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Custom Borg - Famulus - Colfer

Discussion in 'Fulfilled Items' started by Colfer, Aug 29, 2019.

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  1. Colfer

    Colfer Chef

    BYOND Key (Username)/b]: Colfer
    Discord/IRC name: Alpha Core [Colfer]

    Name of Item: Famulus Icons
    Type path of the item receiving the sprite:
    Description: A box bot that looks akin to a medibot with various new additions and modifications to it
    A PNG image of your icon(s) hosted on a website such as imgur: [​IMG] (sci-bot no longer flies to avoid flying module confusion)
    The DMI of your icon(s):
    I am the author of this icon/I have permission to use this icon: I am not the author of this icon / I do have permission to use this icon

    Name of Character: Famulus
    Main Job(s) of Character: Borg
    How this item relates to your character: Famulus is a drone intelligence robot with a simplistic outlook on the world and is flavor wise, a mass produced robot, I personally didnt click with any of the other normal icons and how some of them just dont look standard and often never have icons in all modules that look the same

    Other Notes:

    Slots used: (0/1/2) 1 (AI Core Sprite)-(Anoxie-v8.04)
  2. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    I see one of your bot variants is a flying bot.

    Probably best to make sure your flying bot sprites are only available to the flying drone and vice versa.

    Otherwise is lore approve.
  3. Colfer

    Colfer Chef

    The flying scibot no longer flies as I addressed that with the spriter for that reason (its an old picture), thanks for your response though
  4. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    Hello. Apologies but after a re review this does not meet our guidelines for custom bots.

    You will need to ensure your custom sprite meets the following:

    1. Colouration must be consistent with existing default robot icons. Security is red, engineering is orange/yellow, mining is brown, etc.
    2. Icons must be no smaller than the default robot icon and no larger than 36 x 32.
    3. Icon states and eyes for each module type must be provided, even if it is just a palette swap.
      1. The following modules must have eyes AND an icon: Standard, Engineering, Construction, Janitor, Surgeon, Crisis, Miner, Security, Service, Clerical, Research
      2. Maintenance panel icons for: opened, cell removed, and wires cut
    Thank you for understanding.
  5. Colfer

    Colfer Chef

    Ok, I've contacted the person who has made the sprites for me and they are being reworked, what should I do after they are finished? Place the new DMI in here, or make a new application?
  6. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

    You can toss them here.
  7. Colfer

    Colfer Chef

    Last edited: Sep 5, 2019
  8. Eckles

    Eckles Senior Administrator Game Administrator Skrell Species Maintainer

  9. Loaf

    Loaf Developer Ascent Species Maintainer Deputy Vox Maintainer

    I am very much not a fan of it looking more or less like a medbot at first glance. I'm informed that that is the point, but I don't think it's desirable to have custom icons that aren't immediately discernible as a player if not a crew robot.
  10. Colfer

    Colfer Chef

  11. Sabira

    Sabira Donator

    I don't have a strong opinion either way other than it doesn't appear to be in violation of any of the rules.
  12. Colfer

    Colfer Chef

  13. Colfer

    Colfer Chef

    Afterthought responded to my direct message over discord in DM's stating "if a dev is fine with it and is willing to merge, then that's good enough" @Eckles
  14. Spookerton

    Spookerton Head Administrator Head Administrator Senior Administrator Game Administrator IPC Species Maintainer Donator

    V2 looks fine to me, and that's two neutral-ok from dev land. Do your PR.
  15. afterthought

    afterthought Head Developer Developer

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