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December Newsletter

Discussion in 'Community Newsletter' started by masterrbc, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. masterrbc

    masterrbc That Aussie Donator

    December News Letter

    This is the December News Letter (Which totally hasn’t taken a month to get done!), brought to you by the Community Moderation staff.

    This is the final newsletter of the year for Bay, and Jikka has this been one hell of a year to commemorate! The Torch has reached it’s first year birthday, which that is an amazing feat, brought into life by many people, but spearheaded by Raptor, one of our longer serving staff who is currently focusing on life which is very busy for him.

    We’ve had some big ups and downs this year, we’ve lost some valuable community members and we’ve gained some equally amazing people!

    Let’s focus on the Staff:

    Finishing off this year, we have had many new additions to the staff team, which is fantastic because our community is becoming more invested in itself, which means the care we take in our valuable friends and online family is important to us.

    This family isn’t some fake visage, it’s the people we spar verbally with, who we disagree with over their silly idea’s, yet laugh just as hard with when we witness something hilarious during our fun amazing times in-game. The Staff are their own family, and so is the community, which I will be glad to spend the end of this year with on the forums, in-game and on our other platforms!

    I'd like to give a shout out to ThatOneGuy for his awesome work as Head Administrator for the majority of the year, and the amazing effort he has done this year within the staff as our Head Administrator and just the community in general.

    I'd also like to give Head a special thanks for his continuous effort in keeping the server afloat and alive, always quick to reboot it when it dies and saving us all from the real world! :p

    But let’s move on, we have an amazing list of staff who are active and deserve special thanks.


    A shout out to Xales for the hard work he has done this year, from first becoming a Moderator a year ago, he is now our Head Dev (at the time of this writing!) and has done an amazing job at keeping our team of Dev’s working, from important updates to the server to unique little quirks to the game that we can only find in SS13.

    I would personally like to give a shoutout to F-Tang Steve for her work with the G.A.S., which I have not yet gotten the chance to play, but think they are possibly the best addition to the bay community this year.

    Community Moderators

    The Comm Mod’s group is fairly small, but with the addition of a few great people, we have a great team of different strengths, perceptions, beliefs and abilities. We do the forum cleaning, the media checking, the general other duties not all the other staff want to do, or don’t get to do. We’re just an odd bunch, lead by a festive Pancake. I’d like to give Crushtoe some personal thanks for his work in the community this term as our Community Manager.

    The Admins

    We’re had many great people retire this year, which is always really sad, but there is much to rejoice for we have had new additions to the team, with some of our latest this month being Eckles and Gracie!

    With the loss of some of our greatest admins, even if they are on leave for a while, we still have a great Moderator team to pick up the slack when they’re not around!

    The Mods

    Our current mod team out-numbers the admins (Just the way it should be!), and we are gaining more ranks with EarthCrusher and Aetsuki this month, who have been welcomed with open arms into the staffing fold!

    The core of our moderation team is comprised of a few older Moderators, such as Paradoxon, and Chronograph. I think that our older moderators are great that they’re still active with community after it being some time since we made our original move to the Xenforo Forums in 2015.

    The Community

    Bay wouldn’t be complete without our community and it’s because every single one of you who are reading this, keeps on coming back for more and more fun with the staff and each other. Every one of you are the reason we staff do what we do and keep the fun going as much as possible! Sure, we have moments where are all knocked off the horse, some of us get banned, but because you keep coming back means that the staff have done our jobs to create a fantastic environment to share our best memories with!

    Let’s not forget that our community is also just as big a contributor to our server and code as staff, we have so many different things happen because of you guys! We have heaps of idea’s thought of, new code created, more fun mandated! Without all the suggestions, all the feedback, all of the appeals, the custom item applications, the species specialisations, we wouldn’t have the fun, weird, wonderful and amazing individuals that are a part of our community and I do not believe for one single moment that we’d be better off without any of you!

    So, from all of the Baystation 12 Staff team to you, the community, Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and may you all have a safe holiday period!

    Praise Jikka.

    I know Christmas can be a very fun time for a lot of us, please do not forget that there are those of us in the community who are less fortunate or who do not have the family to share their Christmas with. So please keep in mind to be nicer to each other these holiday and look out for one another, because we are all a big family here.

    For all intents and purposes, this was written by me and I'm Aussie, so enjoy a very merry Christmas and a happy new year from me and my family to all of you!

    <3 Bc