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Proposal Cortical Borers (now a ship species!)

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by FearTheBlackout, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. FearTheBlackout

    FearTheBlackout Retired Staff

    Document found here:

    tl;dr: Cortical Borers, a mob currently in the code, will become a playable race, capable of spawning inside an on-ship or off-ship volunteer at round start. They will most likely be introduced through an event, either first contact or via a group of Borers being sent to the ship to “greet” everyone.


    Who will maintain the species?
    Me. Not gonna let anyone else take care of my baby (although it might be a bit of a different case considering borers were already in lore and I'm just repurposing them)!

    Who's going to code it?
    I'm currently trying to arrange a code commission to have it taken care of; I'm also at least decent enough at code to try making some contributions myself.

    Can I leave my host and burrow into anyone I want?
    Yep! If your host is okay with it, or if you need to leave their body for self-preservation, you can find a new host to assist. Just try to keep your priorities straight based on whether you spawned on-ship or off-ship and trust the right people.

    Will Cortical Borers be whitelisted?
    Yes. Volunteering to spawn as a Borer host will not be.

    Any other questions?
    Ping me on the Baystation 12 Discord or DM me. Devildabeast#6666
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  2. Neon1ight

    Neon1ight Chef

  3. Asclepius

    Asclepius Bartender

  4. Textor

    Textor Game Administrator

    I actually like this. I'd probably take this up if people are interested in the idea and as long as @Eckles thinks the general concept is fine lore-wise.
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  5. Loaf


    This was going to be a PM but it was too long for Disco.

    Before I dig into this I want to note that my view on borers is that they should be symbiotes in an allied/uplift relationship with humanity, free to chill out in the heads of consenting hosts and share skills/conversation, rather than being restricted to being drugged monkeys every shift. My criticism is in view of that.

    Not really an objection but this feels weird. Do they think of themselves as overlords and masters?

    why tho

    Always liked the idea of them being pretty dumb when outside a host, but co-opting the host's neural systems for thinking with. Being picked up by humans would be a real uplift since it would give them access to much smarter hosts. Not really relevant to the pitch.

    The messages all say you poke pseudopods into the grey matter and you're covered in mucus, not sure literally secreting a bonding enzyme into someone's brain would be a good idea if you wanted them to stay alive.

    As discussed awhile ago I personally think they should be able to do a violent entry as antags/when rushed, but should also have a verb that takes a couple minutes and doesn't result in permanent ear damage.

    Wording? They don't literally fuse do they?

    This is very excessive.

    I liked Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary. :(

    This feels pretty abrupt. I'd almost suggest that this be ditched and make the Torch encountering the colony world the first contact event, and have them aboard the Torch like adherents.

    Re: powers and behaviors, I would strongly suggest that you say that borers willing to join the crew are chemically neutered - can't reproduce, can't do the violent ear canal entry, don't cause brain damage for a long term host. Otherwise you're going to either be gimping the antag version with restrictions, or leaving the door open for routine abuse of the mob by players in-round.

    EDIT: For the sake of completeness, my other thought from the Discord convo on the admin standards detailed:
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  6. Sergeant Adam

    Sergeant Adam Abuser Of Staff Powers Game Moderator

    Something something goa'uld?
  7. Eingamer

    Eingamer Bartender

    Something something tok'ra!

    That aside, I'd be interested in playing as a non-antag borer if allowed to join with a willing host. Be a role similar to PAI, but without the fiddly "oh, you're synthetic and have to act like it" that always turned me off of such.
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  8. Textor

    Textor Game Administrator

    Don't forget the Trill, too.
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  9. Loaf


    Also the Yeerk Peace Movement.
  10. FearTheBlackout

    FearTheBlackout Retired Staff

    I lied. I'm still interested and I plan to work on the write-up based on the given critique.
  11. FearTheBlackout

    FearTheBlackout Retired Staff

    Please see the revised OP.
  12. Eingamer

    Eingamer Bartender

    A thought occurs: Would it be possible to have an antag borer in a non-antag host, or a non-antag borer in an antag host?
  13. FearTheBlackout

    FearTheBlackout Retired Staff

    The way i see it, an antag borer can start the round inside an unaware host, and either manipulate them into doing wrong, take control of them to antag, or find another host (potentially another antag). if both the borer and host are antags, they will be informed of each other.

    as borers are encouraged to follow the goals of their host, a non-antag borer inside an antag would still work out, although if you feel the need to oppose what your host is doing, especially to preserve your own life, you would be encouraged to find a new host rather than take control of the antag (they're stuck with you, after all!)
  14. Faustico

    Faustico Petty Officer First Class

    I think there might be a fundamental issue with playing these borers as a non-antag. You'd be essentially limited to interacting with/through one person for a three hour round, with very limited agency. Im concerned that eventually they'd just end up like an organic version of a PAI.
    Being able to choose between parasiting a monkey (or any other small, cube, creature) or starting as a human parasite might help with that, but that conflicts a bit with the current version of the document.