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Baystation 12 Achievements Part 2: Achievelectric Boogaloo

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Snapshot, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. jusa297

    jusa297 Permanently Banned User

    That's a problem for another me:
    As a member of any department be dissmissed from service, then cryo and respawn as a member of the same department.

    I fought the law and the law won twice:
    Be arrested, then be released and get arrested again for a diffrent crime.

    Sumary justice:
    Disobey an order in code Delta and be shot by a master at arms.

    You can't handle the truth!:
    Be declared innocent in a court martial.

    Brazilian jiu jitsu:
    As a passanger, choke to death a master at arms with a skill in close quarters of expirienced or above.

    Ring of fire:
    Be totally surrounded by fire in a firefighter ripley. Survival is optional.

    Ka, ka, ka:
    Make a character with a refrence so obscure that only you understand it. This achievment is lost the moment someone catches up to the refrence.

    Degenerates like you belong in a cross:
    Have any character from the age of 17 have an ex who is at least 40.
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  2. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Sol Gov Pilot

    As the Captain, be killed outright by your own XO.
    Game over man, Game over!
    As an exploration member, be stranded on a planet with three other members after your shuttle stops working, leaves, or otherwise fails to take you home.
    As a non-command or security person be assigned body armor and lethals from the E-ARM in a crisis.
    This ship is going down!
    As a member of the SEV Torch, attempt to re-take the vault after the nuclear weapon is activated by outside agents.
    Big Red Button
    As an antag, activate self destruct on your own.
    Corporal In A Gold Braid
    Be the highest ranking person on the ship as an Enlisted, dead officers are optional.
    They mostly come at night

    Be engaged by xenomorphs on an exoplanet at night.
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  3. pyrAmider

    pyrAmider Bartender

    Good Morning, Sunshine
    Emerge from cryo seconds before the ship enters a radiation belt.
    Major Tom
    Lose footing on EVA and be left for dead by departing Torch or shuttle. Bonus points for survival.
    Homer Simpson
    Setup supermatter engine as an Engineer Trainee incorrectly, leading to delamination.
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  4. ThatOneDeveloper

    ThatOneDeveloper Bartender

    Achievements, by department:


    Never Underestimate Me
    Take control of the ship as a traitor SGR or a Workplace Liaison.

    Self-caused Emergency
    Go to Red Alert on Extended.

    Competent Engineering
    Blow up both the R-UST and the Supermatter in the same round as a non-traitor engineer.

    Atmospherics 101
    Unscrew a pipe in atmospherics without a statis clamp and die from the resulting air pressure.

    Powered By Fire
    Put Oxygen in the Supermatter hot loop as a non-traitor engineer.

    But the Fingerprints Said!
    As a Forensic Technician, convict someone else for a major crime because they had their fingerprints on the scene.

    I Am Robust
    As a MAA, single-handedly defeat an antagonist using makeshift weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

    The Wiki Doctor
    Have someone you're doing surgery on die while you were looking at the procedure on the wiki.

    A Horrible Tragedy
    Have so many crew members die you run out of body-bags.

    Lone Survivor
    As a non-traitor Virologist, be the only survivor of a horrible virus that you released accidentally.

    Chemistry 101
    Seriously injure yourself by accidentally mixing the wrong chemicals.

    Return To Sender
    As a traitor working in Supply, try to mail a department a timed bomb, but label it wrong and send it back to Supply, where it then detonates.

    Pizzas Galore!
    Make at least 20 pizzas. Hold a pizza party in the Mess Hall.

    I Was Just Doing My Job...
    As a sanitation technician, make a Forensic Technician very mad after you clean up the crime scene before they can take prints or blood samples.

    Noooo, Muh Away Missions
    Hijack the Charon.

    Wait, Who Actually Uses That?
    Hijack the Petrov.

    Get Out Of The Way!
    Get crushed when the Charon lands.

    They Call Me Cuban Pete
    Destroy a critical part of the ship using a traitor bomb.

    The Tide Of Grey
    Kill someone with makeshift weapons as a traitor Passenger.

    They Belong On Wall Street
    Make at least 100000 Thaler by the end of the round as an Investor.

    Dr. Mann, Do Not Open The Hatch!
    Depressurize the ship because you didn't use the EVA airlocks properly.

    Exciting Round
    Spend at least an hour sitting in a saferoom, playing cards.

    They Came From /tg/
    Do at least 2 of the 5 things:
    • 'Leave the round' by jumping in disposals
    • Don't obey any orders as an enlisted Fleet or EC member
    • Delaminate the SM because the gas system works differently here
    • Don't talk, emote, or do anything besides running around bashing people with a fire extinguisher and screaming offensive terms into the radio
    • Get banned for one of the above things

    They Came From CM
    Be a MAA that goes on away missions to 'kill xenos'. Ask Supply for weapons attachments, watch as they look very confused.
  5. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Sol Gov Pilot

    Return of the Cuban Pete
    Bomb two parts of the Torch using traitor items

    The King of Rhumba Beat
    After completing the first achievement, smoke a death cigarette with two other people and die as a result, with the two other people.
  6. alexpkeaton

    alexpkeaton Bartender

    Mr. Clean
    As an antag, survive a search by security by having your contraband stashed in a trash bag or in a detergent pod bag.

    Paragon of memery
    Successfully escape the brig through disposals, while surviving and evading recapture.

    Win stupid prizes
    Successfully escape the brig through disposals, while not surviving and/or evading recapture.
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  7. CrimsonShrike

    CrimsonShrike Sol Gov Pilot

    Some robotics ones

    Faster, better, stronger

    Receive a skill boost augment.

    I never asked for this

    Receive at least 3 different augments in a single surgery session.

    The 6 million dollar man
    Start the round as a human or subspecies and end it as a cyborg with at least 3 different augments.

    Inspector Gadget
    As Forensic Technician, start the round as a human and end it as a cyborg.

    As Master at arms, start the round as human and end it as a cyborg.

    Nanomachines, son
    Survive a projectile with a damage value of 40 or above thanks to the nanites inside your body.


    Master of infiltration
    Make it to all the substations inside the SEV Torch without an ID or specialized tools.

    A walk through the parkour
    As a role without maintenance access, make it to the maintenance tunnels of all 6 decks using only your climbing skills.

    Reaching for new heights
    Use an item to help yourself climb onto another level.

    Drop a Ripley mech on someone from a deck above

    Urgent delivery
    Drop a crate on someone from a deck above

    Hurt locker
    Drop a locker on someone from a deck above
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  8. Dovah

    Dovah Petty Officer First Class

    ...Or is it just me?
    Survive being on fire for longer than sixty seconds.

    What are you going to do, bleed on me?
    Immobilize another character by removing both of their legs.

    We'll get 'em next time.
    Be a member of an antag team that experiences complete and utter failure.

    Move along, nothing to see here.
    Witness the efforts of the Time Police.

    What are you gonna do, stab me?
    Mock an antag, then die by their hands.

    Don't I know you from somewhere?
    Create a meme character and sneak it past the admins.

    Survive a ballistic weapon shot to the head.

    Play in a calamity round.
  9. Persona E

    Persona E pp head Game Administrator

    In the meantime, and as usual, go fuck yourself
    Execute a hostage.
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  10. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    The Classics, Beginner
    As any non-antag, kill someone with a toolbox. Toolbox must be red.

    The Classics, Intermediate
    As a non-antag scientist, cause a hull breach in research through the use of explosives.

    The Classics, Advanced
    As any occupation or role, cause an explosion that completely destroys the map without using the nuke or self-destruct.

    Duty First, Questions Later
    As a member of the supply department, ensure the ship does not run out of body bags OR hand over a locked crate to an antag with a sequencer.
  11. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Sol Gov Pilot

    As the criminal investigator being an OCIE, manage to successfully detain two criminals using just your pistol and cuffs.
    Im the Sheriff now
    As the brig officer antag, kill the Chief Of Security in open combat and get away with it.
    Top gun
    As the shuttle pilot, manage to survive passing five consecutive asteroid hazards with no damage to the shuttle.
    Thin Blue Line
    As a Master At Arms manage to single handily stop a merc team before they kill someone.
    Im Da Captain Now

    As an antag manage to get imprisoned, escape, and hijack the SEV Torch while wearing an expeditionary officers peaked cap and a regular outfit (not fleet or EC)
  12. Eingamer

    Eingamer Chef

    Purple Smiley Face
    As an officer, annoy people with paperwork enough that the crew lynches you with ‼FUN‼
  13. Piccione

    Piccione Bartender

    That's gotta smart
    Hit someone in the groin with a sniper rifle.
    What in the goddamn...?
    Get Killed by someone you previously shot in the head.
    Fam, i'm gonna light us a fire!
    Set the Charon, the Guppy or a Planet on fire by using a lighter or match.
    Shooting on the Blue Cross
    Get shot as Corpsman while trying to rescue someone.
    Die by smoking while wearing a voidsuit or hardsuit helmet.
    Flex Tape!
    Fix someone's Arterial Bleeding with a roll of duct tape.
    Sick Wheels
    Break your bones while no Physician is awake and use the Wheelchair to get around.
    Jokes on you dumbass, the chicken has ghost too!
    Eat a Ghostburger and drink Demon's Blood in the same shift
    Tap X to freak the fuck out
    Freak out because of the ghosts during a cult round
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  14. CrimsonShrike

    CrimsonShrike Sol Gov Pilot

    Achieve iron-iron fusion without blowing up the RUST

    Edit: Pun
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  15. Phosphorus

    Phosphorus Game Administrator

    I think you mean FE-SION.
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  16. CrimsonShrike

    CrimsonShrike Sol Gov Pilot

    delet this
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  17. Piccione

    Piccione Bartender

    Human Unit Never Killed: Be the only survivor of a Security or Exploration team as Human.
    Hard-to-Destroy Reptile: Be the only survivor of a Security or Exploration team as Unathi.
    Kit Fisto:Be the only survivor of a Security or Exploration team as Skrell.
    Blessed by +Cronus:Be the only survivor of a Security or Exploration team as IPC.
  18. SierraKomodo

    SierraKomodo Command Keyword Detected

    The One True Captain

    Take part in a non-antag mutiny 3 times in 48 hours.
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