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CTI's Research Ship Missing

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by antonkr, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. antonkr

    antonkr Sol Gov Pilot

    CTI's research vessel SRV Verna has lost all contacts with CTI, and all Sol Gov vessels. Sol Gov fleet has alerted nearby vessels to be on the lookout for the ship, and searches are currently ongoing around the last known sector, in order to locate the vessel. Jonathan Kim, the spokesperson for SCG Fleet reported that "All efforts are being made to locate this vessel. We have dispatched units from the 5th Fleet to assist with locating the ship."

    Prestigious research university CTI made history last year with the unveiling of their own research vessel. While many private corporations are known to conduct operations in highly mobile laboratories, attempts to fund a ship by a public university has been rare. Controversy arose when an internal leak found that all of the undergraduate students aboard, bought their way onto the ship, despite CTI's claim that placement would be competitive. The internal leak further showed SCG Fleet funded a significant portion of the ship, and assisted with fitting it with labs. Experts speculated that much of the research done aboard was defense related.

    Families of the missing have gathered in Founder's Hall of CTI's main campus. A call placed to CTI returned unanswered.

    - Tara Smith, Tau Ceti Times