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Ban Appeal - Vhbraz - PersonaE

Discussion in 'Denied Appeals' started by Vhbraz, Apr 15, 2019.

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  1. Vhbraz

    Vhbraz Assistant

    BYOND Key: "Vhbraz"

    Date and Time of Ban: "2019-04-15 / 19:31:50"

    Character name at time of banning:
    "Emmerich Jager"

    Name of admin who banned you:

    Reason you were banned:
    "After calling someone a faggot in OOC, wanted to argue that it really means a bundle of sticks. Sure buddy. appeal on the forums"

    Duration of ban:
    Until appeal.

    Reason you should be unbanned:
    After reading the Rules listed in the "Rules" link on the home page of this website, along with the "Rules, Policy and Guidelines" section of the forum copious amounts of times, I couldn't find any rule that explicitly stated that slurs such as "Faggot" are prohibited on the OOC chat. The closest I got to anything that vaguely reassembles said rule was Server Rule 1.2, which states, and I quote: "Don't be overly offensive, spam OOC or IC channels, grief, or complain excessively about other players."
    I don't believe calling someone a "Faggot", especially in a context where it is obviously a joke, and thus, not "overly offensive" is a bannable offense as of 2019-04-15 / 19:31:50 (When the ban was issued)
    That being said, I'd like to appeal for my ban due to there not being a rule that states that calling someone a "Faggot" is punishable.
    If I am, however, by any means wrong, I'd like to ask the staff to tell me where such rule could be found, and, in case it does exist and I managed to miss it, despite ravenously searching for it on the forums and on the wiki while I was writing this appeal, I wish to apologize for that joke which was so clearly mistaken, with no intent of offending whoever those hurtful words were aimed at. Thank you.
  2. Persona E

    Persona E pp head Game Administrator

    Take another month to read the rules carefully for anything you may have missed, then try again.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.