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Accepted Complaint - Azazy & Iloveapplepieman

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by BulletBudgie!, Aug 29, 2019.

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  1. BulletBudgie!

    BulletBudgie! Permanently Banned User

    Their BYOND username: Azazy - Iloveapplepieman
    Their character name: Brigitte Eustis - Varyn Takach
    Your BYOND username: BulletBudgie
    Your character name: Davey Brough
    Date, time, and game ID of incident: 29/8/2019 - 19:18-21:21 (AEST) - b2Y-by4k
    Who else can vouch for the situation: WickedCybs (Ghost) - Colfer (A.I.) & Anyone else in the round.
    What happened: The round was voted Traitor, at roundstart there were three antagonists - Azazy, Iloveapplepieman and myself. A little after roundstart, Azazy and Iloveapplepieman were plotting what to do in AOOC, although I didn't mini-mod I tried to make it clear that what they were doing was against the rules, still however they went on with the plan - that was "Take over the Torch, subvert the A.I., kill anyone who opposes you." I - myself didn't agree to do this, I even set my ambition as an antag to "renegade but not really" (or something like it) they must of talked it over IC, as they stole the A.I. Upload Board from Secure Tech Storage and added a law to the A.I.

    Since I didn't see any of this, I can't say anything for certain, however I can guess that:
    After subverting the A.I., they both geared up from the Tac-Arm and proceeded to storm the Bridge which was manned by a single XO, I suppose that after the XO's denial to hand over the Torch, they shot her to crit - As I heard over comms that the surgeon borg (MAU) - which was connected to the A.I. had tried to replace the XO's lung, which had been shot. After hearing that the XO was still alive the two went down to OR1, where the XO was getting operated on.
    At this point I'd met up with the two.
    They beheaded the XO and stole their ID, copied it's access and went back to the Bridge. I decided that I wasn't going to follow through with this plan, and decided to go against them - I talked to the Chemist (I believe?) and MAU that I wasn't in cahoots with the other antags - and I was planning to overthrow them, this is when I learnt that MAU was linked to the A.I.
    I attempted to find the A.I. Upload Console the two used to upload their first law in hopes to change it, I couldn't find it and they weren't helping either - they even orderd the A.I. to destroy the upload console in the A.I. Upload.
    From here I can only guess what happened, Azazy, the Pathfinder uploaded a new law to the A.I. that told it to pilot the Torch into meteors. Incidentally, the path to the closest meteors were behind and ion cloud, the A.I. might have purposely flew through the cloud to give itself a few new laws, they then maxed out the speed of the Torch and flew it into meteors.
    I attempted to kill Iloveapplepieman's character, but I failed and was beheaded.
    I then pinged Mods/Mins in #staffcoach and Tomdroid asked me to file a complaint.
    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.):


  2. Okay, this is a big one. So, first of all, I was Varyn. My goal was to turn the Torch into an actual pirate ship, the SkipJack II. I'm not sure if AOOC is different for mercs than traitors, or if it's even allowed, but I just settled on a singular, generalized gimmick that we traitors could do. I suggested drug cartel, smuggler ring, etc. Eventually, Azazy suggested stealing the torch and subverting the AI, I went along with it and said we shouldn't plan it out IC, cos ick ock. At no point did anyone agree to kill anyone that opposes you.

    Round starts, I buy an encrypted key. PF tells me to stay away from the stairs, I ask why, i hear about a supply pod coming in. Knowing they're the tator tot, we start planning, and we eventually get to a point where we upload laws to the AI. My law that I uploaded was that me and Azazy were the highest authority, don't state this, blah blah blah. I tell the AI to create a diversion, which they suggest is for a nonexistent entity to "steal" the Aquilla and then announce it to the XO. XO runs off and presumably pops their lungs, we gear up in tac arm. I grabbed an e-gun, taser carbine and laser just in-case. We head up to the Bridge, hoping to catch the XO off by surprise.

    After I raid the CO's office and take some nice stuff, Brough comes up and talks to us. Unaware that he was also a tator, we didn't want to ruin our element of surprise when we went to collect the XO, so I asked him to lay down. He tried running, I stun and restrain him. It takes us a good few minutes to realise he's also a antag, he had spouted code words, so we let him go. We then make our way to the infirmary.

    I wanted the XO alive, I wanted all of the crew alive. My plan was to situate myself as the new captain, and order people to start being useful, Medical making medicine, science making gear, exploration going on raid/loot parties, etc. However, as we arrive to the infirmary, the chemist and the borg are inside. I order none of them to move and that we want the XO. MAU says they're dead, and Azazy orders the borg to behead them for some reason. I let the chemist go, we leave, people talk about us over comms, I confirm it.

    Fast forward to the bridge, I get on there and announce my new "position". It's at this point that I realise the PF wants the Torch to reach GCC space, which my char was sorta okay with, but really just wanted the Torch to be a pirate ship. I order the AI to start looking for away missions, which it does. Brough does w/e, I don't know what he got up to for the most part.

    Explorer comes up, I tell them that they'll be going looting. CSO wakes up, I threaten them into making us gear and gadgets (after accidentally headbutting and knocking them out lol) whereas the PF just wanted to kill them. I convince the PF to keep them alive.

    Eventually, we hear over command that the AI wants to ram the Torch into meteors. I panic and start trying to figure out who did it and how to fix it. While I'm looking at the helm console trying to stop the AI from ramming us into meteors, Brough just states out of the blue he has a new gun, then instantly tries to shoot me up. He fails miserably, I stun him and manage to restrain him, and after assuming he was the one who uploaded the law (and the fact he just tried to kill me), in turn kill him and attempt to get medical aid.

    Fast forward me stumbling about the ship healing myself, I try to locate the upload console, and the PF. Turns out Brough still had the board, he was on the bridge. Meteors were hammering the ship, shit was going haywire, and eventually the escape evac is called.

    A few things I'd like to point out is that, yes, this was probably too hardcore for lowpop, but I tried to keep everyone engaged and actually doing something for us instead of going full murderbone ham. There was . I was hoping more security would wake up, which is why again, I refrained from actually trying to kill anyone. The only time I really did was when Brough made his assassination attempt on me, which I responded in kind. Also, I'm not sure -who- uploaded the laws for the Torch to ram into meteors, but I assumed it was Bullet considering that one of the laws states to keep Brough alive and unharmed, whilst venting the ship of oxygen and fly into meteors. He also stated something about flying into meteors earlier in AOOC.

    (will add to this mayb if i find the logs that I saved somewhere)

    EDIT: screenshots:,
  3. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game aadmin Game Administrator

    Hiya, I'll be handling this. Also, @Azazy, if you could come here that'd be greaaaaaat.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  4. tomdroid

    tomdroid Game aadmin Game Administrator

    Sorry for taking so long to get to this. : P
    So, first issue I see is that @BulletBudgie!'s antagonist ambition. Antagonists are not renegades, and they shouldn't act like them. While antagonists clashing is fine, but using your role as an antagonist solely to kill other antagonists is not cash money. Now, non-group antagonists organizing in any extent in AOOC is really, really not cash money. Antagonists are meant to find eachother "organically" with their code-phrases, and considering that @Azazy says to use the traitor encryption key in AOOC, then immediately both of you buy encryption keys, it's a bit close to meta-gaming. Now, there seems to be a disconnect between what @iloveapplepieman wanted to do, and what @Azazy wanted to do. One wants to do a "pirate" torch, and the other wants wants a "GCC" Torch. Now, at the point ahead, the team basically has full reign of the Torch, and have good reason to not damage it. At 3:19:56, @Azazy uploads a law to fly the torch into meteors. Thaaaaat's not right. A few minutes later, at 03:26:37, @Azazy uploads a law stating to remove the oxygen from the ship, as well as fly it into meteors. It also states not to hurt Davey, and no laws preventing from stating it. So, I think the idea was to blame Davey. Unfortunately, at this moment, Davey is captured by the duo, then killed. Now, uploading a law to vent and meteor the torch, even if it's just to blame someone, especially on lowpop, is like, bad, man. Considering that both antagonists were armed, killed their only obstacle, and have full control over the AI, I think it's a little overkill. At 03:44:56, @Azazy uploads a law stating to immediately evacuate the Torch to the AI. They then make their way to an escape pod, and then ghost. Quite frankly, this is unacceptable. This complaint is valid.
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