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Complaint - Phillip Goodman (Maskoff)

Discussion in 'Denied' started by baton4ik220, Feb 10, 2019.

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  1. baton4ik220

    baton4ik220 Bartender

    Their BYOND username: Maskoff
    Their character name: Phillip Goodman

    Your BYOND username: Baton4ik220
    Your character name: Magnificent Pete

    Date, time, and game ID of incident: 10/02/2018 (today), around 10-11 pm UTC. Game id bYK-bsQh
    Who else can vouch for the situation: The players of Nicholas Ramirez, the other merchant, and to a lesser extent Gregory McMullin, the XO

    What happened:
    He was a stowaway that was given restricted access by the XO on condition that he would behave.
    Me and Nicholas were merchants, we docked with torch and started trading.
    Phillip then came to our shop and was interested in the light suit control module. We agreed to sell it to him for 2000 (didn't know he was a stowaway, but for some reason his ID card could also open the doors and glass panels on our merchant ship), but he was hesitant so we decided to let him try it on. Upon putting on the suit he said "Yoink!" and ran away.
    I reported it on comms and asked for the suit to be returned or paid for. Then he started claiming that he paid for it and that we threatened him with a gun.
    What ensued is an hour of me just standing in the cockpit trying to convince him to return the suit, or the XO to handle this, while Phillip kept accusing us of different things, constantly upgrading his story to us trying threatening him, trying to rob him and so on.

    Then the XO stepped in and finally Phillip came and gave me his card so I could scan it and get the money. He didn't have any money obviously, and when I said so, he ran off again. My partner gave chase and shot him, which I don't think was right. But whatever, he served the time for it, and it was sort of understandable. Phillip then started claiming that we stole his money.

    This ended with XO paying us for the suit, and Phillip telling over comms that he'll be leaving torch (I assumed he tried to steal a shuttle? Or just went into hiding?)

    I didn't ahelp because I was sure that he must be a traitor. I ahelped when the round ended, and texter told me that it's too late and I have to make a complaint.

    When I myself was playing a stowaway I ahelped to ask what was acceptable and what wasn't, and I was told that stealing small items was fine, but I can't be too disruptive. This was not a small item to us, and it basically caused me to spend a third of the round just standing near an intercomm.

    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.):








    My partner did end up chasing and shooting him after he ran off for the second time, but that's sort of understandable.
    Phillip was standing right at the atm, mind you, and he didn't have any money anyway, so him saying that he ran off to withdraw the money doesn't fly.





    Screenshots of more back-and-forth, just waiting for a resolution, and trying to convince the XO to do anything (he told Phillip about 6 times to return the suit, but didn't seem to mind that Phillip didn't want to listen) not included.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
  2. El3ctr1c

    El3ctr1c Bartender

    As the XO of that round, i can vouch for the situation. Goodman claimed to me to have been robbed but upon further discussion with one of the ramiriez found that wasn't the case. For about an hour it was just me telling Goodman to give back the suit and telling security to find and detain him because i told him if he wasn't going to cause trouble i'd allow him on the vessel until we hit port. However he just said what was said in the last screenshot and cryo'd. I eventually paid the merchants in my own money just to resolve the situation however if Goodman wasn't an antag thats a big yikes from me dog.
  3. brodog

    brodog Assistant

    I am Maskoff. I did steal the suit as I wanted to try and escape from the ship, being a stowaway and all. I probably should have asked an admin to see if that was going too far, and it probably was. Eventually, I decided to return it after the XO got mad at me. I had originally stashed it in a locker near the hangar, and was going to meet with them to pay for it. The merchant told me to hand over my card, and at that time I saw his partner had pulled a gun, so I figured I would have to end up paying for it after all. However, he and I both realized the card wasnt connected to a bank account as this had been newly issued after I'd been caught in maint. I decided to run for it, as I was sure they were going to kill me and I wanted to come back with the suit maybe with a security officer or at least another crewman to make sure they didnt kill me. Nick chased me down and I stopped, but he magdumped me anyways in the halls. I believe he got arrested, I got treated in the medbay and was released. I was now sure they would try to kill me the next time they saw me. I then came across an explorer who offered to help me get away from trouble and head down to the planet we were orbiting, where he would drop me off with the expedition. We headed down to the planet and I said goodbye to the merchant. I didn't cryo, the expedition leader marooned me on the planet with another guy to slowly die with no air(i was under the assumption the planet had a breathable atmosphere). In conclusion, I was under the belief as a stowaway I could get away with stealing small things. Looking back on it, stealing the voidsuit was probably too much of a big ticket item. I apologize for ruining your merchant round.
  4. baton4ik220

    baton4ik220 Bartender

    It's fine, I wouldn't say you ruined it. Don't know why you thought we'd kill you though to be honest.
  5. Spookerton

    Spookerton Public Kohai № 1 Staff Manager Manager Senior Administrator Community Moderator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    As far as this goes @baton4ik220 , the fact that your fellow merchant attempted to murder Goodman rather than resolve the situation reasonably pretty much negates the idea that Goodman did anything after that point out of anything other than self preservation.

    Stowaways are generally expected to be background characters that add a small variation to a round, but that isn't always the case. In this instance everyone involved escalated the situation naturally and had this been looked at in the round, we would have considered it acceptable even if we had reminded @brodog to try to avoid becoming a center of attention in future stowaway rounds.

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