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Discussion - Tradition and Fluff.

Discussion in 'Lore Discussion and Suggestions' started by flying_loulou, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Hi there,

    For a while now, I've been translating/adapting some tradition texts from armies and uniformed services around the world and more rarely writting a few tradition stuff for my characters to use. The idea was to give each of my character one "text" that would define their spirit, may it be a poem, a tale, a marching song, or whatever.

    More recently I remembered about this old thread, and started writting a few Mottos down with some other people :

    Now here's the thing, I would like to submit this stuff (partially or entirely) to the actual lore, so other people can use it. I think it'd also help to create some sort of "spirit" behind both of the available branches. But I don't quite know what form it should take.

    Here are a couple options I considered :
    1- Make a "Tradition" wiki page. It would allow an easy submission of further texts/mottos like these by other people, as well as an easy access to them.
    2- Only submit the mottos, and reference them in the unit's wiki page.

    So here are the Mottos, in "square" brackets [] you will find comments of mine.

    EC : Per Astra, Ad Astra [suggested in the thread mentionned above by Dukica].
    Field Operations : Fortem ultra Astra.
    Observatory : Per Scientiam Servita.

    Fleet : Wrought in Plasteel, Sol Sails On.
    Naval Armsman Divisions : By space, by land.

    1st Fleet : More Majorum.
    2nd Fleet : Believe and dare.
    3rd Fleet : Proud of the past, confident in the future.
    4th Fleet : At valiant heart, nothing impossible.
    5th Fleet : Always on top.

    3rd and 5th Fleet Special Groups : No one sees, no one knows.

    And here are some pastebin links to the texts I've mentionned above.

    - Tale of Monty's Militia, written after the recovery of Gaia :
    - The SCG Fleet song :
    - A tale about the battle of Tau-Ceti, in which the second fleet takes a lot of pride :
    - The ballad of the 5th and 3rd Fleet Special Groups. Originally written and adopted by Rockfish craft crew, and later adopted by both the 3rd and 5th Fleet Special Group Alpha [this is an arrangement of the Ballad Of the Frogmen (from Lone Survivor, not the much longer original one)] :
    - The Armsmen song :
    - The Fleet engineers song :

    So I'd love to know y'all thoughts about this, as well as the opinion of the senior admin team.
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  2. I am in love with these, would be fun if we got a bunch of Fleeties together IC to sing these. I also love the mottos, since they give some more character to the Fleets. All in all I would love to see these implemented in some way.
  3. flying_loulou

    flying_loulou Senior Enlisted Advisor

    Well since I couldn't sleep and recently found myself introducing yet another fleet engineering char, so I ended up making a song for fleet engineers to sing.
    here it is : (I also added it to the OP).

    I've yet to do the same sort of things for the EC.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2020