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BS12 Related Art III: Revenge of the OC

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SparklySheep, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. SparklySheep

    SparklySheep Retired Staff

    Post any SS13 related art or Baystation related art here.
    I just want to see cool pictures really, so post them up.
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  2. El3ctr1c

    El3ctr1c Petty Officer First Class

    Qt.14 Leavenworth

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  3. FearTheBlackout

    FearTheBlackout Retired Staff

  4. Shadowtail117

    Shadowtail117 Petty Officer First Class

    Skashp I'lesk

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  5. misterbook

    misterbook Petty Officer First Class

    I'm afraid the format keeps this from showing correctly on the forum, but: Bob Elsewhere.

    Image by Vyle-Art, 'Old Dje', altered and lightly animated to suit my taste.
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  6. El3ctr1c

    El3ctr1c Petty Officer First Class

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  7. misterbook

    misterbook Petty Officer First Class

    FFA500 - Tangent. With the same caveat as Bob's image, in that the forum won't let me post the actual animated gif here. Original design was by Salvador Trakal -- I brutally ripped off the man's work, fiddled around with it and added animations to suit my taste.
  8. Monitor Lizard

    Monitor Lizard Retired Staff

    I could dump several of my stupid doodles, but I think I should start off with a TV-hed portrat I did a while ago.
  9. Sugardust

    Sugardust Bartender

    Was just about to post Monitor Lizard's image, it's a request I made for my IPC engi named DISK-20. Still amazed at how great it looks!
  10. SparklySheep

    SparklySheep Retired Staff

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  11. El3ctr1c

    El3ctr1c Petty Officer First Class

    I realize I never posted this sophia art. So. Tacticool Sophia
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  12. RKF

    RKF Assistant

    Amethyst Gabbro (as Eleanor Stone) says, "Ask me something only I would know." Viola Mancini asks, "What do you think about my hat?" Amethyst Gabbro (as Eleanor Stone) was staring at the fugly hat the entire time. Amethyst Gabbro (as Eleanor Stone) says, "It's... It's nice."
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