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Accepted Colby Donkin

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by Skoomonk, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. Skoomonk

    Skoomonk Bartender

    Their BYOND username:Unknown
    Their character name:Colby Donkin
    Your BYOND username:Skoomonk
    Your character name:Asher Braun
    Date, time, and game ID of incident:10/7/2020, 11:00pm PST, b9v-aXpN
    Who else can vouch for the situation:Sophia Strauss (Melioa), Hephaestus (Unknown), Alexander-D210 (Ryan180602) slightly
    What happened: First off, I noticed the Charon left very quickly, around the 20 minute mark, which is tends to be a big red flag to me because it's very difficult to prepare the Charon alone properly in that time frame. However as a MedTech I paid didn't delve further, given it was far outside my duties. Later in the round, Sophia Strauss mentioned the Charon, to which I responded with they'll probably be a bit, given I didn't believe they properly loaded the Charon. Strauss wished to call them given we had no Command Staff awake to do so, so myself, Strauss, and Alexander went to the Guppy to call them. When I got in contact with the Pathfinder, Colby Donkin, he was extremely panicky given they were 'stranded', where he requested rescue from the Guppy. After further conversation and more very panicked behavior, his definition of 'stranded' was the Charon being fully functional and fine, just lacking Hydrogen Fuel to return. Strauss mentioned that the D2 Teleporter was bolted open, and strangely MedTech's have access to the Fuel Bay, so we promptly sent two Hydrogen Tanks to the Charon. After waiting ten or so minutes, I called the Charon again, to witness the Pathfinder seeming to forget his internals in the airlock, on a Chlorine Exoplanet, which while never was fully clarified he had no Chlorine in his system, so he most likely emptied his O2 tank and didn't refill it. Strauss teleported aboard the Charon, with me following not long after with CO2 Canisters and an Oxygen Canister, just incase. The Ensign was fine, but still extremely panicky, so I told him to stay back and let us swap the Hydrogen, which he ditched after realizing he was suffocating to death, a decent distance away from the Charon. The panicky behavior continued, and he was causing issues, trying to cycle the airlock, to which I told him again to stop and sit down, and referred to him as 'Ensign Fuckup', which distressed him greatly. I'm guessing this is where the player opted to have their character go 'insane', because they started making comments like 'I'm not the bad guy! I'm the good guy'. We swapped the Hydrogen Tank, and went back to the Charon with the intent to have the Ensign take us to Space, and vent the Charon's airlock that way. Instead, the Ensign ran around the Charon with the Ballistic Launcher, proceeding to wordlessly stand outside the airlock, with the Launcher pointed at it, while he loaded shells into it and racked it (Which he was clearly loading Net-Shells, but his behavior clearly showed intent to harm, just a lack of understanding of his own weapon). After being told repeatedly to just pilot the Charon, and the very clear intent for him to shoot me with it, I informed Strauss I was going to disarm and pin him, and asked her to put Cable Ties on him. We began cycling in, and he proceeded to go to the Crew Cabin, and break a window to the Chlorine Atmosphere, I presume to get outside and go around, to attack us that way. He broke the window right as Strauss and I entered, internals luckily already on, where we proceeded to none-lethally take him down, and Hephaestus quickly fixed the window. Strauss began slowly taking us to the Torch, however Colby Donkin managed to escape the Cable Cuffs as we left the planet, and tried to escape out the airlock into space, which failed due to us using his I.D. to pilot. I had Hephaestus close the Airlock door, and depower it in hope to stop him from escaping, however he proceeded to use his emergency-air tank to try to break the Airlocks window into Space, screaming about wanting to go back to the planet. After pinning and cuffing him again, and his clear intent to just low-rp attempt (To be clear, outside the 'I'm a good guy', 'You're stealing the ship from me!' and 'I want to go back to the planet!' he barely said a word) to be insane and kill himself, I proceeded to soporific him with the Sleeper until we returned to the Torch. Aboard the Torch I had Hephaestus assist me in tossing him in the communal, where he proceeded to kill himself in Bluespace by touching his clone.

    Amusingly, when he was panic RPing, I don't think it was that bad, but the situation in absolutely no way called for it, and it was taken exceptionally to far. He was freaking out over the equivalent of forgetting to fuel up his car, at a Gas Station, given the only issue was he forgot Hydrogen which was very easily rectified. His gear was almost entirely shoved in his bag, instead of belt, leading me to believe him quite new to the server, let alone the role that he clearly wasn't prepared for, however I don't see this as an excuse for blatantly hostile and insane behavior over a situation, that while starting as exceptionally stressful with no contact with the Torch, quickly became a no-stress situation with our contacting them.
    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.): Refer to Game I.D.
  2. Deadmon_Wonderland

    Deadmon_Wonderland Game Administrator Unathi Species Maintainer Laser Tag 2019 Participant

    I'll handle this one. I'm gonna try to track down the player of Colby Donkin and have them post their side.
  3. Deadmon_Wonderland

    Deadmon_Wonderland Game Administrator Unathi Species Maintainer Laser Tag 2019 Participant

    Alright, it's been nearly a week now and I've been unable to get into contact with Colby Donkin's player, so I am going to continue without them.

    I've outlined in previous player complaints the expectations of command, this includes Pathfinder as it's the equivalent of a team leader. To put it simply, the actions of the pathfinder in this situation were not acceptable, and after looking through logs, I've concluded that their actions are not befitting that of
    someone in command. As well:
    I also found that using language such as retard is also very inappropriate in the context it's used in this situation.

    This complaint as valid.