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Denied Ban appeal

Discussion in 'Archived Appeals' started by Gub Gub, May 16, 2020.

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  1. Gub Gub

    Gub Gub Assistant

    BYOND Key Phobe stall Date and Time of Ban[/b:2020-5-15 23:24:22 Character name at time of banning:Timothy Name of admin who banned you: boznar Reason you were banned:Griefer, failed to follow rules after multiple warning Duration of ban:I assume permanently Reason you should be unbanned:I am new to the server and I don't really know what I did, if not unban me give me more of an answer then "Griefer" as I tried to follow the rules as best I can, I think what happened is we went down onto a planet and I got radiation so we went back and I got healed and because my character had severe radiation trauma I acted like a person with radiation trauma and I wore a voidsuit to avoid getting germs and when it got taken off I was scared in character and so I yelled about the "germs" infecting me so I do not know what happened I can take a video of me reading the rules and citing them if you want but for now I am going to give you screenshots of the rules to make sure that I read them.
    Rules 1.png

    So I played in good faith and just wanted to have fun and I tried to follow rules and assist staff in finding the problem and I am sorry if I broke any.

    Rules 2.png

    I did not harass or was cruel to anyone, I do not think and I did not use slurs or post anything NSFW, nor did I attack or vilify any other community. I have not ban evaded nor do I have an account name that is offensive or breaks core rules. I also was only contacted by one admin so I have no asked any admins to change opinions and did not break any other rule that are considered core rules.

    Rules 3.png

    I do not think I broke any rules as I did not use OOC chat much, and I never got antagonist nor did I use bugs/exploits at all, and I only speak English so I do not know if I could have spoken in another language.

    Rules 4.png
    So I have had problems with these rules but I hope I fixed them and the character I was banned on had all of their limbs, was not deaf, mute, blind. They had a simple name and I was a pilot and piloted to an exoplanet though I was not very good because it was my first time playing pilot so I do not know if that was why? I am sorry if I ruined the round for others. I think I maybe broke rule 20? Because I was acting crazy because of the radiation but I am sorry if that was bad.

    Rules 5.png
    I was not an antagonist but even if I was I do not think I broke any of these rules.

    Before I was banned I did read the rules but I skimmed over them again and I do not think I broke any, if I did please tell me I would love to know what I broke.
    Last edited: May 16, 2020
  2. Boznar

    Boznar baaaaaznar Game Administrator

    Hi @Gub Gub,

    You were pretty explicitly told in three separate instances in less than a day what you were doing wrong and what rules you were breaking. In all three instances you were asked to review the rules. The fact that you don't understand what you've done wrong despite this is the primary issue.

    This appeal is denied. You may re-appeal in a week.
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