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Ask Staff Anything!

Discussion in 'Policy Discussion' started by Raptor1628, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Pobiega

    Pobiega Retired Staff

    I'll refrain from commenting on 1) in any official stance but personally I think it's a bit silly.

    2) If you get harrassed for stripping someone pre-surgery, ahelp it. Thats wrong on so many levels. In fact, I will see if we can't code away clothed surgery (or massively increase infection rate) because that SHOULD NOT BE A THING. I will from now on bwonik people for doing it.

    3) If you are the only player in medical, go ahead and be the superdoctor. If you are not, don't. This falls under the normal rules of don't powergame and "not stealing other peoples jobs". Ahelp it.
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  2. FearTheBlackout

    FearTheBlackout Retired Staff

    I feel that it's somewhat vague what NT Security can and can't do. It says on join that you answer to NanoTrasen personnel, but I feel like Security Guards do the opposite sometimes, myself included. What powers does a Security Guard have and not have? Can they fine people without a Research Director/Corporate Liaison?
  3. Hubblenaut

    Hubblenaut Research Director

    To my understanding the fines are up to be enforced by the Research Direcor, as it says in Torch General Regulations. Security Guards would listen to all other NanoTrasen personnel, but if the RD wants to enforce a certain regulation and charge a fine, nobody can order the Guards to do otherwise.

    Where things are not quite clear is what happens when the RD is just intentionally dismissing breaches of Regulations (due to the Regulations saying he may enforce them at his desire) while the Liaison does not find that acceptable - since the constant denial of enforcing a specific regulation is equivalent to the removal of it, which the Liaison would have to agree to.
  4. Paradoxon

    Paradoxon Retired Staff

    As a fellow Security Guard player, I've always been under the impression that the RD's presence was only necessary for demotion/firing, as fines conditions aren't mentioned at all in the Torch's Corporate Regulations. This assumption is further reinforced by the fact that the RD abusing their power of disregarding/altering the regulations is something they can be reported for to off-screen Internal Affairs (which would mean the regulations are enforced by default), and the fact that the "Neglect of Duty" incident in said regulations is heavily tied to SolGov law, meaning not enforcing that specific regulation would actually make NT responsible for not respecting the law, I suppose ?

    It's definitely hazy, but seeing as fining people has very few mechanical and practical consequences (aside from losing five minutes to go the ATM) compared to firing or demoting someone (which removes them from the job they joined for), I'd be tempted to stick with yes, Security Guards can fine people without a RD.

    If some higher dude in the hierarchy says otherwise though, then fair enough.
  5. FearTheBlackout

    FearTheBlackout Retired Staff

    Do we have any actual consensus yet on the distribution of weaponry by Merchants? I would assume it would be fine to sell them to authorized personnel (Security, NT Asset Protection, anyone the CO designates, etc), but I just don't know.
  6. mkalash

    mkalash Donator

    Sell whatever you want. What the crew do with your products is their own OOC problem. Just don't do things like use your shuttle to evac crew to your station or anything, and don't really involve yourself in the round's events, unless you're more or less forced into the fold.
  7. Balcore

    Balcore Bartender

    Hey team, I'm very excited to play as I've been looking for a more Role Play centric experience.

    Little backstory: I mainly play Security as IRL I work in the industry so I have alof of RP material to pull from and because of that I've pretty much been a Sec-lifer on all the servers I've played. I recently got burnt out on LRP as its Greytide stationwide every night I play and thus I've stumbled into Bay hoping to find some new experiences away from the sillyness.

    Now my question. I've seem discussion on NT Security and it looks like the job for me as you mainly handle fines and working with the science team, leaving the ship policing to the Marines. However beyond just reading SOP and Corperate Regulations I find the wiki is lacking in info regarding away missions and helping the science staff in general.

    Am I missing anything beyond that or is there other resources I can take advantage of?
  8. mkalash

    mkalash Donator

    This may be more of a community question than a specific staff one, but as an ntsec player, I'll answer: A lot of the job is implicit, which is interesting. You do a lot of cat herding.

    On away missions, you mostly just follow the nerds around and make sure they don't hurt themselves. You'll probably end up helping them haul things around if you're nice, but other than that, make sure they're safe and that you regularly check in with the torch, and that you return on time for a jump.

    In the lab, you can help them by fetching some materials, handling deliveries, keeping ship sec off their necks, etc. You should also be prepared to handle things like xenobio breakouts, a phoron-emitting plant in xenobotany, or a dangerous anomaly killing every one. The scientist who fucked up is probably busy dying, so be ready to contain these problems yourself.

    The RD is your boss. The CL kind of is, too, but if there's a conflict between a CL and the RD, you side with the RD.

    Try to cooperate with the crew, especially ship security. They might throw you a bone and stop breathing down science's neck if you're nice to them.

    Sometimes you're concerned about the interests of the corporation more than the interests of your direct superior. If the RD is about to ruin the company's reputation by forcing inhumane tests on non-consenting subjects, politely recommend that he not until he stops or until you're forced to send an anonymous tip to ship sec for the benefit of us all.

    Mostly, stand in the hallway, heckle passerbys, shoot the shit with medical, and remind the xenobiologist that, no, it doesn't matter that that pink slime hasn't tried to eat you for a whole five minutes, you can't release a bunch onto the crew without the approval of a lot of people who will not approve it.
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  9. Balcore

    Balcore Bartender

    Gotcha haha Definitly sounds like my kind of job. Thanks Mkalash
  10. andrewmeythaler

    andrewmeythaler Research Director

    Dont listen to him, always goon for thr RD. Never betray him to shipsec!
  11. RandyJones

    RandyJones Chef

    Adminning seems like such a boring and repetitive job(no offense), why do you enjoy doing it?
  12. Virgil

    Virgil Game Administrator

    Some of us are altruists, some of us are masochists, some of us just didn't know what we'd be signing up for and got trapped in a neverending torturous hell.

    Also some of us like helping the community I guess
  13. Sweedle

    Sweedle Game Moderator

    Apply for the powertrip, stay for the ERP delightful conversation in msay.
  14. Persona E

    Persona E Game Administrator

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  15. NimbleThimble

    NimbleThimble Bartender

    I have a question, I know you guys have notes on players specifically negative ones warnings and such-a-like do you also have positive notes aswell? for like really good RP that added well to the round?
  16. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Sometimes we add positive notes. It really depends on what happens.
  17. Arkter

    Arkter Chef

    What is your favourite round as staff?
  18. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game Radmin Game Administrator

    beach episode beach episode
  19. As an admin, is it feasible to play as a character with IC mechanical responsibilities (i.e. a job that isn't pure RP) whilst retaining admin powers?

    Do admins who are in round retaining their admin powers have x-ray vision (without aghost) or see all text and logs the round is generating? Put another way, how is the gameplay experience different for an admin versus one of us peons?
  20. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Game Administrator Game Administrator

    Yeah, it's entirely possible. We can play as any role that players can pretty much just as easily.

    We don't have x-ray vision while playing, and we don't have ghost ears such as when we're aghosted. We do however still see admin logs, dsay, and all of the OOC channels.
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