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Accepted Complaint - Raider Team

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by ALonelyStranger, May 5, 2019.

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  1. ALonelyStranger

    ALonelyStranger Research Director

    Their BYOND usernames: Bag of rice, The flying banana gaming, Robuster_1337, Erol_Turk, Atebite and Tylaar
    Their character names: The Deck Chief, Scrappy joe [sic], Scrap Finder, Romol, Smelly Stinkpole and One Eyed Pete, Respectively.

    (though both are a bit unimportant)
    Your BYOND username: Aticius
    Your character name: Zehll Szal Aerets

    Date, time, and game ID of incident: Client Version: 512 Server Revision: 3ab239b24d31887305a6dd987b7720019afafbe4 - 05a6dd987b7720019afafbe4 - 2019-05-05 Game ID: bZ7-cPJb Current map: SEV Torch
    Who else can vouch for the situation: Essentially anyone in the round.

    What happened: God, i'm sorry to whoever needs to take this.
    Secret Heist Rolls, Heist gang shows up at around the :30 mark, no words, nothing, just a straight beeline to the E-Arm, followed by looting it and then shooting.

    This pattern of "shoot everyone" continues for most of the round. Heisters chase after people to confirm, vaguely, 12+ kills on *Heist*, meaning few players were even playing at the time. A large majority of the round was, indeed, the entire Heist team just playing TDM with minimal, if any, RP.

    Of note, are a few players who were simply out to get frags:
    Romol, Erol_Turk, confirmed several kills despite (most) attempts to flee, and went *way* out of their way to get one, namely on Pythas despite an alleged hostage situation + negotiation going on, and helping with the next part:
    Scrap Finder, Robuster_1337, Who, along with Romol, came into Medbay for, you guessed it, another confirming- This one on "Vincent Albrecht", one of two COS-es that round, who, I can only assume got memed like the rest of the crew.

    For all this general negativity, One Eyed Pete *did* attempt to Roleplay with the crew, after the fact, but after 6+ deaths and utter chaos, no one was really around to talk to him until he was dead and tried his best to actually set up a hostage situation, but the other Heisties just seemed to be in it for the frags.

    To top this shit sunday of a round, *somehow* the Merc shuttle got involved, and a Nuke was almost set up on Torch- without any warning what so ever about it. Just straight up tried to wordlessly nuke, but wasn't able to.

    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.)[/b]: Don't have anything, personally. Sorry.
  2. Erol-T

    Erol-T Bartender

    Hey, I'M Erol aka Romol. I only fired and killed on people that attacked me & fellow heisters. I actually made sure of that. I don't shoot you unless you shoot us, that's how I always play when team antag.
    And I definetly did not attack/harm Pythas, as they saved me once. You must be mixing me up with someone

    I do, however, confess that I was a bit too agressive with the beheading on people that attacked us, yes. I'll adjust that, too.
    I did kill a few, yes, but I never shot first.

    (The thing where I shot Kurt Wulfgang was more or less me getting startled. They stood next to me with a baton when I came down stairs.)
  3. El Robusto

    El Robusto Chef

    Hey, Scrap Finder here. Let me break down the events from my point of view.

    So yes, our plan was to raid the EARM, then capture some crewmembers and make demands. I personally never encouraged any of my teammates to shoot people wordlessly nor has anyone encouraged it, if my memory is correct, and I am not responsible for any random or wordless killing of crewmembers except the one instance where I used ions against Pythas in Infirmary, which was handled in round with a staff member. I admit it was shitty and my justification wasn't exactly solid, but again, handled in round.

    What I don't understand is how you keep saying we wordlessly raided the armory 30 minutes in and how you consider it extremely bad. The point of a raid is to hit the valuable targets swiftly and get back with the loot. And the time at which the round started wasn't lowpop time, so we expected a fairly strong opposition with security doing a lot to stop us.

    As for other team members murderboning, I really can't tell a lot about it. I wasn't watching their every step all the time, but I've seen some of them wander off quite often, perhaps they did it to go and kill people purposefully.

    And I also like how you say that One Eyed Pete was the only one setting up a proper hostage situation but never mention how my raider made most of the demands.
  4. Schwann

    Schwann Bartender

    So, I was a ghost for this and I commented on the other Nestor player report so why not add my "valuable" opinion into this one?

    At the start of the round I observed since I needed to go halfway through the round and Baystation12 can produce some pretty spicy drama in deadchat at times and I'm getting off topic, this isn't good. The round started and everyone went about their jobs while the ghosts tried to figure out what was going out. Noticing that Jamison Nestor wasn't on the manifest I rapidly ruled out traitor and hopped over to the heist zone, where I was greeted with a space pirate gimmick. Neat, maybe they're going to steal all the booze or something funny?


    The Payday Gang landed at the designated heisting dock and proceeded to break in through the airlock with their mech, the usual. They then started cutting off cameras and smashing up ATMs which is again, the usual. After this something a bit odd happened. A few of the heisters, in defiance of the usual strategy for robbing a place of going to where they store the money, opted to raid the e-arm in order to steal all the cool guns and armor. At this point the crew realized that hey, these guys aren't supposed to be here, but there weren't a lot of security available and pretty much all the weapons larger than a smartgun had just been stolen so there wasn't much of a response - people just hunkered down in their departments and hoped the scary men covered in guns wouldn't look directly at them or stop long enough consider that maybe there was something valuable behind the giant blast doors. A pretty reasonable response, all things considered.

    So the heisters made off with a ton of guns, a ton of armor, and a ton of money. At this point Romol suggested they go back "for the smart people" or something along the lines of this and the heisters seemed to agree, so everybody went back.

    Around this point the round switched from Baystation12 to something more closely resembling the hit Epic Games... game Fortnite: Battle Royale as the mercs proceeded to shoot anything that moved and many things that didn't (judging by the copious amounts of wall damage I saw upon coming back). Looking back I'm not certain of how the plan went from "kidnap scientists" to "obtain victory royale no matter the cost" but it certainly did. I left around this point and came back to around a third of the server dead in puddles of their own blood, a ship full of bullet holes, and major emergencies throughout the vessel that weren't being answered since all the people that could deal with it were either dead or dying. Forgive me for jumping to conclusions but I'm going to assume that something, somewhere, went a bit wrong.
  5. Deadmon_Wonderland

    Deadmon_Wonderland Laser Tag 2019 Participant

    I was present in the round. Most of the response from sec was running away because at the time we had no brig officer or any command able to open either armory doors.

    My personal first interaction with them was getting shot as I ran down a ladder because hey, I'm not taking on several people and a mech alone.

    They steal our armory. Okay. We couldn't access it or stop them anyways. We had probably three, four sec at most on at the time vs 6 raiders. We weren't going to win that when we had no armor, no guns, or any sort of coordination because we barely had any command.

    Nothing really happens for a bit, then a firefight breaks out on d4 where most of sec save for a few are downed. For some reason corpsmen go down there and get downed and captured. Great. Fantastic. Next we hear that the raiders are going after the infirmary now. This is getting ridiculous at this point. Brigo and Unathi head over but pull back. It's at this point they get bum rushed while they are pulling back and mag dumped by the raiders. Unathi dies, Brig O manages to pull through. I'll mention at this point a lot of people were getting hit while downed and at the end of the round there was several decapitated bodies laying about.

    Engineering ended up saving the day because there was literally no one else to respond to anything. If they didnt have one dude watching cams then the torch would have been nuked to oblivion with not a single person wise to it.

    To sum it up in a few words, it sucked. People did not have fun save for maybe engineering who went HAM on the baddies.
  6. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Developer Serpentid Species Maintainer

    Heya, I'm going to be taking this. It's going to take a while to go through all the info, but I'll hopefully get an answer or further questions in the next day.
  7. Persona E

    Persona E Game Administrator

    Hi. This hasn't been forgotten; I'm going to take this over from Steve.
  8. Persona E

    Persona E Game Administrator

    This complaint is valid. However, the only subject of this complaint I would take action on is not applicable because of a previous staff action.

    For the complexity of this round, the poor play is much more concentrated than I would have thought. Other heisters' play ranges from borderline to good and will not be acted upon, in one case because of in-round staff coverage.

    I also see and have noted some related poor play from this round from a player who was not mentioned.
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