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Suggestion Bring back Changeling, Ninja, Xenos, Meteors, Wizard, and Diety into the Antag secret rotation pool

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by listendudeiwannadie, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Kirby Elder

    Kirby Elder Bartender

    Hot takes:

    Flashrev is straight-up better than RP-Rev and makes more sense from a roleplaying perspective. In real life, very few people will ever willingly engage in violent revolution unless they're in danger of death. Giving the head revs a terrifying mind-control device circumvents the awkward problem of conversion making no sense and lets people get straight to the difficult interpersonal conflicts (Do you shoot your friend if they're about to kill the captain? What if they're about to kill you?) and fear of violent death.

    Alien is the best mode in SS13 because forcing the crew to huddle together in a defensible area to survive while maintaining a constant threat that they can all engage with creates the perfect environment for interesting character interactions. Also people don't get as salty when they die because the aliens are constantly spawning new aliens from dead players (so even if you're dead, you still get to engage with the round).

    Wizard and Ninja are both terrible modes that shouldn't come back because it's extremely difficult for the antagonist to engage with the entire crew, and the crew often resorts to childish insults over the general radio because they want some way of engaging with the round's central conflict. In almost all cases, security and command take over the round entirely and it becomes impossible for anybody else to engage in any meaningful way. This same problem also occurs in Mercenary, Raider and, to a lesser degree, Traitor.