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[Cancelled] Infirmary Remap

Discussion in 'Mapping' started by Miraviel, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Miraviel

    Miraviel Retired Staff


    I would like to address two issues I have noticed regarding our current infirmary. That is:
    - the chemist is very much isolated
    - it is not very accessible by patients, feels like a clique-place

    Security and science have their own reasons to be isolated but I would like to make most of the infirmary more transparent. Before I do that, I need your feedback.

    1. As a doctor, which areas would you like to be changed and how? (I for one would love to remove/remodel the exam room and have two body scanners accessible.)
    2. As a patient, what would you like to be moved or redesigned?

    I cannot promise every change to be made into my initial remodel but they would greatly help. I like the current infirmary but I feel like it's quite exclusive. It's a department /for/ the crew and I would like you to enjoy your time there more.

    I'll update this thread over time with maps.

    IMPORTANT: If the end result doesnt cater to the majority, regardless how much work I spent on it, I am willing to get it reverted. I mean to improve, not to force anything on you.

    Thank you for your feedback in advance!
  2. Chinsky

    Chinsky Indentured Coder Developer

    Apparently this is "I can't barge into treatment center to watch my buddy being stitched up" and I am very against any ""fixes"" for that, because there's a lot of pulling and dragging happening during busytime, and I'd really rather not deal with randos who have to look at everything themselves. Ask at front desk or on radio.

    I would like lobby to be merged with exam room. Minor wee-wees treatment should happen there instead of dragging people inside. Exam room already has all tools for that, but it's to the side so people naturally move in straight lineto ER. There's not a lot of waiting to be done in medbay, so lobby is way less useful than some sort of low-intensity treatment area.
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  3. Exam needs to be for light boo boos, EMERGENCY treatment centre needs to be for the big boo boos. Totally in favour of a second scanner. Put them horizontally so it's very clear if someone is in them or not. But yes keep the randies outta the ETC. Nothing is more annoying than some nobody breaking a pull on a bed/bag. I don't know how you could make sub acute used more without mechanical changes. Maybe fold it into examination?
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  4. Dopu

    Dopu Bartender

    I like the idea of some sort of public-ish treatment center attached to the lobby (sometimes there IS a queue when you have a cold, and 6 other people came down severe cases of bullets.

    Anywhere that a wall between the hall and the interior is eliminated encourages passer-by RP as well (however when it comes to medical treatment, most people dont want to be ogled.) Exceptions for this are things like chemistry where glass plays a role as a safety feature - Anyone can pass by and see that someone accidentally knocked themselves out while mixing chems or something. (Not that this should or can really happen)

    As someone who mainly plays R&D. my main experience with the infirmary is in the form of upgrading its machines, and banging on the door because i stubbed my toe but the game is telling me THE PAIN IS UNBEARABLE.

    From that point of view, i think the lobby serves as a good place for RP in a crisis, and i'd even suggest making it slightly (like, 1 tile, tops) bigger so people waiting are less in the way - or making it part of a low-level treatment area that's less secure than the intensive care sections. The storage room on the hallway side is always visited briefly (but of vital importance), and my opinion is that hallway-facing rooms should be places that encourage passby-rp. So maybe moving it to the interior, and putting some sort of treatment or waiting or recovery area there instead? Maybe swap for the sub acute? - Mind, the torch is not designed with shipboard violence as its primary concern, and this would probably make the infirmary less secure. Electrochromic glass could be used to make the area more private on demand.

    Also in crises where people hole up in medical, they tend to stand around in the inner medical hallway, and the large treatmenty room i dont know the proper name of. If people can gain places to stand that dont take them out of the action, they will be less inclined to be in the way, i think.
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  5. So, summing up: ETC should be visible but inaccessible for unaffiliated personnel. I suggest such a thing:
    Make it so that the only way to ETC and chemistry is through exam/evaluations room. The latter should be separated from the entrance/waiting room by a limited-access airlock (so that security/engineering can enter eval by themselves while passengers can't). Make the outer wall of ETC one huge window, aligned with eval/waiting room combo.
    Chemistry lab counter should be assessible from the lobby.

    Edit: Any resulting inconveniences should be perceived as a new challenge for medical personnel and resolved ICly. Yes indeed, I hate fun.
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  6. Not really in favour of routing all/most of the traffic through exam. I think it'd just make medical take people right into the ETC no matter their severity, so they wouldn't have to put up with people in exam and therefore the way. I sure would skip exam.
  7. afterthought

    afterthought Developer

    I'd love an extra tile in the hallway, as it gets congested and pulling around people doesn't work well on SS13. Could shuffle around subacute, exam room, chem, and equipment room: I think equipment room might be good where subacute is, for example. But I think the treatment center is in quite good shape, as is the OR setup.

    Chemist will always be isolated because their job sort of ends around minute 30. At best, they leave their lab to deliver chemicals as needed for the rest of the shift. Could move their lab to where subacute is, and if people need to see them they can wander back outfront. They should mostly be interacting with medical anyway.

    One issue is that subacute sucks: it's more isolated than the treatment center to both patients and medical staff, so there is no reason to put people there unless they are SSD or there is really no bedspace left. Maybe giving it hallway frontage and combining with the exam room would make it more used, but I'm not sure of that. If that whole area was large enough (notably more than 4 tiles tall, so you'd have to move the hallway somehow), you could see it as being a secondary treatment center for those not needing surgery, staffed by a corpsman mostly, and allowing visitors to some extent.
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  8. ooooooh!!!

    So, somethings that may help traffic and something as a CMO which I'm trying to enforce is the use of the separate scanner spaces/ ORs. I like to use the exam room scanner for "I don't feel goods" ( which is a lot of times, new players who don't realize pulling shit on low athletics will make them wheeze) and the ETC scanner for the big boys. I like having two separate surgeons as well. One who works mostly with organ failure, the other who does internal bleeds, broken bones ect.

    So, some things that may help is YES PLEASE MOVE THE EXAM ROOM. New and experienced alike forget about the second scanner. People literally die, waiting for the scanner.

    Something else is: Please make a psych ward or something of the sort. I'm so tired of having people who eat tide pods or drink too much violently refuse to be treated while they puke on the floor. They technically aren't doing any crimes, but as soon as they are let go, they go disposal diving and it just pisses me off. We can't confine them to the Post-Op because, we end up needing that space. Maybe having a Post-Op cryo chamber to put SSD patients instead of taking up room... I got a shit ton of ideas/wants but I'm not the greatest of voicing them via typing. If you ever wanna do a voice conference call with medical, I'd love that!

    Also, real quick, why is the medical storage so dark? Give us an extra light. Small thing, but...yep.
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  9. Butbu

    Butbu Chef

    I would really love the equipment room to be moved a bit closer to ETC or to the reception. Maybe switching the reception to the other side of the hallway and have direct access from it via back door to the equipment room. The exam room is rarely used but it's not only problem on Torch. The main hallway should be definitely bigger, lots of PR happens in front of the medbay in the corridor and it's my feeling it is because the medbay hallway is not very welcoming in design. I'd love to see a couple more chairs in there and small table, water cooler and cups. The ETC is great, only as mentioned above, the second scanner would be very useful. The storage room is waaay too big and dark.
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  10. Higgin

    Higgin Chef

    Combine waiting room/exam room, add more chairs.

    Chem gets isolated by the nature of the job -
    1) Make meds by pressing buttons for 10-15min.
    2) Make drugs or fuck around with grenades (but don't actually because only science does that now)
    3) AFK, help out in med, or wander off to do something related to #2.

    Shrink the chem lab and use the extra space to help accommodate changes to the lobby/exam.

    Sub-acute could be merged with the ETC, but it occasionally serves as a little patient room with shutters. I'm okay with it. You could split medical with a corridor running up to sub-acute and have that be an out-of-the-way waiting area.
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  11. Miraviel

    Miraviel Retired Staff

    Thank you very much for the feedback so far. I will start working on it on Friday and hopefully get something up on Sunday.

    This project will be a bit slow as I am quite busy IRL but I'll do my best to at least have a weekly update/reply here!
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  12. UnsavorySquid

    UnsavorySquid Petty Officer First Class

    I definitely support a better waiting area. I usually end up just standing around in the hallway outside medbay when I'm injured because going in for longer than to just tell them I'm injured just feels like I'm in the way. I'd like to see the exam room open to the public! Hell if it could be moved over to allow for for a few spots to wait and be staffed by corps men, I could see going to medbay for small treatment being worth the time rather than just snagging the meds out of a medkit somewhere even with 0 medical skill.

    Oh, and add an intercom to the medbay lobby thats reachable by default that's set to medbay lobby channel or something by default so that if the front desk is empty someone can reach the medical team without needing to shout over the common radio channel or having to pound on the windows.
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  13. Chinsky

    Chinsky Indentured Coder Developer

    Pager buttons should be fixed nowdays, try using them. Otherwise intercomm idea is ok, pretty sure they're even already mapped in, just not switched by default in lobby.
  14. UnsavorySquid

    UnsavorySquid Petty Officer First Class

    Are you sure? Every time I press one it says there is no valid destination for the page
  15. afterthought

    afterthought Developer

    Fix went in four days ago. If you still notice it not working, please reopen the bug report or make a new one.