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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Astrospacedude, Oct 7, 2019.

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  1. Astrospacedude

    Astrospacedude Bartender

    About me

    My Byond key is Astrospacedude.

    I have been playing Baystation for a 2 mouths or so.

    My most know characters are Liam Ursia and Draco Serpens.

    About the species

    I am applying for the species called the Adherent or the Vigil.

    I want to get the adherent as a species because I want to explore the what I can with different species and role playing.

    Based off my research, the names of Adherent involve their job and a 3 numbers and letters after word to describe the job. For example, if an Adherent is working as an engineer who specializes in engines could be called "Mechanic X4T".

    The physiology of the Adherent consists of about 30 lumps of silicon and a Ceramic- crystal exoskeleton depending on the role of Adherent. They’re internal systems run off an incredibly controlled system which applies small amounts of stress to a certain material at a certain location, to create an electro-magnetic field which allows the Adherent to float and small but powerful pistons to make the fine movements. Eight large tentacles hang beneath the body, with two smaller tentacles at the front to control and manipulate objects. The language they speak uses math and apparently sounds like a windchime getting hit with a sock.

    The history of the Adherent is largely unknown, but the loss of the creators of the Adherent is one of the only documented parts of the history. I giant solar flare called "The Scream" destroyed the creators leaving behind the Adherent and the left-over technology from before the flare (Fun fact, a large enough solar flare would destroy our worlds electronic infrastructure, so there is some truth to this). This also scrambled the Adherents mind, leaving them confused for centuries after.

    They made they’re culture from the scraps of information that they can remember, which is that they were made to serve and to follow they’re protocol. They split into 3 factions once they stopped being confused. The Loyalists who dedicate themselves to the memories of their creators, continuing to follow their protocol. The Preservers who want to leave the worlds they started on untouched, for any creators that they might find and like to work with other space-faring civilisations and the Separatists, how want to repopulate the worlds and stop looking for the creators. The home worlds of the Adherent are small and packed close together and most of the leftover structures will kill you, so they live in the asteroid belt, fixing craft left there.

    My character will mainly work on integrated circuits and in robotics, as his main goal is to try and work out how the Adherent were made and try and replicate it . He is a loyalist, so he follows the protocols, mainly following a protocol I call "Protocol 4569/4569 2B": Learn as much as you can without damaging anyone. To keep with his preferred protocol, his personality is incredibly curious, trying to learn as much as he can about the world around him while being very careful to not hurt anybody. This makes him reluctant to do surgeries and will try and stop fighting but if it’s situation where he must sacrifice himself, like most Adherent, he locks up. If he encounters something, he doesn’t know about he constantly asks questions to the point the he can become annoying. He taught himself to do sign language, so he only talks in the native language and sign language. He also does a little bit of xenobio to see if he can replicate conciseness and does some xenoarc/Anomaly work to see if he can work out who the creators were.
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  2. Astrospacedude

    Astrospacedude Bartender

    Amendment: Upon thinking, he cant do sign language because he dosen't have human hands. So I deiced that To make it easyer to learn things, he learnt galactic common and spacer, but one of this side projects is a translator that is quick to make and inst bulkly, like a PAi.
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  3. Astrospacedude

    Astrospacedude Bartender

  4. Gentlefood

    Gentlefood Adherent Species Maintainer

    Adherents can't do medicinal surgeries outside of repairing robotic limbs.
    It should be a very rare scenario in which your adherent decides to sacrifice themself, especially as a loyalist.
    Adherents are physically incapable of human sign language, which you've noted, but GalCom doesn't exist anymore. We have ZAC (Zurich Accord Common) for humans on Torch and Spacer for humans off Torch (who aren't Independents). You'd know ZAC and would only know Spacer if your character made an active effort to learn it.

    Your character write up is a bit all over the place. You mention robotics and circuits, but also surgery and xenobiology/xenoarch. While you can change your role from round to round be noted that this is an OOC change and not something that actually occurs in character. You should also not try to do multiple job roles while in a job. Ie: Trying to do xenobio as a roboticist.

    If you could refine your character concept a bit that'd be great.
  5. Astrospacedude

    Astrospacedude Bartender

    Okay, I think this is a bit better.
    AI engineer 437-Z6 is an orange, loyalist adherent who was built to build more adherents, but the scream wiped that knowledge from his mind. When he came back his senses after the Scream, he decided to dedicate the rest of this life to trying to work out how to do this job again. During his journey, he came across the Torch, which seemed to be the best place to continue his research. He signed up to be a robotistic and got to work. He focuses on making cyborgs and drones with positronic brains and bots. When talking to someone, he is polite and Happy to help with any problem related to robotics. When talking to IPCs, especially if they have blue space circuits, he asks questions like how they were made and the like, in the hope that they might be a steppingstone to the methods that he forgot. When he is focused on something, he blocks out all distractions, something left over from when he was building Adherents. This makes it hard to talk to him and will only respond once he has finished the part he was doing or if it was said with high urgency (a.k.a THERES A BOMB IN HERE!).
  6. Gentlefood

    Gentlefood Adherent Species Maintainer

    Alright. Approved.
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