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Complaint - Harvey Cressman (Ukupnik)

Discussion in 'Denied' started by Roland410, Oct 8, 2018.

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  1. Roland410

    Roland410 Chef

    Their BYOND username: Ukupnik
    Their character name: Harvey Cressman

    Your BYOND username: Roland410
    Your character name: Preston Lafortune

    Date, time, and game ID of incident: Server Revision: 79786a531997e6edf371c68d6a8f18730c6f12df - f371c68d6a8f18730c6f12df - 2018-10-08 Game ID: bWJ-bOMS
    Who else can vouch for the situation: Zachary handled the issue.

    What happened:
    It was a cult round, everything going well, then the other three fucked up, and got arrested. I was freeloading pretty much after that, then around the 2h mark, I decided to go down to the lounge and read a book on the computer. Harvey Cressman comes up, and the logs from there are self-explanatory. As I have already said, other than defiling stuff (I've never been caught at all) I did pretty much nothing to make myself know, and this was a blatant meta/powergaming incident in my eyes.
    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.)
  2. Roland410

    Roland410 Chef

    Forgot to put it in the first post, but before the jump, he also killed himself with his smartgun for no reason.
  3. Maveriknight

    Maveriknight Sol Gov Pilot

    Heyo, I was there for a lot of this incident, and honestly, by all appareances, this was a running theme with this security officer. while I can't say for sure what all he did VS what all the other security players did, (they all seemed to have problems to some degree) I can attest that he was excessively aggressive, violent, did not adhere to due process, SOP, or any of the other things that're meant to keep security from being utter rubbish, and ultimately had to be handcuffed himself by Verenkenthus.

    Personally, I mostly dealt with him towards the end of the round as Harper. I had stopped in the hallway opposite the elevator on D1, and tabbed away for a moment. came back to find him trying to take her bag off, with him behind her, (she wouldn't have heard or seen him as a result) and when he started trying to take her bag, feeling it, she spun to face him and stepped back. he demanded her bag, she asked why, he sprayed her with pepperspray and proceeded to try to take the bag by force, leading to her screaming, getting maced again, and ultimately Veren showing up and getting in his way, which led to him attacking THEM, beating them with their baton, dragging them down the hall, and ultimately getting their ass kicked when Veren inevitably got up and was tired of their shit.

    The next time I saw them after they got dragged off by command, they were laying next to their pistol on the floor, dead, presumably due to eating their barrel.

    This isn't getting into the fact that at least one person aside from Veren got hauled off, (the original complaint) with little discernable reason, and they were constantly spouting shit about heretics and the like making them look just as, if not crazier than, the cultists.
  4. KKonrad

    KKonrad Assistant

    Hello, secuirity guy here, ask me any questions about this round:)
  5. Roland410

    Roland410 Chef

    Gonna bump this then, I guess.
  6. Melioa

    Melioa Game Administrator

    Hi, I'll take a look at this. Give me a bit to look through logs and contact Zachary about this.

    You said Zachary handled this in round? Did you alert them to all of this as well, as listed in the complaint?
  7. Roland410

    Roland410 Chef

    I ahelped and Zachary was handling the issue, not sure what was the outcome really, but for sure he wasn't banned, because as I said he killed himself after that, but I can post you the WHOLE logs, although that'll take a while to go through and probably won't be much use. I took it from the start to the relevant parts and put that here, without any cuts.
  8. Melioa

    Melioa Game Administrator

    Okay, so apologies for taking a while to get back to this, so I looked into the logs, the situation you provided me and the actions taken by Zachary.

    The situation with the arrest was already handled by Zachary in-round - and it was unnecessary for them to ask you to make a complaint. In the future, if an admin or moderator has handled the situation, do not make a player complaint, and since this complaint is about the arrest (which was handled) I will be marking it as denied for now.

    However, the suicide and other concerning actions that I've verified in the logs will be properly addressed, and I thank you for bringing them to attention.
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