a̶ ̶r̶e̶a̶l̶ ̶v̶i̶l̶l̶a̶i̶n̶ changing any attitudes to the way you perform administrative duties, handle reports and ban appeals and in general manage the server with the advent of the Torch? For instance, if someone was a lax Crewman on the Torch, would they be judged higher than a lax Security Officer on the Exodus?
  9. Asanadas

    Asanadas Research Director

    There's a certain level of integrity that a character must have to the setting in order to be viable. Characters that are clearly playing to a 1-dimensional stereotype remain off-limits, to my knowledge. We (the admins) reserve the right to request corrections to any character for any reason, heh.

    Not exactly. There's a lot of behind-the-scenes communication regarding new setting of precedent, the understanding of the structure of the jobs on the map — what they can get away with doing to one another — that sort of thing. But I can also say we've got an entire system (and an entire job, SEA) in place to ICly handle a lax Crewman with the hope that the players in-game will use that system to police themselves reasonably. It's more fun for everyone to do it that way.
    I've been stepping in where important people are misinterpreting the actual game mechanics of the map, such as an XO calling for an "evacuation" by throwing all of the personnel onto a shuttle and potentially bricking the round into a permanent red-alert without a chance of the server rolling over; in those cases (and they've been a couple) I've had to tell them to use the actual evacuation button on the command console. It's things like that which have changed, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a more harsh stance.
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  10. Spookerton

    Spookerton Head Administrator Director of Administration Head Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    To follow up on Asanadas' answer, and I'll preface this by saying that I'm going by description, not personal experience of the particular event in question:

    Playing a young adult Russian passenger with a thing for cheap alcohol who spends their time hanging out groups near the stairwell or one of the hangar deck escape pod arms, dropping pistachio (closest thing we've got) pack trash and verbally hassling the people that walk by? I'd call that acceptable and kinda funny, if you put together a ten second backstory - eg: kid of russian investor sent along as a punishment/to find themselves/etc, nobody touches them because they use their parent's status as a threat and don't go far enough to get actual MAA action - and like, ten words of examine text, boom, that might be a fun regular-ish character.

    ... Getting two other guys to connect with you in voip, setting up (functionally) bald30s with matching tracksuits, and being a forced stereotypical presentation of while engaging in mildly antagonistic actions as a group is, in contrast, about an inch deep, only good for a "Haaah. I see the reference. :|", and not really the kind of play we want to encourage.

    So. No, of course using elements of the idea in a character is acceptable. But yes, themed raiding is still just that. Even when it's only gentle and nobody's whacking fuel cans with welders. Aaand responding to admins sending serious PMs with the general tone of either :^) or "fuck off and stop getting in the way" is not a good way to stay in play either.
  11. ProfligateShampoo

    ProfligateShampoo Bartender

    How does the process of emergency SM core ejection work on the Torch? All the gear seems to be present in the engine monitoring room, along with a Keycard Authentication Device right next to it -- is the KAD connected to core ejection, and do you need auth to shoot the core? What's the deal with the two different buttons connected to the core aside from the eject button itself? If I recall right (I don't have the map in front of me) there's one for "core hatch bolt control" and another for "core hatch opening".
  12. Noble Caos

    Noble Caos The Lorax

    Core hatch opening opens the SM core to space, which you need to do to push the eject button behind the glass.
  13. ProfligateShampoo

    ProfligateShampoo Bartender

    That makes sense. Do you need to use the "Engine Hatch Bolt Control" button to unbolt the core hatch before opening it first, or does that button do something else? If so, what does it do?

    Thanks for your time!
  14. Noble Caos

    Noble Caos The Lorax

    That button unbolts the doors to the core (Why would you ever, ever, EVER, do that?) in case you need to go in and do something.
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  15. Minijar

    Minijar Permanently Banned User

    Is there an official staff handbook of policy and ban lengths for certain offences or is it just decided off the staffman's head when banning someone?
  16. Noble Caos

    Noble Caos The Lorax

    No, it's up to the individual staff member when it comes to length. We do have like buttloads of policy tho. The reason for the length is most likely due to the amount of factors that can affect a ban.
  17. ProfligateShampoo

    ProfligateShampoo Bartender

    Can characters that have the Civilian branch and Civilian role selected still be considered contracted employees or similar? Obviously the SolGov Rep is, but I'm thinking more of those who take the "Passenger" occupation and then use one of the vocational alt-titles such as "Botanist" or "Entertainer" -- is it viable for these characters to indicate in their employment records and speech that they are contracted employees on the ship, or are they strictly relegated to being random punters who just decided to show up and do their jobs for nothing voluntarily?
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  18. mkalash

    mkalash Donator

    Beyond visitors, there's no position that's necessarily a "volunteer" role.
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  19. TcOne

    TcOne Research Director

    I have a policy question and would like staff's opinion on that, figured this treat is just fine for it.

    So uh... It's been a while since I played medical, and after several rounds lately I built up several questions and concerns regarding both proper medical RP and so-called "powergaming doctors":

    1) Is it allowed to remove damaged limbs in order to resuscitate a fallen character?
    Not too long ago cloning was removed, and one of the reasons behind that was that Officer McRobust won't be able to get back to antag hunting after he was killed. Right now most of fatalities can be easily reversed with defib, and it even takes a lot less time, then cloning. If someone have total damage over 200 defibs won't work, and here comes the "powergaming" part. If part of total inflicted damage is localized on any limb - doctor can cut the limb off, reducing total damage readout and therefore cheating the defib. It's exactly that: Cheating. Patient didn't magically became "less dead", he just lost a limb (or even all of them). It still works and it's still used semi-often (seeing it at least once every day or two).
    ICly I refuse to perform such actions, because OOCly I count it as pure cheating, abusing of game mechanics.
    Am I right? Or from staff point of view such actions are perfectly fine and should be allowed?

    2) Operating on fully dressed patient. Is it bad RP?
    Well... this one have been at bay forever. I've never ever seen anyone bwoinked for it. I've been yelled at ICly countless times, for stripping patients before surgery. I've been beaten ICly for trying to strip security officer before surgery. I guess you got my point. I think no proof links required to justify why patient needs to be fully naked durity surgery, so I request staff opinion on that. It's not only immersion breaking. It's the case where you get in trouble (ICly) for playing your role /right/!

    3) "Superdoctors" as people that can do every task in medical bay. Is it bad RolePlay (Mary Sue) or not?
    There are only 4 medical skills in character setup, and even 25yo character can easily get all of them to "Trained", so it's all cool in terms or server rules. However, certain characters will use their OOC skill to make all available medicine in chem lab, while playing physician (they have access and skill ICly, why not?). Same character will also perform brain surgery later and if needed will develop a cure for a new and non-studied disease. I'll repeat myself - they do have skills set in their character setup, but those players are also usually very experienced and effectively making whole rest of medical bay just useless. Other doctors would just wait till that "super doc" will be too busy in surgery to start actually working. Chemist would just cryo, because physician just did all his job, and poor Corpsmen don't know what to do, because being first responder, when Physician already looted your Rig and responding to every call themselves. I've seen only 1-2 players performing like that on Torch, Exodus had more. Question still stands: Should behavior like this be ahelped, or is it okay to play this way?

    That's all I can remember right now. Thank you in advance.
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  20. Meyar

    Meyar Retired Worstmin 2015-2017

    1) I consider it power gaming personally, abuse of an oversight. However I'm wary of outright slapping people for the use of the mechanic. I feel this is best addressed as an oversight and a code fix deployed.

    2) last I recall, patients by code have to be stripped to reduce risk of infection. It's certainly a bad idea to do clothes surgery as a result. Anyone beating you over doing your job is at risk of punishment, report such cases.

    3) it's certainly discouraged, super doctoring. Super doctoring is usually only okay on lowpop when no one else is available. It should be helped so we can guide them away from that path
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