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Dukica - Adherent

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Dukica, Sep 9, 2019.

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  1. Dukica

    Dukica Sol Gov Pilot

    About You

    What is your Byond key?

    How long have you been playing on Baystation 12?
    Around a year or more, then had a huge pause cause I needed a break, now I'm back

    What are the names of your better-known characters?
    Janelle Stallée, Gertrude, Magdalena Pyrysdicova, Mystifying Glimmer of Rain, but most of them are forgotten after my break.

    About The Species

    What alien species are you applying for?

    Why do you want to play as the alien species?
    Being a fanatical xenophile. Jokes aside, I highly enjoy the different RP that simply isn't possible with a human on human interaction, usually due to the alien mentality, belief system and such. I incredibly favour aliens with diverse mindsets instead of what people colloquially call "alien reskins of humans", as I already have whitelists with IPCs, Dionaea, G.A.S., the Vox and so on.

    What are some example names for the alien species?
    The only example that I could find is Core System Traffic Control Hub 37-Q, but I assume they are quite different and can be freely assigned when using Common based on their prefered functions.

    Summarize what you know about the species.

    Adherents are silicon-based, sentient machine beings built by a long gone civilisation decimated by a solar flare, aptly named the Scream. Their name is quite direct in their methodology and raison d'être, as they adhere to both the Protocol and their Masters, the two big pillars of their pseudoculture.

    First, their physiology. They are as stated silicon-based sentient machines. They are a numerous mass of silicon crystal, working through varied piezoelectrical (pressure electricity) manifestations which also move their levitating octopode-like body, powered by obligate amounts of Handwavium matters still researched by human scientists. Through cube laws, bigger the crystal, more processing power, more complicated behaviour and capabilities. Still, despite being extremely complex beings, they are bound by an aspect that limits both their physiology and psychology, the Protocol. Despite perishing to a solar flare, their creators created them according to a finite state of all possible behaviours and reactions to stimuli. While sentient, the Adherents are also limited in how they can act. The more complex an Adherent, the more varied and less "artificial" it behaves, but it must follow the Protocol, rigidly and firmly, for the Protocol is how it acts. Unrelated to such, they are highly peculiar looking, with a bizarre, resonant sound to their voice, meanwhile their language is even more different, using mathematical models of pitch, tones and overtones.

    Culturally and psychologically, they are the ideal servant of any (unartificial) being. They put themselves infront of anyone they serve, doing anything possible to aid them according to their duties and sometimes even beyond that. Being sentient, they have an explicit need to serve, and they do so happily. They are incredibly polite, well behaved and docile. They are incredibly satisfied by what they do, whatever they are or were assigned to do, they cherish, nurture and enjoy. Although there are those that are not like this, they are a very rare minority; such a minority that does not favour serving others is seen as incredibly, dangerously radical, as they break the very codex of their existence with their selfish drives. This psychological aspect has moulded a sort of quasiculture among the Adherents. They try and fight to serve, if not their Creators, then their memory.

    The de facto leader of the Vigil is the Core System Traffic Control Hub 37-Q, and their behavior is a perfect illustration of how the Protocol can be bizarre but also effective. Having a strict protocol as to how system traffic was supposed to be lead, that an unmanned traffic has to orbit at least 10 periods if the dock is not manned, this lead to the great logical jump, no, logical gymnastics, that it is valid for them to explore due to no specified limit of distance nor time outside of orbit. How they actually got to the leadership position, one can not be sure, but currently they represent the leadership of one, and the biggest, of the three Vigil subgroups.

    The Loyalists are, well, loyal, fully, utterly, completely, to their creators and their masters. Servitude and servile intent is an absolute to them, and service is pure bliss and joy. They are by far the biggest and the most powerful group.

    The Preservers are very strange, passive examples of Adherents. They catalogue, record and explore uninhabited worlds, denoting them for their future use for the Creators, or whoever decides to use them. Mourners, however, are a small subsubgroup of Adherents that are dedicated to cataloguing destroyed and forlorn worlds, "mourning" over them, passively safeguarding the planet.

    The Separatists are the radical group, dedicated to living free of the Creators' memory, moving onwards either through vitriol or sadness, into the future, their own future, rather than a present chained by the past memories of those that had died. It is incredibly rare that anyone is actually open about this, because both the Protocol and the social structure of the Adherents forbids such behavior.

    As for questions, is the Protocol universal to all Adherents, as in, is the Protocol the same for every Adherent, or is it an individually crafted Protocol for each and every unit? Does the Protocol corrupt if it is individualised? How rigid is it? What freedom of brainstorming protocols does a player have (I understood the "The Protocol is not an exhaustively defined rule list to foll..." part.), how much freedom does one have?
  2. Dukica

    Dukica Sol Gov Pilot

    To add a possible concept of a character to smooth over the application process, an example character would be Structural Integrity Unit 11-AB-2.

    Structural Integrity Unit 11-AB-2 is a Loyalist unit completely dedicated to maintaining safety standards and engineering segments fully compatible with the Protocol standards that it possesses. It would make note of the dimensions and concepts, the purpose of the area, why it should be designed as such. When building new areas, it is mandated by the Protocol to designate whether the area is passable by Creators or not; if it is a Creator-safe area, it must follow the Protocol in accordance to safety standards, meaning all areas must be safe from mechanical hazards, falling hazards, structural stability and such. If it is a Creator-unsafe area, then it would make it mechanically safe but as little resources used as possible, meaning skeleton grids that keep the structure stable. It chimes a consonant tune when designing a Creator-safe area, and a dissonant tune when in a Creator-unsafe area. It has a preference for purple and orange colours and it enjoys praising organics for their choice in clothes, especially if they are shiny.

    Working on the SEV Torch, it would practically make nearly every room Creator-safe, barring EVA work.
  3. Gentlefood

    Gentlefood Adherent Species Maintainer

    Adherents are fully sapient thinking beings. They are capable of interpreting protocol as they see fit. This means literally no two adherents has the same idea of what protocol is or means.

    Rule 1a: Don't waste space.
    Could be interpreted by Adherent 1 as "Don't take up unnecessary room while idle."
    Whereas Adherent 2 might interpret it as "All items must be categorized at all times."

    Adherents bend protocol into a pretzel to fit whatever whim or fancy they currently have. Core System Traffic Control Hub wanted to search for the creators so it abused the holding pattern protocol. Further (OOC) anyone can make up whatever protocol they want provided its not specific to things that make no sense ie: "Protocol 9871 states when dealing with humans you must bow." Problem with this is: Protocol isn't being updated and humans came far too late to be included in it.

    Adherents all have free will. They're free to choose what they want to do. However it is unheard of for them to choose to do anything that isn't directly benefiting the Vigil as a whole somehow. All of the groups are performing acts that they believe will make the Vigil better even Separatists. Now these acts could vary drastically from one line of thought to the next, but ultimately they aren't going to be sabotaging each other nor will they decide to run away and seek their own life. They're collectivists not individualists.

    Now onto lore corrections:
    Preservers are the largest group numerically; Loyalists are the most powerful group politically.

    Core System Traffic Control Hub is the largest, and oldest, Adherent left. All groups acknowledge and respect it. It is given full power and authority over the Vigil because there is simply no one else left even close to being able to challenge its authority. Also they don't represent the loyalists, they represent ALL Adherents. They simply themselves ARE a loyalist, which is why the loyalists are the most powerful politically. The internal politics of the Vigil is not a straightforward 'party' based system. The grouping divides are more on the line of personal beliefs/interpretations of protocol than a hard physical divide. The groups are merely the generalized masses of adherent belief. Loyalty to Old Rule, Loyalty to Task, Loyalty to Self. With varying degree due to individuality.

    Protocol is an exhaustive list of rules and regulations but not a direct ladder logic process. Its used to guide decision making as well as help prevent conflict, but is no means a substitute for actual thought.

    Naming convention is pretty much:
    [Job/Title] [Number]-[Letter(s)]

    Only issue with character write-up is Structural Integrity Unit 11-AB-2 wouldn't know exactly what conditions "creator safe" would be outside of whatever is still logged in protocol. And even that would most likely be guess work from whatever building code protocols are floating around.
    So while I'm not against the write-up necessarily, it would be less. "This area is creator safe because I know what creators need." and more "This area is creator safe because Protocol 76-1b states that all rectangular structures must be constructed of steel level tolerances or greater."

    Only thing I want extrapolated on before I stamp this is how the various factions view each other.
  4. Dukica

    Dukica Sol Gov Pilot

    So, basically the Protocol is one extremely big cooking recipe of millions of instructions that the Adherent all interpret on their own accord, got it.

    (For ease of usage, I will refer to them as species while they may or may not be considered such.)

    Starting from the simplest, basically, everyone frowns upon Separatists, I imagine even some Separatists might frown upon the more extreme ones. They go directly against the grain of the culture of their species, as well as the roles of what they are supposed to do.

    The Preservers are the most passive and neutral of the bunch, they are the bread and butter of the Vigil, and may be seen as not doing their job with enough fervor by the Loyalists, being idiotic sheep by the Separatists, or neutrally by the Mourners who are too occupied with their own sorrow to actually think of much outside of their duties.

    The Mourners may be seen as useless by the rest, or merely as a sad example of what their species has become, even idiotic in nature for they are doing something that benefits no one in any way or form.

    The Loyalists may be seen as zealous and overly strict in remembrance of bygone eras of the Creators by the rest, or in the case of the Separatists, foolish zealots who will bring them ruin as the Creators have perished. The Preserves would possibly acknowledge their efforts but not really contribute much to them, instead of focusing on maintaining and indexing the planets. The Mourners as usual would acknowledge nothing, stuck in their constant vigil.
  5. Gentlefood

    Gentlefood Adherent Species Maintainer

    Alright, Approved.
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