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Denied Boznar Staff Report V2

Discussion in 'Archived Staff Complaints' started by Orleans, May 13, 2020.

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  1. Orleans

    Orleans Permanently Banned User

    The ban is no longer active, excuse me for my failure yesterday, I should have waited for today.

    Key/Name Of Staff
    : boznar
    Your Key/Name:: TheNewOrleans
    Date and Time of Incident(s):: 12/05 around 5:30 CEST
    Reason For Complaint::
    According to the ban "I used the word "Faggot" IC, and I didn't understand why that is bad in both OOC and IC Context".

    First, literally what happened: Harrison Sloan was the antagonist, I was the Chief of Security. He had already shot a MAA, and now had attacked another MAA leaving her on the ground unable to speak or move. I stunbatoned him and called him a faggot, ICly.

    The moment I said that, I got bwoinked by Boznar, and he told me that "slurs are a direct ticket to the ban zone". For me this was HIGHLY shocking, since it was something IC. This is the first time in more than 5 years of SS13 I find a server that censors words for characters.

    I would totally understand, and support, if you banned someone for calling another person "faggot" on Discord, or on LOOC, or on OOC, but ICly?

    Yes, I've read the rules. "⚹03. Do not use real slurs, or fictional slurs based on real slurs.", but I thought that this was only applied to OOC... again, this is the first time I find a server where you can't say certain things ICly.

    ANYWAYS, I apologized, promised that it won't ever happen again and explained that
    - It's the first time I have that issue (saying a slur, either ICly or OOCly), and I thought it was only applied to OOC.
    - I am not a native english speaker (I am spanish), and I didn't know "faggot" was that offensive. I'm being honest here, for me it was like any other insult.
    He said okay, don't say that ever again, and closed the ahelp.

    Then, in LOOC, I explained that I was being bwoinked (so I couldn't play or react at that moment), and Harrison said "it wasn't me", so I explained that I was being bwoinked for saying "faggot", another player (BOB) said "lmao" or "lol" or something like that, and I said "yeah, I was bwoinked for something my character said ICly, kind of meme". And Boznar bwoinked me again, saying that I was "judging him on LOOC" (I NEVER mentioned his name), and that "I wasn't taking it seriously", so he said that I had to cool and banned me 1 day.

    I think this is not reasonable at all. I definitely think this staff member took this matter personally, maybe for his personal situation or personal problems in the past, but I apologized, and I totally understand why I shouldn't call "faggot" to someone OOCly, but how could I have thought that it was something that applies to IC, that does not happen in ANY other server, that's like roleplaying with kiddie gloves. This server considers itself "high roleplay", which means you are trying to portrait real life, and IRL, people say that stuff when you do things like nearly killing his friends.

    And even if I am totally against the fact that you censor things ICly, I said that I was 100% going to abide to the rule, and that it was the first time happening to me. As a summary, I am reporting this staff member because imo, he didn't ban me for what I did, but because he felt "personally attacked" because I said that "bwoinking someone for something his character said is meme".

    Evidence of Complaint:: Unfortunately, I don't have our conversation through bwoinks saved, but I'm sure it can be checked through logs
    Last edited: May 13, 2020
  2. Mordeth221

    Mordeth221 High Inquisitor Senior Administrator Game Administrator

    Using slurs is never acceptable.

    Your conduct in LOOC outlined you weren't taking the ticket seriously by calling it a meme.

    Daybanning in this context is not an abuse of staff power
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