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Dwarf Fortress Succession

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Cheb Pomidorov, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Cheb Pomidorov

    Cheb Pomidorov Petty Officer First Class

    Yes, really.

    Idea: us Baystation12 nerds should come together for some Bay12 fun and play a DF Succession Game.

    But Cheb, Baystation12 has nothing to do with Bay12 anymore, besides the name.
    I know. I don't care.
    Cheb, there's already a community for this sort of thing, and you don't have to include us in your childish ambitions.
    I'm of the belief that doing this with nerds you've come to know, rather than some randoms you've never met before, is a more enjoyable experience. Everyone approaches problems differently, and I'm very interested in seeing how people I've played Baystation12 with deal with the ones DF may give us.
    Listen asshole, few of us actually play that game and basically, there's no market for this sort of thing.
    This is one of my biggest fears. It'd suck to start a succession game that has no heir. But you gotta try.

    The Rules
    1. Everyone has 1 in-game year at their disposal. On the 15th of Granite of the next year, save your game and send us the necessary files.
    2. Be descriptive, post the progress you've accomplished during your reign.
    3. No tricks that deviate gameplay dramatically from the established conventions. It's a dwarf fortress in the mountains, the main facilities should be inside, in the rock and the soil. Don't drain the river and make an entrance in the riverbed. Don't encase the entire fort in magma. Don't build a 20-stories apartment complex aboveground. Surface buildings like taverns, guardposts, execution towers, a DF replica of the SEV Torch, and the like are fine, though, just remember to keep most of your drunkards underground.
    4. Try your best for the good of the fortress. Death is inevitable, but you must make a decent effort to stop it. A tunneling mistake where the entire fort is flooded with water is hardly a noble and glorious end, and if it happens, it won't be considered canon and we'll just restart from the latest save. If you just grief the entire thing, it goes without saying we'll scrap your "progress." Now, if a glorious invasion force breaks your defence, slaughters everyone, and the last dwarf left alive crawls to the self-destruct lever and floods the entire fort with magma - now that's a worthy end, and will mark the end of the game, with a possible new game beginning.
    5. Everyone is welcome, but newcomers should consider carefully if they want to take the responsibility. If the previous ruler says "The metalwork industry is booming, all my dwarves are ecstatic, I have 3 squads of legendary fighters" then hop in, by all means. If he says "Oh fuck, as soon as Spring started a Megabeast arrived, I have a barebones military, God help the fool who takes my throne," then perhaps you should wait until the situation is more stable, aka resolved by someone more robust than you :^)
    6. If you're still on version 0.27 or something, holy crap, update your game.
    The Game
    Before we start I'd like to hear:
    1. Simply who is interested in playing. Note that you can join in the fun at any time.
    2. A draft for the name of the fortress, and the group. We can go with Torch the Space Vessel of Doom or something similar as our fortress name. I don't have any real ideas for the group name besides The Government of Sun.
    3. Gimmicks. Do we start on easy mode or somewhere challenging?
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  2. warbluke

    warbluke Petty Officer First Class

    I'd be up for this, I think we don't really have to get an SS13 style name as the game will prolly get something just as good if not better, For gimmicks a large river, maybe lake fort would be cool, just no aquifers cause that's pain incarnate.
  3. Rodmuth

    Rodmuth Retired Staff

    I'm just straight up in
  4. Faustico

    Faustico Petty Officer First Class

    I'm up for it.
    I'd recommend we start somewhere fun to give us some incentives to take risks. Maybe a glacier or haunted forest? Or maybe just in in range of an occupied necromancer tower.

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  5. Loaf

    Loaf Retired Staff

    I'll play.
  6. mikomyazaki2

    mikomyazaki2 Petty Officer First Class

    I'm in, too. If I can remember to how to play.
  7. Albens

    Albens Sol Gov Pilot

    Yea. Why not. I'm in.

    Aquifers? If we're on two-years, only the stater player would need to punch through. Big risk for later players, pumping water from the caves is easier, or just river-harvesting.
    Special starting strats? The metal-refining is only for the initial year and could be a big boon for how much of a clusterfuck it'll get.
    World/starting location? I'm down for just a standard all-races, war against elves (you fucks are gonna do it anyway), flux+many shallow, many deep metals.
    I don't believe a dangerous, special location is needed. The fun will be how much of a clusterfuck this is going to be.

    As an addendum, these are depreciated but I played these years ago when they first released, and they where tons of fun.
    If someone can find an updated one, I'd be down.
    This is the back-end code for the IOS mobile app, you host (or pay for) a server that runs DF and stream it (Ish?) to an IOS device.
  8. Rodmuth

    Rodmuth Retired Staff

    Some suggestions:
    We seem to be enough players for just doing one year each.
    A medium challenge area seems nice. I personally like an area with fun animals to capture.
    It would be fun if whenever a new player takes over, they change the character who's in charge of the fort
    No aquifers.
  9. warbluke

    warbluke Petty Officer First Class

    I think for worldgen we'll want to keep it small and short-ish, I've seen quite a few succession forts fall to lag before. Do we want lots of minerals for megaprojects or not as many for difficulty?
  10. Cheb Pomidorov

    Cheb Pomidorov Petty Officer First Class

    Alright, so to reiterate,

    1. Fuck aquifers.
    2. This is more in-demand than I thought it would be, so I realised myself that two years is way too much. Plus, one year is longer than I remembered.
    3. Something intermediate in terms of fun. High wilderness for fun Giant animals, maybe some evil, too, but not a fort directly adjacent to a Tower or a Dark Fortress. Basically some extra challenge but not something that will robust the fort on the 15th of Granite of the starting year. Obviously not on an island or anything, we want fun things to be able to invade.
    4. It'll be a small, short history, as warbluke suggests. I'll try to make the world have everything: high beasts, high savagery, high civs... high minerals. It might refuse to generate with those parameters, though, so there might be some compromise to be done.
    5. Megaprojects are cool. We could build the aforementioned SEV Torch replica, a temple for the non-canon Nar'Sie god, or just a giant space carp statue.

    With this in mind, I'll handle embarking, fortress and group naming, and everything else related to the starting conditions. However, I won't play the first year. Not (necessarily) because I suck, but because all my forts tend to be built the same way, and the first year is crucial for setting, indeed, the framework that will hold the fort for generations. Plus, I really would like to see what others can come up with regarding the design of the very fundamentals of the fortress.
  11. Cheb Pomidorov

    Cheb Pomidorov Petty Officer First Class

    And here it is. Already setting my sights to the very fun zones in the south. It's like all the fun was purposefully moved to the south of the world.
    And here is our starting location. We can expect literally anything to attack us here, but we do have sand, lots of metals and very importantly, flux stone.
    My embark was non-standard compared to how I usually embark. I grabbed 15 bars of bronze and assigned a dwarf as an all-around blacksmith/furnace operator, to be able to jumpstart at least some metalworking industry. Another dwarf lacks labour skills entirely and is just a warrior/future captain of the guard. Be sure to assign him to a squad and let him train. The bronze bars should be enough for a weapon (mace) and some armour, most importantly a helm. No extra animals were taken, but I don't think this will be a problem.
    "Ere the ogres get hungry." Best secure those lodgings.
    Good luck.

    Download link for the world/save:
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  12. Persona E

    Persona E Game Administrator

    I haven't played this game in way too long to jump into a succession game, but I'll be reading. Best of luck, strike the earth, etc.
  13. Albens

    Albens Sol Gov Pilot

    We're trying to organize a DwarfFortress tag on discord, within the #gaming channel.
    What's your discord username, Cheb Pomidorov?
  14. warbluke

    warbluke Petty Officer First Class

    Alright, I've been selected for going first, downloading and starting now
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  15. Faustico

    Faustico Petty Officer First Class

    Current turn order:
    1. warbluke
    2. Albens
    3. Rodmuth
    4. Faustico
    5. Soapenhauer
    6. MistakeNot
    7. mikomyazaki2
    8. Albens
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  16. warbluke

    warbluke Petty Officer First Class

    Well it seems we’ve arrived. Hell of a trip, I’d claim with some confidence this is further south than any dwarf has ever dared venture before. A few fortresses were founded north of us, sure, but they were claimed by the green hordes quite a ways back. To be truthful though, the place we’ve chosen seems quite pleasant, nice stream for fishing, good soil, I could see a nice life he-
    Welcome to Toolbelt.

    Alright, burrowing worked a charm, whatever messed up soul-wrenching scream juice is trapped in that cloud dissipates fast. The temporary hovel which we’ve badgered out seems nice enough, but I can’t wait to feel good stone beneath my feet.

    As the lads were getting the goods from the wagon we spotted some undead otters, zombotters if you will, They haven’t seen us yet, so we’ll just have to be quick and get the goods inside fast.
    I was a bit confused as to why they sent us with a fighter instead of another miner or a fisherdwarf, but I see the use now, he’ll get some amour and weapons shortly, but for now he is on fishing duty
    Moving has been going smoothly, the zombotters are locked in what can only be described as an eternal duel to the death.
    The trees are in bloom, but I really can’t enjoy it knowing that death lurks around every and any corner, Perhaps I’ll order an underground garden built. Speaking of underground, exploratory mining operations are underway and a smithy room is under construction.
    I need to cut down on the miner’s booze rations.
    We’ve hit limestone! Perhaps not the most glorious rock, but a solid foundation as long as we don’t go into the vinegar business.
    The greatest season! Maybe we just hit a rocky start with the zombotters, maybe this fort is destined for comfort!
    In fact, the overseer’s chambers are done, and a tavern, named “The Spice of Ships” has been founded in a spare room.
    As the grape vines cluster thickly on the ground outside the entrance, a cry can be heard from within the fort!
    Coal! (And Galena) What a perfect start to our industry!
    Alongside all of this news we have a visiting bard, one Udil Abankun.
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  17. warbluke

    warbluke Petty Officer First Class

    Dammit not again, To The Burrows! Quickly!
    And once again gone in an instant, perhaps I’m getting worked up over nothing.
    I noticed our broker was trapped on the other side of the river, Not sure how he got there but we’re getting a bridge over as I write this.
    Our first batch of booze is coming in, broker was the brewer and now that he’s rescued he can provide us with the most needed resources.
    Oh hey, new guys! cool.PNG Not sure why they would ever want to come here, but come on in!
    A dwarven training pit is being dug out for our soon to be champion, but for now they still fish peaceably at the river.
    Two more dust storms, they always seem to come from the south, so I think the entrance to the main fort should be put further north.
    Caravans! I’ll be purchasing mainly iron and picks from them this year.
    Stingy bastards, Not only did they have no iron, but I had to spend all our gems on a single pick!
    My writings seem to grow slower and more sporadic, this overseeing business is quite tiring, I must admit.
    Our new champion trains in his pit, he has a bronze breastplate, shield, and mace.
    Another migrant wave! We now have 20 dwarves, a dorm has been set up to accommodate these lads.
    It seems that our outpost liaison is a goblin, I’d consider an unfortunate accident but I don’t want to waste too much money on that.
    As winter entombs this new fort, I think upon the purpose of this venture, was it for the gold in these hills? It seems an awfully long way to travel, even for the most precious of metals, And the goblins are between us and the mountainhomes, meaning this can’t be a border fort. Unless of course we are straddling the border of the corrupted southern lands as a watchtower. It would explain the name, the torch of insanity part at least, still not sure how toolbelt factors into this.
    By the beard! That cloud was right on top of us and I didn’t even see it coming! Hopefully my successors will be more prepared for this strange land.
    I’ve put up a golden statue of myself in the overseer’s office, so that even once I retire I may watch over the new guy. I’ve done my best for the fort, but I’m wiped out and I think I’ll just spend the rest of the year in relaxation until spring.
    Fix the Zombotter problem
    Finish the grand entryway and pave/brick it
    Dig down
    Make a stone fort
    Get bedrooms
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  18. warbluke

    warbluke Petty Officer First Class

  19. Rodmuth

    Rodmuth Retired Staff

    The king sent a goddamn goblin to be our liaison? We've got to secede! xD
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  20. Albens

    Albens Sol Gov Pilot

    A new Expedition Leader arrives.

    And he's really confused.
    Do you see it? The most confusing part?
    A two deep entrance to nothing.

    I will take great pride in canceling this waste.

    Ah- this space will be a fine workshop, I guess.
    You need storage on site, your previous Mason was crowded with blocks.
    A craftsdwarf and Mason shall do.

    On other notes, I've.. taken a look at your jobs. I have tried to fix what I could, but alas, it'll require the next fortress leader to ensure dwarves are actually filling the slots needed, and to cut down on any further multi-job-nonsense.

    A quick view of our farm leads me to great concern. The stockpile is incorrect, the farm is woefully small, and we have a lot of seeds meant for the surface.
    Our food stocks are sufficient, but not where I want them to be.
    149 raw fish- we shall sort that out.
    As we progress into mid-spring, an unhealthy surprise.
    Ah. Crap.
    Newcomers. 22 of them, in fact. This is problematic, given our current food, drink, and bedding situation.
    I shall handle it, in time.
    A quick look at our Animals reveals a new food source.
    The Yak and Goat, both female, shall stay. I have need for their milk. The yak-.. so much grass. In the event of a siege, let us hope the caverns provide.
    What's this?
    I patiently await the usefull item this dwarf will create.

    Throw it into the pile and get back to work!

    Drat! Sound the alarm. Everyone into the burrow!

    It approaches..

    I scour the Fortress- where are the holes?
    The farm- drat. They didn't get it sealed in time. No matter, it's far enough to not cause a problem, I hope.
    ah. Crap. That's right atop the main chamber- trees drilled a hole through the roof.
    I hope it doesn't come this close. A floor is placed, for future reminder..
    It comes so close! And then- it leaves..

    What a wonderful location.
    He appears! And then.. promptly leaves. Appreciate it.

    The farms are coming along.
    Due to our stock of above ground seeds, I've gone ahead and made an area to grow them.
    Worry not, however. Due to Dwarf Magic, they're not actually above ground!

    As the fortress expands, I'm able to finally remove the horrible, multi-purpose stockpile. (and others!)

    I didn't consent to this.


    Remind me, again, why we allow pets?

    9 Migrants have arrived. Among them, a Level 10 Beekeeper, Libash.
    A level 10 glazer, Urdim. A level 10 Fish cleaner, Iden.
    All so.. so useful. Iden is put to work, the rest are found jobs of use.
    Oh- who is this? Aban, a level 16 Blacksmith. Oh, I'll be keeping you, my friend.

    Squads begin to fill up, the new Migrants are found jobs.
    The Dust! Cursed- aw not really, it's just dust.

    The burrow is lifted.
    Ah- lovely.
    Do I get greedy and single-step the game until the Fish Cleaner is able to step inside, or do I seal him to his fate, and handle what comes later?
    .. Choice must be made.

    The door is sealed, the fish cleaner runs the other way- but he won't make it far.
    It was a clean kill- only three pages of murder.

    The werelizard, named.. uh.
    Whatever this is..
    He stands outside our door, toppling statues. He shall turn back shortly, and run like the coward he is, and then we shall bury our dead.
    And he flees. A coffin is made.

    Food has increased, dramatically. Our cook and brewer pump out masterworks.
    We subsist on beer and wine, with meals from Fish, Meat, Quarry Bushes, and various seeds. I shall remember to buy any egg-layers from the merchant I can.

    The Mayor has been elected, and mandated goods to be made.
    He demands a mace. Sigh. I'll get right on that.
    Bronze it is. Remind me to process more coke..
    A new mason is assigned, our single one was getting overloaded.
    I look upon my stocks for trading.
    I find it lackluster, due to our unskilled Stone Crafter. What else shall I sell, when the time comes..?
    A plan it is.

    Time to take stock.
    Food is sufficient.
    Bedrooms are.. horrible. As is the Tavern, meeting room, and eating area. All of which are the same place.
    I'm working on it!
    Post-harvest. We need more bags. (Don't use barrels for the seed stockpile!)
    The general fortress as it exists. A mess, I know.
    Of note; the stockpiles and their store rooms (below), the offices, while bad, are present.
    The grant hall shall be turned into a tavern hopefully before the year is out.
    The Mason, Craftsdwarf, Forge and various Furnaces.
    An underground wood stockpile, built into an animal holding area in the event of a siege, provided we open the caves. Also keeps the miners busy if you forget. (set to 7 priority)

    Plans; make hall, bed rooms, prepare enough stock for the trader.