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Automagic changelog generation

Discussion in 'Coding' started by Sabira, Apr 13, 2018.

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  1. Sabira

    Sabira Donator

    Hello and welcome to the thread where you can see how to do the autochangelog on github!!!

    The automatic changelog system allows you to quickly generate a changelog without having to deal with any files on your end. All you need to do is type the format correctly somewhere in your pull request's original post.

    The format is as follows:

    :cl: your name (optional, autofills from github name if not set here)
    prefix: A short description of your change, preferably with proper capitalisation and punctuation.
    prefix: Another short description, if applicable.
    The most commonly used vald changelog prefix tags are as follows:
    • rscadd - Adding a feature
    • rscdel - Removing a feature
    • tweak - Changing an existing feature
    • bugfix - Fixing an intended functionality that is not working, or correcting an oversight - changing something you do not like that is intended is NOT a bugfix.
    • maptweak - Changing something on a map, or adding a new away site.
    • spellcheck - Spelling and grammar fixes.
    Some less used but still valid prefix tags are:
    • balance - A step up from 'tweak', usually reserved for big changes.
    • soundadd - Adding new sounds, usually covered by rscadd unless you're only adding the sounds themselves.
    • sounddel - Ditto as above with rscdel
    • imageadd - Adding new icons; same situation as soundadd - usually you're adding something that uses these icons, so this isn't needed
    • imagedel - Ditto as above
    • experiment - For experimental changes and tests that are intended to be temporary.
    • wip - For works in progress. You probably won't get away with using this one.
    :cl: sabiram
    rscadd: Added a new species of goat.
    tweak: Made all goats much stronger.
    maptweak: Goats now spawn on the station randomly.
    spellcheck: Fixed goat being spelled 'gaot'.
    rscdel: Removed functionality where screwdrivers could be used to drive screws.
    bugfix: Fixed screwdrivers icons.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
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  2. Sabira

    Sabira Donator

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