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Accepted Ban Appeal - RandyJones - kalvirgie

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by RandyJones, May 14, 2019.

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  1. RandyJones

    RandyJones Chef

    BYOND Key: RandyJones

    Date and Time of Ban: 2019-03-27 at 18:20

    Character name at time of banning: cant remember since its quite awhile back and I randomized it

    Name of admin who banned you: kalvirgie

    Reason you were banned: beating up a guy as non-antag because I was bored and wanted to be a serial killer

    Reason you should be unbanned: I was new at the game and didint really understand the rules and concept of ss13 and baystation 12 in particular. Ive since then played the game for dozens of hours and have become somewhat knowledgeable,proficiant and able to effectively play within a set,set of rules.
  2. Virgil

    Virgil Game Administrator

    Which rules did you break and how did you break them?
  3. RandyJones

    RandyJones Chef

    Let me just say I might be offline for awhile because of circumstance so my replies might take awhile

    I beat up a guy for no reason as non-antag so fail rp and griefing.
  4. Virgil

    Virgil Game Administrator

    Which exact rules listed on our rules page did you break and how, is what I'm asking for.
  5. RandyJones

    RandyJones Chef

    Server rule 1 "dont be a dick"
    "You're here to have fun, but doing so at the expense of other players isn't acceptable."

    -I broke it by beating up a guy without any cause or without it relating to the situation or my character.

    Server rule 6 "dont kill needlessly"

    -I broke this rule by intending to kill him needlessly.

    Server rule 8 "dont mess with AFK players"

    -The character I beat up was AFK so I broke this rule by messing with him

    Character rule 1 "Play as your character"

    -My character had no reason to act the way he did given the circumstances surrounding the incident.

    Character rule 15 "Dont self antagonize"

    -My character had no reason to want to kill the character in question.
  6. Virgil

    Virgil Game Administrator

    Lifted. Please don't end up making me regret it.
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