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Diona bugs - A Question to other Diona players

Discussion in 'Coding' started by UnsavorySquid, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. UnsavorySquid

    UnsavorySquid Petty Officer First Class

    Hey, I've run into bugs as Diona on the server, and when I've been filing the git-hub reports I've been unable to verify if other Diona players have experienced them since they aren't frequently around. Started this thread in the hopes that other diona players can share their bugs and perhaps as a group we can try and suss out what in the code might be causing the problem.

    My Bug is: Diona starving in light. I've had it happen a few times now that I have had my hunger turn red, start to cause me damage, and even knock me out as Diona and basically incapacitate me. The only way out of it I've found is to split into nymphs, as that creates a new entity for you.

    Has anyone else had that problem?
  2. F-Tang Steve

    F-Tang Steve Serpentid Species Maintainer

    Do you know how to replicate the behaviour?
  3. UnsavorySquid

    UnsavorySquid Petty Officer First Class

    I'm not entirely sure, as I've only ever noticed it after its begun, but I ASSUME it has something do do with moving around in low light areas with only the Headlamp and Flashlight as light sources, as that is what I was doing both times I noticed it happening. Perhaps their brightness is not stacking or being picked up by the diona entity since it is 'producing' the light?
  4. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff

    Stacking flashlights to bypass light dependency is poor play in any case. If it is a bug, then it should be codified as a feature after a fix.
  5. UnsavorySquid

    UnsavorySquid Petty Officer First Class

    How else is an engineer diona supposed to do their job then if a Headlamp and flashlight aren't enough to survive by? Drag a floodlight around with them everywhere? Its not like im outfitting myself with a dozen flashlights, just the one you get in your engineering locker and a hardhat from loadout.
    Also its not like I bring them JUST for light to live by as a Diona, I carry both as my human characters as well. The two together actually let you see what your doing after all.

    The Bug in this situation is that light absorption breaks entirely meaning that if i were to surround myself with floodlights, id still pass out from 'hunger' even though my health would be at 100. I simply believe that something about the low light levels you get from a flashlight and a headlamp might be whats triggering the bug in the first place.