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Complete List of Guides

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Information' started by Miraviel, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Miraviel

    Miraviel Retired Staff

    Hello, I hope you guys don't mind it but I collected and categorized all the wonderful guides you wrote.
    If it is unneeded, feel free to delete this topic, I don't want to clog up forum space. If it can stay, I'll try to keep it updated!

    [Captain] How to be the Best Goddamn Captain Ever
    [Captain] Victor Salvador's Corporate Captain Training Program
    [Executive Officer] Head of Personnel: Tips & Advice

    [Ship Engineer] Engineering Roundstart Checklist
    [Ship Engineer] Guide to Power and Subgrids (RCON Config)
    [Ship Engineer] PSA: Heat Exchanger Piping
    [Ship Engineer] speedy guide to engine coolant
    [Ship Engineer] Thruster Operating Procedures
    [Ship Engineer] [Torch] Safe but efficient engine setups.
    [Ship Engineer] Zero's Engineering Cheat-Sheet

    [Chemist] Chemistry Cheat Sheet
    [Counselor] (The Final) Frontier Psychiatrist
    [Medical Contractor] How to: Virology
    [Physician] A Medical Guide Based On Praxis
    [Physician] Commiting Malpractice for fun and profit: a guide to medical
    [Physician] Prosthetics and You! A guide to Prosthetics, Full body or otherwise.
    [Physician] Ruining the Medbay: Napalm fires and Uncooled cyro cells

    [Master at Arms] How2shipsec for MA's and MP's.
    [Master at Arms] Security and Crisis Management


    [General] Not becoming an NT Casualty: A general guide to SCIENCE!


    [General] Guide - How to Antag Good
    [General] Your antagonism status
    [Mercenary] The mercenary-antagonist guide
    [Traitor] Insane's guide to achieving your goal
    [Wizard] Wizarding

    [Cyborg] Cyborgs, Androids, robots, Oh my!

    [Diona] We Seek Information: Diona Q&A/Info thread
    [GAS] Step on the GAS! Giant armoured serpentid Q&A
    [IPC] I beep, therefore I am. IPC I/O
    [Resomi] His Radiance, Rameriti's Cult of Personality - Resomi Q&A (#2) (#3) (#4)
    [Skrell] To warble, or not to warble: A Skrellian Q&A
    [Unathi] Are They Sssnakesss or Lizardsss? Unathi Q&A
    [Vox] Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Shitbirds: Vox Q&A

    [Forms] Expedition Reports
    [Forms] Paperwork
    [Forms] Red Loves Bureaucracy
    [Forms] Sol Central Government/NanoTrasen Record Skeletons
    [Roleplay] Devil's Guide to Alien Plurality
    [Roleplay] Eckles paygrade guide, or, what is this paygrade business. What's the mindset/competency?
    [Roleplay] How to Create Interesting Characters: Tips and Resources
    [Roleplay] Mildly Military: Or How Not to be a Spess' Nam Vet
    [Roleplay] Tips and Tricks to Roleplay Better and Increase Workplace RP!
    [Roleplay] Zydrate's Roleplaying 101

    [Server] Forum Rules
    [Server] Getting the most out of adminhelps
    [Server] The Map
    [Technical] How to get on IRC on your mobile
    [Technical] How to play Baystation12 on almost any platform!

    [Golden] How to Hate the TSCs: Why Monopoly Sucks
    [Golden] How To Make Cake: Bugged Edition
    [Golden] Stowaway: Honk Another Way
    [Misc] ParadoxSpace's Guide to Combat
    [Misc] The crap guide to Hardsuits/RIGs
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  2. masterrbc

    masterrbc That Aussie Donator

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  3. Meyar

    Meyar Retired Worstmin 2015-2017

    A guide to guides: A complete guide.

    Good work!
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  4. Miraviel

    Miraviel Retired Staff

    Pfft. Thank you!
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  5. RuneCap

    RuneCap Chef

    Bruh, you forgot my new Deity guide.