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Complaint - Akira Nakano and John Evans (Unkown - Unkown)

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by flying_loulou, Apr 16, 2019.

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  1. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Sol Gov Pilot

    Their BYOND username: Unkown - Unkown
    Their character name: Akira Nakano (the CoS) - John Evans (XO)

    Your BYOND username: Flying_loulou
    Your character name: Marine Blanchet

    Date, time, and game ID of incident: the 16:04:2019 at around midnight UTC. Game ID: bZM-dros
    Who else can vouch for the situation: Pretty much anyone in round

    What happened:
    So, for the records, it was a cult round.
    At some point in the round, the ship went adrift through a few meteor fields. A few areas were vented but the situation was overall holding, when the CoS arrived on the bridge and yelled "STATUS ? WHO IS FLYING THIS SHIP ? PREPARE FOR EVAC !" and took over the XO (who didn't say a word), unbolting the safe rooms and telling to the people to brace for an emergency evac. The situation got sorted when the ship finally stopped, allowing engineering to repair the few damages.

    Not that much later, the CoS set us to code red more or less wordlessly, upon seeing a few blood drawing and stone walls. After not more than a few minutes (note that at this moment, medical didn't see any wounded, nor did security encounter any hostile/disruptive behavior), the CoS called for an evac and proceeded to said evac, despite his whole crew telling him not to. I felt some real valid hunt on the cultists, which weren't even seen, and didn't even have much effect on the ship (aside a few stone walls). At this point and until the evac, no word were heard from the XO over either the common channel or via announcement, as the CoS completely took over.

    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.)[/b]: You'll need to dive in the logs I'm affraid.
  2. I was an SCGR in this round.
    I'd like to confirm that the above seems accurate to me based on what I saw. There was no significant discussion about the evac over command channels either. We just abandoned the Torch for no reason.

    Also please look at the time when the CoS called for opening the EARM when there was no visible threat (that I know of) on code blue.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
  3. Persona E

    Persona E pp head Game Administrator

    The evacuation call was handled by staff in round. Please limit further discussion to just the mention of cult-related metagaming.

    Since I'm posting this I suppose I'll also handle this complaint.
  4. RoxyFoxy

    RoxyFoxy Bartender

    Hi, as the evacuation was handled by the command staff and as a result of our character's antagonism for each other during this round, I'm going to respond to this complaint as necessary and as asked by Persona E via the Discord and I have zero intention of getting into a squabbling match with you, my fellow player, as I have a deal of respect for you. I will, however, clarify-

    - The emergency armory was opened up on blue to deal with a rogue drone, and the weaponry was returned.
    - I didn't even swipe for red. I did swipe for the evacuation, but the red swipe was between the XO and an ensign.
    - The evac was called with a majority vote by Jack Evans, Akira Nakano, and an ensign in the bridge staff following preternatural events and an unexplained corruption (ie a stone wall that kept spreading through the ship) as well as problems with the thrusters and engines. The evac was called as a result of losing control of the situation and to protect the crew as the situation was getting worse.

    As for the cult identity, my character had no idea such a cult existed, and the only member of the cult that was apprehended by the round's end was Ian Hitchkoff, and even then, the cultist information was not deliberated. There were signs of a cult activity in secret whispers between members later identified post-round as members of the cult (via the antag popup) but the chief concern of the security staff was to try to investigate. Our investigation went ultimately nowhere- We were unable to determine the source of the strange phenomena, so as my character grew more aware that this was not a problem she could handle, she voted 'aye' on evac, which was suggested by XO Jack Evans before Akira made any suggestion to the matter.

    The only person apprehended who was an antagonist was someone who had hacked a door earlier in the round, drawing suspicion from the security team, and later assaulted an officer and was brought in for interrogation. The odd behavior ramped up, and that's when my Lieutenant left to communicate with the brig to announce that the situation was downright bizarre and untenable with the other issues plaguing the ship (the engine issues)

    There was a great deal of roleplay and buildup, ma'am, you just weren't privvy to it given your character's rank and lack of access to the bridge and command channel. Your character's hostility towards mine was apparent from the get-go upon the breach to the bridge and furthermore, your accusatory post about me being the sole reason behind the evacuation of the ship during this round without you having all of the information is nothing short of metagrudging. I hope that we can remain coordial to each other and that you can put this round in the past as I already have.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
  5. Persona E

    Persona E pp head Game Administrator

    @Outboarduniform, please also describe how the cult was identified and why code red was called on them once you have the time.
  6. Outboarduniform

    Outboarduniform Bartender

    Right, I'm going to go ahead and piggyback off of RoxyFoxy, as I was the XO. Generally I find this complaint to be.......interesting, but I'll go ahead and respond to you.

    1. Obviously you were not informed of anything happening because you were a corpsman, so I find it interesting how you can say I "didn't say a word", etc., and describe events that occurred on the bridge when you weren't even there in the first place.

    2. Again, the CoS did not set Code Red, nor was it done "wordlessly". Once again, maybe it would seem that way for a random corpsman, but it was discussed within command and then it was put into place due to the emergency at hand.

    3. Yeah, the evac wasn't called for antagonists, and I find it very arrogant of you to pretend to think you knew what our intentions were with the evacuation, who called it, and why it was called, when you've gotten almost every single detail about this situation incorrect.

    4. Are you supposing that I lost control as the XO, and the CoS somehow had some sort of coup or something against me ? Even your point of "validhunting" is fake because Ian Hitchkoff was the prime suspect in a supply bombing, which obviously you would know nothing about, and once again you are being arrogant and trying to vilify us for something you weren't a part of.

    5. The Torch is not rule by majority. If my officers vote to evacuate the ship, then I will respect their opinion and evacuate the ship. We had already established the reasons behind the evacuation, the need for it, etc. The only people who disagreed were lower enlisted who knew nothing about the situation, such as yourself, and the SCGR Rep., who we wouldn't have filled in for obvious reasons.

    6. Generally, it seems that you are attempting to recreate accounts of events you were never a part of, and you only popped into the bridge once during depressurization and promptly left, so I still fail to see how you keep pretending to know the inner workings of command when you just weren't there.

    Outside of that, I think that Foxy sums it up well enough, as there was a lot of RP, buildup, etc. behind the decision that was made, and even then there was no metagaming of the cult/validhunting, etc. The EARM access was for drones, which were returned after that, and no one even factored the cult into literally any decision outside of "hey man who tf is spreading weird walls n shit and why is there blood drawings over here ?"

    The main concern with the cult was the spreading of "corruption", which we had reports had eaten a large portion of Port D3 and many other areas of the ship, and once again as I mentioned previously were not factored into any command decision, outside of the corruption that was stacked ontop of the multiple engineering issues we already had
  7. Persona E

    Persona E pp head Game Administrator

    The emergency armory and evacuation calls are both out of scope, one being more or less explained above and the other being handled in round.

    @RoxyFoxy and @Outboarduniform, why specifically did command call code red?
  8. Outboarduniform

    Outboarduniform Bartender

    @Persona E Mixture of reasons. Mostly:
    -Engineering emergency, adrift with unresponsive engines and running into multiple meteors, etc. (This was when it was called to Red, but it stopped during Red)
    -Bombing in Supply, with bomber on the loose and security not being able to find and catch them
    -Stone "Corruption", that was slowly eating away at decks

    At least, the corruption was described as being brutal and encompassing, so I incorporated that into my decision as more of a major factor than a minor one
  9. RoxyFoxy

    RoxyFoxy Bartender


    - Major engineering emergency
    - Supernatural disturbances
    - Bombing in supply
    - Corruption spreading up to bridge deck maint.

    This thread is completely without merit.
  10. Persona E

    Persona E pp head Game Administrator

    @RoxyFoxy, I can't find any logs indicating that you metagamed or had very much to do with the code red decision (or the evacuation decision for that matter, but I did say that itself was out of scope). As far as I can tell you had little if anything to do with what went wrong in this round.

    @Outboarduniform, I see a few things that worry me here. Your character refers to the "corruption" as their main reason for making this escalation (and for calling for evac). I'm inclined to see this as metagaming because, in a situation where red is appropriate, stone floors should be the least of command's worries. If there were a legitimate risk to the crew, I'd see some discussion of that; instead, you seem to recognize that the cult is gaining strength using this "corruption" as your metric and act on it without being able to cite a red- (or evac-) worthy danger there. While the Supply bombing and engineering issues are serious, neither were mentioned in proximity to this call and neither would warrant a red alert on their own. I'm not going to be applying a ban here, but I'm making a note and would advise you to get some more experience with how rounds typically play out here before attempting XO again.

    I will be marking this complaint as accepted.
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