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Denied Complaint- Tergun

Discussion in 'Archived Player Complaints' started by explosiveeraser, Jul 10, 2019.

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  1. explosiveeraser

    explosiveeraser Assistant

    Their BYOND username: Tergun
    Their character name: Vinny unknown

    Your BYOND username: ExplosiveEraser
    Your character name: Alexander Green

    Date, time, and game ID of incident: 10/07/2019, 21:30-23:30(GMT), unknown
    Who else can vouch for the situation: The XO can and the maybe some of the admins at the time.

    What happened: Again, I was a traitor and implanted the XO and COS. I will list the things that I believe went wrong with his roleplaying:
    - I ordered him repeatedly to kill Grey (she was foiling my plans), which never happened and never even got attempted to my knowledge;
    - He ignored my commands when I was in the brig, despite them being pretty clear that he should release me and arrest Grey and the brig chief;
    - I told him to arrest and jail Grey for assualting me and him, but that never happened to my knowledge;
    - He would ignore me when I asked to meet with him a few times;
    Anyway, out of the two I think the COS was worse than the XO because I believe he actually obeyed most of my commands, but I had to get admins involved just to get the COS to initially obey the commands I gave him.

    btw the laws were pretty much the same as the XO's.
    Evidence that shows the incident fully (logs, screenshots, recordings, etc.)[/b] Sorry, but the round got shut down for an update before I could get any screenshots.
  2. Persona E

    Persona E Game Administrator

    I'll be taking this.
  3. Persona E

    Persona E Game Administrator

    I moved your other thread to denied since this is the same incident. I understand that you are referring to two separate players here and will be investigating the actions of both. In the future, please make one thread per incident.
  4. Terguntrek

    Terguntrek Bartender

    hah, so I'll explain a bit of my side, put simply, you weren't around in security, were you? to my knowledge I could never get Grey alone, as they were simply always inside security or out of my vision, honestly, it seems said player only focused on /this/ case

    I don't have roles turned on most of the time, and that's for a reason, I tried going after them without being caught, and I couldn't.
    I'm hoping you're not expecting me to go shoot her up, you'd realize that probably won't work and I'd spend the rest of the round in communal.
    The entire department knew you were on the wrong, and the only thing I'd apologize (though I shouldn't) is attacking you first when I woke up from the chloral, you know why? because the message of my objectives got flooded with the 'Shaking X trying to wake him up' on me, I didn't see them until I got bwoinked, which is not my fault, but it surely is the problem. and... if I'm not wrong... you were the one spamming it. (and... that's not exactly wrong either)

    Again, I couldn't simply try and fight all of security when they were all against me, the closest thing I got to was the round-end fight in security, when I tried to break you out And even then, I was surrounded. which I had to 'stop' because of the rules about conflict during round-end, as LOOC would prove.

    all in all, you weren't lucky, I wasn't lucky, and you're probably expecting too much from everyone, though that's just my opinion. you expected me and the XO to radically change how fishy your actions are to the rest of security, and we failed.
    I couldn't brig Grey for the exact same reason, no one was on my side.
    I don't remember either ignoring you or you asking for a meeting, maybe I just forgot doing so, or I actually didn't see you saying so, and as most people who play CoS on most rounds would tell... you're not able to look at all comms because of how ridiculously overwhelmed you're most of the time.
    In the end, I tried, planned, couldn't do it, I'm not good at antagging? maybe(probably), but I don't have roles on.
  5. Persona E

    Persona E Game Administrator

    This was brought up to staff in round, and I see that it was looked into and discussed even if you were never notified that it was. Please remember that if your issue is handled in-round and does not span multiple rounds, it doesn't warrant a player complaint; a staff complaint would be more appropriate if your issue is just that the staff did not take appropriate action.

    I also agree with the decision of the staff in round, which was that the COS and XO appeared to be both actively helping you as best they could up to the end of round when everyone stopped fighting due to the bluespace jump. It also does look like there was legitimately no opportunity to take Grey out in a practical way before the end of the round; I see at least the COS here sticking around Grey to try to make that work and prevent you from being booked. I see him threatening to arrest Grey near the end of the round, in compliance with your orders. Specific failings, like trying but not succeeding in finding an opportunity to kill Grey, don't really comprise a valid complaint.

    I'm finding the complaints invalid against both the COS and the XO.
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