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Baystation 12 Achievements Part 2: Achievelectric Boogaloo

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Snapshot, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. Snapshot

    Snapshot Retired Staff

    Way back in the GOOD OLD BAYS we had a silly little thread where we would come up with achievements for Baystation

    Old thread:

    Here we can post mock Baystation themed achievements for fun and laughs. Now with added satire and milsim.

    Now Departing /tg/ Station
    Welcome to Baystation 12.

    The Blade Dancer
    As an SEA, successfully conduct 2 or more simultaneous NJPs.

    Terminal Velancity
    Get promoted while on tour.

    Dimplomatic Incident
    Engage a first contact species.

    It's An Opinion Poll
    participate in any forum vote.
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  2. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Retired Staff

    "Look Mom, I'm a Real Soldier!"
    Play a Crew Role

    Infinity Man
    Get in an argument that goes in circles as many times as possible
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  3. TcOne

    TcOne Research Director

    "Loyal until death"
    Attempt to clean SM with a mop as enlisted janitor.

    Be the only survivor in the pods, when Torch is being abandoned to alien infestation.

    "Safety first"
    Die to Shuttle landing at hangar.
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  4. Jeremy Marker

    Jeremy Marker Assistant

    "I Believe I can fly"
    Got spaced

    Survive a Full round as an Expeditionary Corps Crew

    "Wings of Justice"
    Survive a Full round as a Fleet Crew

    "Well Trained"
    Survive a Full round as a Marine Crew

    "Punch-Clock Worker"
    Survive a Full round as a NanoTrasen Employee

    "Chain of Command"
    Survive a Full round as a Command Crew

    Mix a Drink for a first time

    "A Bag of Holding"
    Successfully invented a Bag of Holding in a single round

    in Bay Forum,Use an Achievement as your signature

    "Master Thief"
    As a traitor,Successfully Cracked open the Vault Safe without got detected

    "Iron Chef"
    Cook 5 Kabobs using a microwave without broke it in the process in a single round

    "One-note Cook"
    As a chef,Cook only one type of dish for an entire round

    "Industrial Theft"
    As a traitor,Stole the Antique Laser Gun in CO's Office

    "I Know The Drill"
    Kill someone with the Mining Drill (Normal,Advanced or Diamond)

    "Second Wind"
    Died and Got Revived in a same round by defibrillator

    "Unforgettable Surgery"
    Finished the surgery while left anything inside the patient's body

    "Down with the ship"
    As a CO,Don't left the Torch when it activated self-destruct or activated the Emergency Evac

    "Master of Disguises"
    As a Traitor,Order the Chameleon Pack from the Uplink

    "Ace Pilot"
    Survive a Full round as a Pilot (Nanotrasen's or SolGov's)

    "Trans-Dimensional Accident"
    Got Crushed by the wall after out from Bluespace Jump

    "Classic Sabotage"
    As a Traitor,Explode the Supermatter

    Survive a Round as a Passenger

    "I'm Number Two"

    Got Cloned

    After got revived,Died from the same cause again

    "Sweet Target"
    Got shot with the snack from the Malfunctioned Candy Vendor

    Buy all Cigarette Brand in a single round

    Eat only Cup Ramen for the whole round

    "Bring a Gun to a Fist/Sword/Any Melee Fight"

    As the Name Implies

    "Engineers Book Club"
    Renovated the Officer's Bar in Engineering Deck

    "Brig Expansion"

    Renovated the Old Brig in the Habitation Deck

    "New Robot,Old Lab"
    Renovated the Research Department's Robotics Laboratory

    "Green Thumb"
    Grew a Plant

    "Green Hand"
    Mutate a Plant

    "Fugu's Trial"
    Eat the Space Carp-Made dish that you made

    "You Traitor!!!"
    As a Traitor antag,Kill another antag who also a traitor

    "Kill it with fire"
    Kill any creature with fire/burn Based Weapons

    "The Classic"
    As a Traitor,Achieve the Supermatter Meltdown

    "Orion's Trail"

    Win Orion's Trail Minigame

    "Supreme Wizard"

    Win a Duel Minigame

    Win both game
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  5. 5crownik007

    5crownik007 Permanently Banned User

    Kill entire Merc team while Marine MAA.

    Sneak onto the torch as merc team, steal all of their money, and escape undetected.

    "Lt. Gaeta"
    Spend the entire round on the bridge telling the CO things that are happening.

    "Wait, where's the CO?"
    Kill the entire command staff without anyone noticing for 10 minutes after.

    "yer mum is mine m7 ill rek u 1v1"
    Insult a marine and be challenged to a duel.

    "Spell innocent backwards."
    Be found out as a traitor.

    Successfully breach into a room with a traitor in it and arrest them with non-lethal weapons.

    Destroy half the ship using the supermatter trying to open a safe, and fail to open the safe.
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  6. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    "Xeno Lover"
    Get onto any species whitelist.

    "Xeno Master"
    Get onto every species whitelist.
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  7. Ithalan

    Ithalan Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Some medical-related achievos


    Have three or more patients come in with life-threatening injuries at the same and save them all.

    "Guardian Angel"
    Provide life-saving treatment to the same patient on three separate occasions in the same round

    "Quick Catch"
    Bring someone who has been spaced without a spacesuit back to safety before they die.

    "Doctor Lazarus"
    Successfully revive someone who has died.

    "Jesus Christ"
    Successfully revive someone who has died with combined brute, burn and toxic damage being over 200, without resorting to cloning

    "Medical Paperwork"
    Have all crew accounted for at the end of the round. All dead bodies must be identified, bagged and recorded, and the current status and location of all living crew must be known first-hand.

    Accidentally kill your patient

    "No Insurance Coverage"
    Perform surgery on yourself without dying
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  8. LordLoko

    LordLoko Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Here we go again...
    Participate in a forum discussion about the EC
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  9. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Retired Staff

    BC suggested this one and I'm gonna post it for staff to laugh not filthy commoners:
    Make first contact with a species

    Oh no, it's the Welder!
    Be viciously murdered in a maint tunnel by someone wearing a welding mask
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  10. LorenLuke

    LorenLuke Commanding Officer

    So long and thanks for all the fish!
    Survive EVA during carp migration.

    It's green and it's pissed.
    Die to a blob.

    Free Hugs.
    Cause a xenobiology outbreak.

    Successfully frame someone for a crime you commited.

    Glowing Personality.
    Endure a radstorm outside of maint.

    Take someone with you with the deadman's switch.

    Participation award.
    Die as a heister/merc before encountering crew.

    A man walks into a bar...
    Get gibbed by a wall after a bluespace jump.

    Distinguished Service
    Actually sit through a full court-martial.

    Going down...
    Sustain death by elevator.

    Apex Predator
    As a changeling, devour another changeling.
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  11. Dovah

    Dovah Petty Officer First Class

    SSGT. Sisyphus
    Drag any large object from the fourth deck to the bridge using only the stairs.

    An acquired taste.
    Hospitalize a crewmember with your cooking.

    It's like a sauna in here.
    Be in the engine core while the supermatter is energized.
  12. 5crownik007

    5crownik007 Permanently Banned User

    "Fukken Xenos"

    All non-human staff on ship killed in "unfortunate accidents".

    Be banned from the server.

    "I'm gonna have to science the shit out of this"
    Create a xenobotany plant which kills everyone.

    "Animal Lover"
    Save all pets on the ship.

    "Only true antag objective"
    Escape on the shuttle carrying a piece of corgi meat.

    "Dorf Fort"
    Have a Dwarf beard, the first name Urist, and be an engineer who does !!SCIENCE!!.
  13. Asanadas

    Asanadas Research Director

    "Policy is Policy"
    Cause an admin to suffer an administrative strike from resolving your ban appeal too quickly.

    "Clique Master"
    Jump from community mod to senior administrator, bypassing the moderator / administrator positions.
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  14. Archippa

    Archippa Bartender

    "Space Oddity"
    Create your first character.

    "Look At All This Fresh Meat"
    Join a round for the first time.

    "Game Over Man, Game Over"
    Get killed by an unknown alien creature while playing as any marine role.

    "Cat-astrophic Consequences"
    Pet a Tajaran crew member.

    "I Wonder if They Purr"
    Pet a Tajaran crew member and live to tell the tale.


    Write an action using the /me command.

    "Between a Rock and a Cold Place"
    Get stranded on an asteroid.

    "It Must Be a Monday..."
    ...I could never get along with Mondays.

    "Problem Solver"
    Robust an antag with a toolbox.
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  15. LorenLuke

    LorenLuke Commanding Officer

    One-shot someone with the anti-materiel rifle.

    Credit or Debit?
    Purchase something from the merchant

    Battle Stations!
    Go to General Quarters.

    Stand Down!
    Get slapped by an admin for going to GQ.

    You arrogant ass!
    Shoot someone with a dead man's switch.

    You're a wizard, Harry
    As a wizard, gain an apprentice.

    Your argument is invalid
    Somehow acquire a rocket launcher.

    You know you're ticking, right?
    Implant an explosive implant in someone.

    Medal of Honor
    Save someone by diving on a grenade.

    That's how I lost my medical licence
    Perform ghetto surgery.

    Take out the trash
    Space a body/evidence with the mass driver

    Shore leave
    Visit a planet.

    A spicy drink
    Make and use a Molotov cocktail.

    Glass ceiling
    Set up the shields.

    Electric fence
    Harm someone with an overcharged shield.
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  16. 5crownik007

    5crownik007 Permanently Banned User

  17. Higgin

    Higgin Chef

    Die as an enlisted without flavor text.
    The Ship of Thesseus
    Wake up in a different body than you took to bed.
    John Q. Hero
    Take down an antag as a non-security, non-command character.
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  18. DublinS

    DublinS Bartender

    I got an interesting idea for one, even if this thread is hella dead.

    Play Taps
    Have a marine character that was retconned or died because of marines being removed.

    Edit: Thought of another achievement that made me chuckle.

    Its Not A Wig
    Lose all your hair to a radstorm, and then grow it back at a mirror.

    Edit 2, Achievement Boogaloo: made up another one.

    Not Peter Parker
    Die to a giant spider as any member of the crew.

    Snakes, Why Is It Always Snakes?
    Encounter a GAS during your shift on the SEV Torch.

    There Be Dragons!
    Encounter an Unathi during your shift 9n the SEV Torch.

    The Frog Prince(ess?)
    Encounter a Skrell during your shift on the SEV Torch.

    Encounter an IPC during your shift on the SEV Torch.

    Skynet? In Real Life?
    Survive a malf or rogue AI as any member of the crew.

    Snake Charmer
    Meet, piss off, and subsequently calm down or win the fight with, a GAS.

    Meet, piss off, and subsequently calm down or win the fight with, an Unathi.

    Meet, piss off, and subsequently calm down or win the fight with, a Skrell.

    Meet, piss off, and subsequently calm down or win the fight with, a Tajaran.

    Last March Of The Ents
    Meet a Diona during your shift on the SEV Torch.

    The Green Mile
    Either directly or indirectly kill someone via electrocution. Killing yourself counts.

    I'm Afraid Of The Dark
    Directly or indirectly kill a Diona using darkness.

    I Can't Let You Do That
    Get screwed over by any synthetic or IPC.

    Blue Shift
    Kill any hostile alien or enemy combatant as an NT Security Guard.

    Another Horrible Day
    Join the round as the chaplain or counselor, during a crisis.

    Incoming Promotion
    Join as any command role, during a crisis.

    Ragtag Volunteer Army
    As any member of non Fleet/EC crew, manage to win against a superior force without the help of Fleet/EC

    As any member of the crew under the age of 20, be the hero of any round.

    Alexander Hamilton
    Get challenged to a duel in any fashion, and lose after missing your shot.

    Dear Evan Hansen,
    Write a letter to yourself, or sign/stamp any form while impersonating a dead person.

    Benny Hill
    Spend more than thirty minutes searching for a criminal or hiding from security.

    Aaron Burr, Sir
    As any crewmember aged below twenty or of a low rank, meet and speak with someone of high station or rank.

    Bastard, Orphan, Son Of A Whore
    Have any of the above, or all, be an integral part of your character's backstory.

    Maybe Black Mesa?
    Work on any kind of anomalous materials or teleportation technology while in research

    I'll probably think of more.
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  19. warbluke

    warbluke Petty Officer First Class

    Worth It.
    As a non-traitor, detonate an explosive in a crowded area.
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  20. LorenLuke

    LorenLuke Commanding Officer

    Houston, we have a Problem
    Explosively breach the ship.

    I think they're called 'Australians'!
    Encounter the Bogani.

    Metroid: Other M
    Encounter the Mehren.

    Live Prey
    Net someone as a ninja.

    The Worst Throw Ever of all Time
    Have your own grenade stopped by a wall/door within 2 tiles of you.

    Improv Lessons
    Injure or kill someone with a coilgun, zipgun, Molotov, or single tank bomb.

    They Lied
    Get sucked into space when firelocks raise automatically.

    Patch Job
    Replace breached R-walls or windows with regular walls.

    Idiot Light
    Leave on an away mission without fuel for the return trip.

    Die or be injured by an anomaly.

    Nunchuck Novice
    Accidently hit yourself while in a melee fight

    Resistance is Futile
    Lose a limb to power wires, APCs, or shocked machinery.

    I.T. God
    Rebuild a working telecomms.

    Oh, Behave
    Get permabrigged.

    Signed in Triplicate
    Successfully use a paperwork gimmick as an antagonist.

    Priorities, Master Chief...
    As an SEA, critique an enlisted's uniform during red/delta alert.

    We Commit Them to the Depths
    Launch someone out the mass driver.
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