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Bring back NT supreme science

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by antonkr, May 15, 2020.

  1. antonkr

    antonkr Sol Gov Pilot

    It was fun, allowed for varied gameplay with internal conflict.
    CL had a reason to exist.
    RD was a somewhat powerful role.
    Milrp in research feels kinda dumb, even if it's just EC.
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  2. Cheb Pomidorov

    Cheb Pomidorov Petty Officer First Class

    I'd argue that the only "fun" thing about it was the Corporate Security guard. I don't know what you mean by "internal conflict." Conflict between corporations?
    It still does, and it has nothing to do with Science.
    The CSO is now more powerful, since it took that power from the CL.
    The highest extent of MilRP in Research I have ever seen is somebody saluting the CSO, or an assistant saluting an Ensign. I have never seen a CSO that tells their subordinates to form ranks or do anything else military-related. Sure, some are more stern than others, NJPs are a thing, but I feel like it has place in the current setting.

    For an exploration ship where Science is of vital importance, having it be the domain of corporations is very strange indeed.
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  3. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff

    None of the statements in the OP are accurate to how things were when the change happened. You have some very thick rose-tinted glasses on if you think RD or CL were meaningful roles just because they had an NT logo on them, and they are bifocals if you think corporate RP was an improvement on wearing a uniform. The only meaningful difference before and after, other than more cohesive staff structure, was that NTScience was more inclined to barricade itself in the fabrication bay and print AEGs to threaten Command with for touching sovereign corporate soil, and if that is your idea of 'factional conflict' then I would suggest adding a submap or something rather than trying to bring back self-antagging dickheads in labcoats.
  4. Lindhrive

    Lindhrive Petty Officer First Class

    I'm still pleased as anything with the switch, myself - I always thought it was more than faintly ridiculous that a scientific service running a science vessel wasn't allowed to have scientists or do science! And in all the time I was around early Torch I saw the whole corporate-EC divide come up in a way that wasn't literally a joke like twice.

    Out with the self-antagging dickheads in labcoats! In with the self-antagging dickheads in labcoats and sharp uniforms!
  5. Neon1ight

    Neon1ight Chef

    Kinda strange having the research on your flagship research vessel for your research-centric organization be done by a completely unrelated third party, boss.
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  6. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    The RD literally has the same authority now as they had before. More, ostensibly, given they have far more authority over non-research.

    Can you explain what is "milRP" about EC science exactly?

    Wearing a uniform, having to listen to your boss and conform to some dress standards is not milrp, if that's what the claim is. Those are things McDonalds employees have to do.

    Outside of the above, I'm not sure what "milrp" the science department is experiencing? Please clarify.

    Nah tho.
  7. Faustico

    Faustico Petty Officer First Class

    Civ science is something that I really hope makes a return someday for a few reasons.
    • Exploration-Science just doesn’t allow for the same level of moral ambiguity. Yeah the lower level civilian contractors can get away with a few sketchy experiments if they have their paperwork in order but it’s a far cry from the days when the RD would order the interns to throw the (probably illegal) braindead clones at that anomaly that may or may not be extremely lethal.
    • Having a civilian (potentially a nonhuman one at that) on the bridge and in a position of actual authority also provided a lot of fun RP interactions. Especially when they had to try to convince the rest of the ‘star-trek-lite’ bridge crew to put their ship at risk for profits.
    • Finally, corporate science used to provide a really nice entry point for anyone coming from a different server that wanted to play in a familiar environment to get used to baystation’s setting and mechanics. Right now they can still play a contractor in a few different departments but if, after a few rounds, they want to try out anything at the ‘senior’ level or above they’ll have to throw themselves into milrp which can be pretty intimidating (or just not appeal to them at all).
  8. Lindhrive

    Lindhrive Petty Officer First Class

    With regards to your third point - they could go with the EC, which has nothing MilRP about it beyond having a little letternumber on your ID card, and I think saluting the captain, possibly?

    I'll certainly give you the point about non-humans, but I'm still very firmly of the opinion that the EC should have more non-human presence anyway.
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  9. Alex6511

    Alex6511 Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    1) This conflict was dull, poorly thought out, and often just didn't fit the theme of the server as I see it. Why would an exploration vessel be doing experiments on humans? NT has its own navy, they don't need to piggy back on an EC mission to do naughty things.
    2) No it didn't lol
    3) I think it has even more powerful role now that it has control over exploration.
    4) The EC is a uniformed non-military service and is therefore by definition not milRP. Wearing a uniform and not being a jackass to your boss is not milRP, it's realistic RP.
  10. Faustico

    Faustico Petty Officer First Class

    Going to quote the wiki here:
    While it is not (by definition) a military organization it does have enlisted and officers, uniforms and their regulations, NJPs, and pretty much everything else you would associate with milrp. So while it is a great stepping stone to those who want to dip their toes into that kind of rp without going straight into fleet, it is not a viable branch for someone who wants to avoid milrp entirely.
  11. Alex6511

    Alex6511 Deputy Serpentid Maintainer

    Yeah, and McDonald's has uniform regulations and write-ups as well. I'm not sure what "pretty much everything else you would associate with milRP" is because we don't have a lot of stuff I associate with MilRP, even in the fleet.
  12. Cheb Pomidorov

    Cheb Pomidorov Petty Officer First Class

    The argument that EC Science is a deterrent for those who want to avoid milRP makes no sense.
    You can still play as a corporate scientist, thus being exempt from the Code of Military Justice, NJPs, saluting and everything else EC-related. The possibility to play such a character was not removed and, indeed, many of my friends play a corporate scientist as their primary Sci character.
  13. Lindhrive

    Lindhrive Petty Officer First Class

    I gotta admit, the uniform thing's been confusing me. People weren't going around wearing whatever on the Exodus. Not any of the times that I was active there, at least.