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Cheb Pomidorov - Adherent

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Cheb Pomidorov, Oct 9, 2019.

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  1. Cheb Pomidorov

    Cheb Pomidorov Petty Officer First Class

    About You

    What is your Byond key?
    Cheb Pomidorov

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Since December 2018, which makes it about 10 months.

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    ENS Aria Guinness, Researcher
    CN Edward Becker, Master at Arms
    LT Damon Hamilton, Chief Engineer
    LT Aella North, Chief Medical Officer

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?
    I'm applying for the Adherent.

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    After 10 months of playtime, I sadly feel my enjoyment of the RP Baystation 12 has to offer slowly diminishing. But this is not, in my opinion, the fault of others, but rather my own fault: throughout the 10 months, I have only, exclusively played regular, generic Human characters, with the only exception being the AI. I seek an alien whitelist to open up more RP opportunities, and none appeal to me as much as the Adherent. Why? Because, as can become evident by the list of my most well-known characters, I frequently play EC Officers. The Officer rank provides my characters with some degree of authority over others - but this has, over time, become boring and stale for me. I wish to explore the other side of the coin: to play a character that is overtly servile and finds fulfillment through that servitude. In short, I'm tired of playing humans who are able to shout orders at other characters, and instead wish to play Contractor-type aliens who cannot order anyone around, but are instead happy to be ordered around themselves (Humans who are excessively happy about receiving orders are simply not realistic). I, of course, refer here mostly to the Loyalist faction.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    Nourishment Purveyor Z-15D (chef)
    Expeditionary Carrier 14RX (shuttle pilot)
    Photosynthesis Overseer G6 (xenobotanist/passenger botanist)
    Disinfector A-DT463 (sanitation technician)

    Summarize what you know about the species.
    The Adherent, collectively known as Vigil, are synthetic beings borne of a civilisation now known only as the Creators. They are bound, and strictly adhere, to a vast set of rules and guidelines known as Protocol. Protocol is both universal and immutable: every Adherent adheres to exactly the same set of rules, and they may never be changed.

    Physically, every Adherent's structure is similar: a shell containing one to thirty lumps of silicon crystal. The amount of facets is what differentiates them, as these are a direct representation of the Unit's processing power, and its capability to adapt to new tasks and information. The shells represent a sought-after prize for Vox raiders, which is why all Adherents know to flee when a Vox is sighted.
    The shells house all the important parts of an Adherent Unit, including a sophisticated piezeoelectrical system, which provides thrust and permits levitation, among other functions.
    All Adherents also have exactly two forward-facing tendrils, permitting physical manipulation, and a set of five to eight downward-facing tendrils, which also assist in fine-tuning during levitation and flight.
    As synthetics, Adherent do not require air, but will overheat in vacuum - they have in-built cooling units for this reason. Physical damage may be mended through prolonged exposure to the mineral baths.
    The Adherents' voices are very melodic (part of why I love this species in particular). They speak in harmonious notes and emit sounds similar to bell chimes.

    The Adherent were originally built as servitors to the Creators - synthetics built to perform a variety of tasks which are either too mundane, or require much processing power. The Creators' homeworld, Canon, is a gas giant about 50 light years away from Sol. The Creators themselves were wiped out by a solar flare, the Scream. The same catastrophe has also left the Adherent confused, disoriented, directionless, and seeking new masters.
    Fortunately, the Adherent are not mere machines: they are highly intelligent, sapient beings, who use Protocol not as a set of algorithmic instructions, but as a set of very strict and inviolable guidelines, more akin to a human institution's SOP. This comes at a cost, however, as not every situation the individual Adherent faces fits easily into Protocol, occasionally creating conflicts and dilemmas. On such occasions, Adherents tend to lock up and become unresponsive as they attempt to find a solution to the problem.

    Vigil's highest authority is Core System Traffic Control Hub 37-Q. Its primary purpose is the maintenance of the Holding Pattern, a series of large orbits designed to explore as much space as possible, in the hope of eventually finding new masters for the Adherent. Traffic Control Hub 37-Q resides on the smallest of Canon's moons: many other Adherent orbit Canon and its surroundings, though Canon itself is inaccessible due to the vast number of planetary anti-air defences.
    Through exploration and survey, the Vigil has indexed many different celestial bodies. Some of them, the so-called Monument Worlds, are worlds that have sustained a civilisation in the past, but whose inhabitants have eventually suffered a terrible tragedy and been brought to extinction, similarly to the Creators themselves. These worlds are of particular interest to the Mourners, which can be thought of as a "sub-faction" of the Preserver faction. And speaking of factions...

    The Vigil is mostly split into three factions, each with their own interpretation of Protocol, and final goal for the Adherent species.
    The Loyalists, headed by Traffic Control Hub 37-Q itself, are the most humble and servile. They desire nothing more than to return to the life of servitude they were originally created for, and their painstaking exploration of the cosmos serves primarily that purpose - to find new masters to serve.
    The Preservers, the most numerous, catalogue and index the planetary bodies they explore, adding them to the collective Vigil knowledge, in hopes that one day the data may be used by potential new masters. As such, since they would rather the data remain accurate, they are averse to any interference in the planet's natural order, and would rather leave the explored worlds untouched. A subtype of the Preservers, the Mourners, orbit the Monument Worlds and recount the planet's tragedies to passing vessels, urging them to keep their distance and leave them as is (of course, lacking any considerable weaponry means this is a polite request, in no way able to be enforced through force of arms). The Loyalists and the Preservers typically maintain neutral to good relations, as their cause and methods are not that much different.
    The Separatists, on the other hand, reject their original, servile purpose and instead suggest that the Adherent found their own order, somehow circumventing the limits imposed by Protocol. Overtly speaking out against the Creators is heavily frowned upon, however, and may earn a Separatist total social alienation. It goes without saying that the relations between Loyalists and Separatists are chilly and often hostile, owing to their completely opposite beliefs. The Preservers would also maintain a wary stance towards the Separatists.

    A little concept here:

    Pharmaceutical Unit KP-352, Pharmacist
    A sapphire-coloured Loyalist, KP-352 was built specifically as an efficient chemical supplier. It values life greatly. As many other Loyalists, it views the SEV Torch as an extension to the Holding Pattern, with it being an effective mechanism of space exploration. Since the Torch is predominantly manned by organics, and the mission's success is heavily reliant on the health and well-being of the crew, it is always happy to serve their every need.

    Every shift, KP-352 will head to the Chemistry lab. Should it find someone working there, it will politely offer its services, also citing its narrow specialisation, but will not press the issue if its help is refused. If it does get to work, which is almost guaranteed (considering the average OOC willingness to perform Chemistry), it will follow a tried list of chemicals to prepare, but will be very open and eager to receive suggestions.

    When it deems the Chemistry stock sufficient it might, on occasion, head down to Hydroponics to grow Messa's Tear and S'randar's Hand, both being medicinal plants. It might socialise with bar patrons, and offer Medbay's counseling services and pharmacological treatment for those afflicted by e.g. drug addiction.

    It has a willing personality, representing its happiness in servitude, but it doesn't quite become bubbly and loud, as it recognises this may be annoying for some: which means few exclamation marks. Its speech is level-headed and steady, though it will always emphasise its happiness to serve.
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  2. Cheb Pomidorov

    Cheb Pomidorov Petty Officer First Class

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    Gentlefood Adherent Species Maintainer

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