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Discussion Blob discussion

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by thebest_player757, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Two threads in a day, wow!

    Anyways I am currently of the opinion, and I do not think I am alone, that blobs are extremely anti RP, and in their current state become a literal round to round occurrence. They demand the complete attention of a lot of different departments and put an axe into whatever RP is currently going on, to the ic and ooc dismay of many.

    Personally, I do not like straight up removing things like this out of the game, BUT I do think the spawn chance of them should recieve some tweaks, and they should be changed so they don't spawn EVA. EVA blobs objectively suck.

    I see a lot of people talk about their feelings regarding our green friend, so I want the purpose of this thread to be around what people think should be done about them, if anything at all.
  2. masterchief366556

    masterchief366556 Bartender

    I think Blobs should be scaled back to where they were previously, since Blobs at this point basically require Emitters and Advanced Energy Guns to deal with effectively at this point. Or at the very least Laser Carbines. This is stupid because we shouldn't have to empty out the entire Emergency Armory because of a Biohazard.
  3. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    It does make as a nice distraction for the real in round antags, but blobs if not contained quickly can irreparably damage ship systems (Like the cistern, or SM). So a scale down seems reasonable.
  4. RandyJones

    RandyJones Chef

    Honestly I wish there were alternative emergencies to the blob that would happen. Its become something thats more tedium than something interesting. Maybe have diffrent blob scale emergencies be a thing instead of every third round being THERES A BLOB GO FIND IT AND KILL IT.

    I disagree that its a bad thing tho just that there should be different blob scale emergencies hat require different ways of handling respectively. I personally feel that its just become boring
  5. Blue_Bit

    Blue_Bit Petty Officer First Class

    Personally, I enjoy blob and wish there were more blob-level random events. I don't find that they are anti-RP at all. Sure, if you're in the middle of having a conversation with someone you'll probably have to drop it, but I think the chaos that results from a blob leads to more interesting RP. I find that for a lot of roles, you mostly interact with people just in your department. A blob showing up forces pretty much everyone to work together and interact with each other to find and deal with it. Security, engineering, and exploration are there killing it, medical is treating wounded and moving critical patients for surgery, science pumps out weapons and takes samples, supply might order additional gear/medical supplies and try to get it delivered ASAP, and command commands. Blobs also have the added benefit of giving engineering and medical something to do once it's been dealt with, as I find those two departments frequently are sitting around looking for stuff to do.

    That being said, there are two issues I have with it. The first is that EVA blobs severely reduce the number of people who can respond to it. Instead of a bunch of people running to help out, I find that when the blob is EVA the only people who really move to help out are those who already have access to voidsuits and can open exterior airlocks themselves. The second issues is the amount of damage an unchecked blob can cause, especially if it ends up on D2. Ideally an unchecked blob would still cause large amount of damage around where it spawns, but not eat an entire deck and possible breach atmospherics or delam the SM.

    Restricting them to spawning only inside the ship would fix the first issue. Giving them a maximum size they can grow to and restricting them from spawning in the engine room/atmos would fix the second issue. All in all, I would rather keep blob as it is now than outright remove it.
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  6. Hubblenaut

    Hubblenaut Research Director

    I personally just think of blobs as a huge annoyance and distraction from actual interesting events in the round that you cannot ignore.
    My opinion on a nerv therefor might not count much, as I'll opt for anything that cuts down on its severity.
  7. Roland410

    Roland410 Petty Officer First Class

    Blobs are annoying and honestly are too OP still. Add to that if they are found early, it's usually a non-issue and if too late, it can result in evac.
    In general I wouldn't be opposed to even removing it instead of downscaling or such.
  8. Blops are an annoyance, this is partly in how the crew responds to them and partly the game mechanics.

    The Crew rushes in to the blop, no cohesion or plan and beginns to smack it with any tool they can find, without often times wearing protection, getting themselfes hurt. wich could be even seen as a breaking of the "play a sane character and avoid pain" rule, since even passengers or chef's have a tendency to just rush in. wich is nessesary because the blop is just so overpowered!

    The Game spawns the blop randomly, sometimes even in EVA or other awkward areas, wich makes fighting it even more annoying, where someone can just waste away an hour fighting the thing with no help, because nobody can render any help. WE HAVE CERTIFIED BLOP INDUCED PTSD!

    On extended the blop can no doupt a nice change of pace, but in a hectic antag round its just an annoyance.
    it is stale seeing as its nothing special, variants of the blop or even a controllable blop like how they did it on TG might be interesting and food for thought.

    BUT there is a very simple way of fixing the annoyances of the current blop.
    -make the blop rott away once the master core is destroyed-
    this would incline the fight to be slightly more tactical, as people now try to find and then strike at the blops heart. instead of just wildly smashing it like a caveman.
    this would also make a blop that is out of control still beatable and should a part of the blop be in some awkward area, easier to deal with. its frustrating to shoot at a blop part for minutes only to realise that its above an canister and that the canister is somehow shielding it.
    the fight itself would also be shortend as now you do not have to find every single small piece of the blop and destroy it.
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  9. BlueNexus

    BlueNexus Game Moderator

    If you want to put them back where they were previously, you'd need to revert Sabira's PRs on the matter.
  10. Gentlefood

    Gentlefood Adherent Species Maintainer

    I am of the opinion that blobs are impossible to ‘balance’ in their current form and should be removing baring a complete and total rework.

    It is impossible to balance as there are far, far too many variables that go into the blob. Spawn location, number and status of engineering, if other bad things are happening, etc. By trying to make it so blobs are strong enough to fight off a few crew and make it a ‘round problem’ it makes them unfun to deal with and detracts immensely from the round type which, outside of secret extended, is literally something that is avoided by all other scenarios and rules. Off ship players cannot self antag and attack the torch, admins are forbidden from doing events unless voted on, etc.

    Blob is unfun because it’s the cookie clicker of event types. You just mash mouse one until either you or it are gone. The damage it can cause based on spawn location is seven levels of not fun hell. Having it breach atmos or god forbid the SM chamber because it spawned in a shit spot is not good gameplay.

    The above are issues endemic to the event that cannot be changed by simply tweaking numbers. One of the previous iterations of blob had many of the same problems as the current one except if found quickly it would just die and be a nonissue which is what the current blob was set out to ‘fix’.
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  11. BlueNexus

    BlueNexus Game Moderator

    I honestly think we should have more events of a similar severity to the Blob, to make things more varied. Maybe slightly easier?
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  12. Tristan63

    Tristan63 Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Sudden SM coolant breach, or a bluespace drive malfunction that creates bluespace clones of living people that ghosts can occupy?
  13. BlueNexus

    BlueNexus Game Moderator

    Also, if you want to make blobs more manageable, revert them to the point they were at before sabira's rework. They didn't need security presence at that point, and could be handled with welders and emitters.
    I like how they are now, but w/e.
  14. AnotherLurk

    AnotherLurk Bartender

    In my experience with blob, they usually become so large and dangerous because it's found too late and generally in an awkward position. One way that we could make blob more balanced is by giving the crew a slight location of where it is, for example when the announcement appears we could add 'Bio-hazard detected between decks 5, 4 3.'. This would give the blob time to grow while also narrowing it down for the players, meaning they don't have to search every single deck.
  15. Anticept

    Anticept Chef

    Right now there's also a very serious matter in regards to how blobs are able to pack themselves on top of machinery, and are immune to laser fire as a result.

    The other really painful difficult thing is blobs on the outer hull. It helps a lot though if you can whip an engineer into moving a shield generator to contain atmos at an open airlock.

    I do agree though that they tend to be extremely disruptive. I don't support their removal, but I would rather their creation be tied to crew activities in some way.

    Blobs can be dealt with, even some of the worst overgrowths if you have someone who is able to properly organize the crew. It's not an easy task, in fact its quite difficult, but it can be done.

    Key points to blob fighting:
    1. Don't let injuries get severe. THIS MAKES THE SINGLE GREATEST DIFFERENCE IN A BLOB FIGHT BY FAR! Severe means medbay visits. Post an experienced EMT whos job is to pump meds as soon as injuries happen, pull people out of the line of fire, and decide who needs to be transported back to Medbay. AND THEY NEED TO BE IN THE EMT HARDSUIT FULL STOP WITH INTERNALS. If the hull breaches or atmos gets contaminated, you don't need your EMT going to the surgical table too, they got people to save.

    --1a: everyone should be in a voidsuit actually unless you caught it super early. It's cheap armor. If you use a hardsuit, remember to UNLOCK THAT PANEL so medbay can remove the suit a lot easier.

    2. Designate one, preferably two people to run transport. They bring the severely wounded to medical, and meds back to the EMT. Try to AVOID using physicians or your last medbay EMT for transporting!

    --2a: Bridge bunnies (bridge officers) are often perfect candidates for transporters due to decent access and channel access.

    3. Don't be stingy with weapons and fire axes. You don't have time to be. B deck has two fire axes. One in bridge storage, one in bridge saferoom. Two in engineering; one in the storage bay with the rolling entrance shutters, and one in atmospherics. Fire axes are REDICULOUSLY strong. Use them.

    4. You can order AEGs from supply, as well as produce them pretty easily in research. If you have to, send stuff on the drone back to get supply points. Hopefully you have a supply team that is worth something, but if not, designate someone and just give em the freaking access to do it.

    5. For gods sake physicians: people don't need to literally be 100%. Break people of that habit if you see it. It's an emergency, get them to fighting shape, not prepare them for a beauty pageant. If they have minor organ damage, that's not a reason to hold them up.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
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  16. Another point to note, now that shields have been changed drastically, engineers cannot turn on atmos containment as a way to soft counter blobs hull breaching. To me it seems like they break through plasteel a bit too quickly.