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[Cancelled] Adding a pain indicator

Discussion in 'Coding' started by Miraviel, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Miraviel

    Miraviel Retired Staff


    I tried and failed so I'm asking for help. This idea was suggested by @Thrain on Discord's #ideapit.

    I'd like to add a pain indicator, something akin that we have on the health doll. This indicator would show the accumulated pain rather per limb so one could accurately RP the amount of pain they are in and they could see approximately how far they are before going into soft crit/shock.

    The indicator would show up below the health doll, pushing the nutrient indicator 2 points below.
    Any help would be appreciated. The indicators I came up with for the pain are lightly pulsing hearts, using pretty much the same colour palette as the health dummy above them.

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  2. Chinsky

    Chinsky Retired Staff

    >This indicator would show the accumulated pain rather per limb

    But... Thats exactly what dolly is showing, it goes off pain, not damage
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  3. Miraviel

    Miraviel Retired Staff

    It shows per-limb damage, the request from that player was an indicator that shows how far they were from soft/hardcrit - something they can look at mid-combat to see how far they can stretch before they fall over.
  4. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff

    The dolly shows overall state of pain with a more specific degree of pain for limbs that are injured more than the average.
    This would be pretty redundant.
  5. Miraviel

    Miraviel Retired Staff

    Well, if two of you say so, I drop it. Thanks!
  6. Chinsky

    Chinsky Retired Staff

    Nope, it shows pain levels of those things. It's just usually pretty close to the actual damage unless painkillers/tasers get involved, cue the confusion I guess. Also doesn't dolly flash some indicator when you're in turbopain?