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Retracted Developer Application - Alex6511

Discussion in 'Developers - Archive' started by Alex6511, Jul 6, 2020.

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  1. Alex6511

    Alex6511 Petty Officer First Class

    BYOND Key: Alex6511
    Discord/IRC username: Alex6511#6511
    Github profile URL:
    Featured PRs:
    Why do you want to become a developer?:
    Obviously, the lack of developers has currently put a significant load on Spooks shoulders. I'm looking to join as a developer to help get some of the load off of him and hopefully help develop other community members who can eventually replace me. I have no long term intentions of being a formal "developer" for bay, SS13 has always been something I do in my free time. I am however willing to dedicate time to try to help the server out in this time of need. My experience in Byond is, in my own opinion, lacking compared to what I would consider baseline for a developer, but I do have enough knowledge that I am able to debug things and fix them (as shown by my nabber PR and GUP airlock PR, both of which took extensive tracing to find how the code worked and in the nabber case, fix). As I said, I am hoping that with the position of developer I can help get PRs through so we can motivate other community members who can hopefully replace me. It's not fair to spook to make him keep reviewing PRs on his own and while I have a lack of experience, I think something is better than nothing. My intention is simply to test and review PRs for major issues so we can get features rolling through. As other developers come forward and contribute I'll gladly resign as soon as there is a valid replacement to myself.

    While my experience with DM is limited, I do have extensive experience working as in a corporate environment as a C# developer and regularly review large pull requests, so I am not completely out of my league. I was previously a software engineer in QA, working as a tester and still fill that role as needed in my team. Additionally, I am usually the go-to when it comes to debugging and fixing. I have done debugging in .dm before and I am able to write new features using existing features as a guideline (see inflatables PR). I would hope that this is enough to work through some of these times.
    Do you have any experience in open source projects?:
    I have experience with SS13, additionally, I have contributed to open source projects in the Arma community, informally to ACE and more formally to POTATO and BWMF.
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  2. Shadowtail117

    Shadowtail117 Petty Officer First Class

    While I can't speak much for his coding ability, his maintaining and reviewing of the repository's issues, and to an extent, PRs have helped out greatly.
  3. Ozwell

    Ozwell Sol Gov Pilot

    literally a professional coder, and someone I've encouraged to apply for developer many times

    has a great understanding of server direction and how things work in my opinion, I think they'd be the perfect fit for the role

  4. Alex6511

    Alex6511 Petty Officer First Class

    Hey, please close this.
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